Saturday, May 8, 2010

Must nerd rage!

Gah morons! Argh stupid people! Must nerrrrrrd raaaaaaaaage!

I'm going to stop doing randoms for a bit now. People are acting like they're in full tier 10 and I have double solace. Obviously I just got finished with the most difficult instance in the entire WotLK expansion: Normal mode Utgarde Keep. It's srs bsns I know... oh how I know. Oh look there's 3 bombs, I think I'll sit on them. Oh look I'm in cloth and I pulled threat by attacking the giant dragon, fuck it I'll keep attacking! Oh look the healer is trapped in an ice block and therefore cannot heal our tank! Fuck it I'll keep attacking, but not the ice block,anything but that. Oh look the boss is doing a whirlwind and I'm losing 40% of my health every second, fuck it I'll keep attacking.

Sorry, I don't heal stupid. And if by some bizarre occurrence I happen to be healing still during Cata, I will not even train "life grip" out of pure spite! If you're a fire standing half wit, guess what? You're doing to be a dead half wit. Doing my part to clean up the proverbial WoW gene pool one moron at a time. Oh and by the way, if you think I should feel bad about those people standing in the fire, feel that they're just learning what line of sight is, or make any other excuse for them... stop reading and don't bother commenting on it. Seriously, just stop and cancel your account. But before you do make sure you finish buying up my +15 agility enchant scrolls for 500g because you've eaten far too many paint chips in your childhood. Please and thank you.

"Tanks" I've been having such terribad luck with, ever since RFK I haven't grouped with a single tank that didn't key board turn while clicking on rend or whatever else they're trying to smash their face into that might stop a healer from having threat. It's just like the 3.0 death knight where they ALL thought they were tanks just because they could hit an "uber high threat" button and go to town. Sorry folks if you want to AoE tank 50 mobs at once you need to be specced for it and have more health than a clothie, kay? Remember: ir's the cloths that make the man.

Or how about noticing that your healer in blues and BoA gear is having to spam greater heals just to try and keep your sorry ass alive then deducing that hmm, maybe I should use a bit of CC? Fuck that shit! CC is for losers and wimps, nobody uses it anymore! It's because of everybody saying that this game is easy, that's the problem. It's only easy if you know WTF to do. Otherwise it's completely impossible to even clear a regular mode instance, prove me wrong on that one, I dare you to try. The thing is, nobody uses CC at 80 and so these nitwits are so desperate to fit in and desperately hold onto the mental illusion that they're some bad ass stud of a tank that "they dun need no see-see" so they don't use it.

What's worse... is that they don't even THINK of it as an option. They are so horrified at the prospect of having to resort to CC because their cloth wearing balance spec druid can't survive 5 elites attacking them in bear form. Why is this so scary to them? Because their image and self worth is based 100% on what others think. Their achievements are not there for them to enjoy, it's to impress others. I worked up a million gold because I wanted to, because I thought it was fun. I'm glad that people are proud of me, I'm thrilled that I've helped and inspired a few people here and there, but none of that is the reason why I decided to set the goal. When the image of a tank that doesn't need CC is completely shattered the other social primates then laugh at them as they aren't as good as them. Even though it just comes down to you aren't in tank spec and/or gear so you WILL be roffle stomped repeatedly.

It amazes me just how oblivious people can be. I think this every time I'm driving and somebody nearly side swipes me because they decided to change lanes without using their turn signal until AFTER I'm so far up their ass I could brush their teeth for them. This is why I'm all about gun control, people like me should never be given access to a fire arm for any reason outside of an active war zone.



  1. "know WTF to do"

    50 dkp minus!

  2. Not trying to sound like a jerk, but your rage is the same rage I (and probably alot of people) have when we get camped/undercut like hell on the AH.

    You have two choices to make: learn to live with it, the morons that is, or work against it, which in that case there's nothing you can do, other than macro'ing something like "If you do something stupid, I'm not healing and not even ressing you". Worked good for me when I was healing.

    By the way, my first post here and I gotta say, your blog has helped me WAY more than Markco's or Gevlon's. Great work!

  3. @ Degini
    My first raid guild that had rules like that. If you fall off the ramps in SSC and get eaten alive or burnt to death, you make a corpse run or don't get another raid invite that week. After the second screw up, that person -never- did it again.

    @ Alan
    I'm glad you're finding some use out of my humble blog as I do try to provide practical and specific advice. And you're right abotu my nerd raging at these people and that I should find a way around it, but I wouldn't compare it to the annoying AH campers.

