Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Guild wars 2 pre orders coming soon!

As the title states, you will be able to pre order your copy of guild wars 2 very soon. The official date for it is april 10th which will include access to any and all weekend beta tests that they do between then and release. And depending on which package you buy, can include tons of nifty things as expected.

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This is a pretty big deal because it means that the game is damned near ready to be done. My guess is early fall but don’t quote me on that one. And as soon as it is released, this blog will be up and running full speed once again. I’ll be back to providing everyone with new and creative ways to make some extra cash in their MMO of choice. As I’ve said countless times before, even though the game and names are all different, the people are not.

Also GW 2 will introduce a few very interesting dynamics to the standard auction house method of making money. One of those that has been “semi” confirmed is that there will be account wide storage. No more need for a devoted guild bank for all of your dedicated crafters.

In addition to that there will be an AH that allows you to post what you are BUYING instead of what you are selling and people can take your bid, you lose your money and get the items. So potentially, you can buy from the normal AH and then walk right down the road and sell that to somebody else for a profit.

Lastly there is the absence of gathering professions in the traditional sense. You won’t need a dedicated miner or skinner because every character is able to gather everything by default which will make farming your initial capital much easier.

Also while I will definitely will be playing with Stokpile as my primary banker, my main will be based on my original guild wars 1 character. I am also considering a different name for my personal guild. I want it to be something short and interesting in that it sounds like it may be a reference to something, but is inherently meaningless. Here is the list of current candidates:

Lunch money
Madam Dorothy
March of penguins
Rose green
Wednesday yesterday
Bubblegum kisses

So to wrap all of this up, an MMO that is sure to shake up the entire genre is coming out quite soon and will provide all of you wonderful AH barons a new challenge. What challenge is that? Reach the gold cap before I do. Ha!