Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wow AH index

Today is my final entry on wow and it's going to be a simple index of my most important entries that I've written to date. I'll leave a link to this entry on the side so you will have easy access once I move onto writing about rift full time. I am beyond thrilled that all of you enjoyed my blog as I did writing it, but it's time for me to move onto something that I find more interesting.

Should you have any wow related questions, feel free to send an email to theahpile@gmail.com as I don't think I'll forget everything I've learned in 2 years over night. That and the fact that once new content and gems come out the methods and ideas will always apply.

Here are the most pertinent blog posts you will find here and possibly anywhere else. Each one deals with everything from pricing theory to campers to my massive list of what sells for a profit. Enjoy!

My credentials on the wow AH.
First gold cap: 1/18/10
1 Million gold: 5/7/2010
A fortune in 2 months
2 million gold: 5/1/11

Dealing with campers.
What every scribe asks 1
What every scribe asks 2
What every scribe asks 3
Campers and greed
How do you kill that which has no life?

General AH theory.
Old markets are thriving markets
So sayeth the Stokpile
Dual monitors
Key ingredients
My specifics
The Method

Pricing theory.
Auction House Nirvana: Part 1
Auction House Nirvana: Part 2
Auction House Nirvana: Part 3

Buy, sell, and trade lists.
Comprehensive list of everything that sells.
Buying list
Best sellers
What DON'T I sell?

Profession specific guides.
Profession Overview: Inscription
Profession overview: Jewel crafting
Profession overview: Smithing & Leatherworking
Profession overview: Tailoring & Engineering
Profession overview: Enchanting
Low profit professions: Part 1
Low profit professions: Part 2
BoA enchanting guide

Off topic rants.
For the potential blogger
On raiding: PSA
A few gems from "Ask the devs"
Dungeon finder Call to arms (failure)
I bought the ultimate gold sink
Must nerd rage!

For those just starting up.
Where to start?
Profession Priorities
First place finishes last
Convert to goblinism and profit
Investments & Bracer enchants
Start up

Assorted tips.
Entry detailing the addOns I use
zeroAuctions set up guide
MS Excel enchanting price guide spread sheet
How much to Stokpile
Pro Tips

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. All i can say is thank you.

    Thank you for the blog, thank you for the reading material, I know this has been the most influential blog for me and I will be going over all of the posts suggested here.


    xoxo anaalius

  2. I could just repeat the words of anaalius.
    But that would be too easy. I started to make gold, because of your blog, I found it after searching for gold tips.
    I wish you a nice time in your Rift career.


  3. Sad to see you go, again.

    I got into the ah scene because of your blog, but I'm no where near the 2million, your just so much better. (well gearing up 3 toons and supporting the guild bank for 3 raid teams does eat into my profits a wee bit, so I might be at 2 mil if I implore some of your ah tactics more thoroughly(I think implore is the right word for it) )


  4. Thanks a lot for all your work. You are great inspiration for me. Wishing you all the best and good luck in the future.


  5. just wanted to wish you best of luck in rift. even if you aren't blogging about wow i will still be here reading your material. The way you write i don't think it matters what game its about it can be applied to the AH. After finding this blog at the end of wrath and reading all of your post i was able to make about 400k liquid and tons of mats stockpiled. 1 thing i remember reading that pushed me to start was when you said "stop being afraid to spend your gold you have to spend it to make it" or something like that. you will be missed.
    long time lurker Snazzk

  6. Thank you for the great work the last months.
    Your blog was truly a source for great reading and advice, far from a lot of other gold blogs.

    I really hope we'll see you again in WoW - maybe with an upcoming patch or expansion.
    I'm totally looking forward to that, as you have already proved, that a little time off from the game won't let you forget your sense for making the most of the market!

  7. Thank you, I hope it's ok that I posted a link here from http://www.thegoldqueen.com/other-blogs/tribute-stokpile/

  8. Thank you all for the compliments, I suppose I can accept the fact that I'm an OK writer. I won't say good because well I don't exactly try really hard to write well, I just work that spell check button something fierce! It's always a great feeling to have inspired people, so it makes me all warm and fuzzy to hear that I've helped you all so much.

    But like I said before, keep reading because the AH game won't change until all the people of the world change.

    @ Snazzk
    "You have to spend money to make money" is what you're looking for. It's a universal fact across games and IRL. The difference with wow is that you always have a "job" that you can do to make that money and not having to worry about silly things like, ya know, paying rent.

    @ Brainbug
    I can already afford my level 50 epic mount and I'm not even able to ride it yet hehe.

    @ hirumared
    The word you're looking for is "explore" I believe, to implore is a nice way to say "to beg." So if you explore my methods and tactics more you'll discover many new ways to make a little extra coin and save money here and there each week. And you seem to have quite a large expense account with the alts and the raids, so I'm sure you're doing quite fine on your own as is. If you stopped spending on all of that I'm sure you'd already have 2 million. Keep up the good work!

  9. Posid - Ragnaros EUMay 28, 2011 at 6:02 AM

    I've loved every one of your entries, I've been doing a bit of casual AHing while using a lot of the tips you've been giving. But I just recently entered the JC market for real, and I gotta say I'm loving it, all those hate tells from people being frustrated etc. It's priceless :)

    Good luck in Rift and thanks for teaching me enough that I can stand on my own legs in WoW :)

  10. So sad to know that this is your last post in WoW. I'm just starting to love your blog and reading your post in WOW really made me inspired to do more effort on my character. :)

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