    I say that because with a camping situation you can ACTIVELY do something about it like forcing their prices down and buying them out. But when you're trying to heal an entire group of people in assorted bad stuff, well, all you can do is wish you had 90% more haste and /headDesk at that point. And lets face it, nobody likes to be helpless.

    We all want to be actively trying to fix a problem in some way, no matter how little our efforts may accomplish so long as it's something. On top of that, I do not deal with frustration that easily so silly people like that tend to get to me more than most.

  4. Kidkrid/Bearwithmee/Kridlet Alliance RunetotemMay 8, 2010 at 6:28 PM

    I feel your pain. I, too, have such problems. The sad thing is: It won't get any better whilst blizz continues to simplify the game in order to attract more drooling simpletons with fat wallets.

    I used to heal all the time. But the morons and...inbred retards put a stop to that. The sad thing is - I can heal more efficiently in boom spec than most of the "healers" I come across. Gear plays a part, but the majority of it is just common sense.

    As for the achievement system? I flat out refuse to pander to that shit. I don't need to stroke my epeen. I don't need nor want the adoration of the drooling masses. Yes, I am working on the insane achievement on my hunter. Why? Because I can. Its a boredom thing.

    The stupids can, will and mostly already HAVE taken over a once awesome game. Blizz encourages them, because it is more cash for their overstuffed coffers. Make the stupids happy, they play more and encourage friends to start playing. Simple economics.

  5. A few days ago I ran into a Paladin "tank" wearing three pieces of gear with defense in H HoR. The rest was spell plate and caster gear. The caster gear was all frost and triumph gear. I don't understand how someone can go through 80 levels, grind dozens of heroics and still not realize that tanks need more than 147 defense. It boggles the mind.

  6. I think that most WoW players suffer from poor pugs every now and then and rage about it(this mostly occurs in the lower dungeon pugs). And having the healer role in a pug can be a really ungrateful job. Certainly if it is a group where the dps does not have a clue about aggro or when you get a tank that just does not use any threat abilities in his rotation.

    If you get a lousy tank then there is not so much that can be done about it as a healer, but in the case of clueless dpsers you are not totally powerless.

    The solution to it for a healer is rather simple and it has a sweet ring of irony to it....aggro management. Yes where the dpser fails you will succeed by not pulling just DON'T heal the trigger-happy dps at all when he pulls aggro from the tank.

    You will build less threat on the mobs (and burn less mana on heals),once the dpser dies (nothing of value was lost, right?) the mob will shoot back to the tank instead of you. (Use your fade spell once the dps dies when needed) Most non-heroic instances are very loose on the dps requirement anyway so in theory the tank could kill the mobs without any dps as long as he gets a few heals.

    This may sound a bit harsh and will get you a lot of mockery from the failing dpsers, but by letting them eat the dirt when they aggro mobs you can make them realize that they are doing something wrong. They may even change for the better! (although I would not count on it)

    Btw I am really enjoying your blog, thank you for taking all this time to write about your WoW endeavours. =)

  7. Another reason why I play tanking classes only. I control the run and if DPS are being stupid I stop the run and refuse to tank. If a plate DPS offers to tank then I enjoy the free exp until the DPS-tank dies.

    As harsh as that may sound, these people will not learn to manage threat or not be retarded until they realize that the tank is the bottleneck of the group.

  8. I uderstand what you are saying here as i have been playing a Paladin using the dungeon finder alot.

    People are playing old instances like they are pew pew HC's.

    I find myself as tank harding pulling anything before the imba non poison using rogue i generally just find myself leaving groups that tell me to FFS HURRY NUB.

    I am old school by heart and i like it :)

  9. Haha, I second that.
    I did an total of 17 tries on my Resto Druid at lvl 70 to complete UK.
    My main is a DK tank, and since I had alot of DK tanks the smallest amount of advice I tried to gave them (spec, tactics, spell rotation) and I got flamed like o.O

  10. @ Everyone
    I also play all tanking classes (used to at least) and that's a good source of my frustrations as well as I know every detail of how things should go and seeing the exact opposite happen is maddening.

    A real issue is I'm rather self conscious about my healing and can't tell, since I don't know any better, if I can be doing far better and I just suck or if there's really nothing I can do.

    Prayer of healing is great, but at a 3 second cast that's mostly useless. when the people it will heal are dead before the cast finishes.

    I'd love to let he baddie dps die, but that isn't going to eb teaching me anything. See I'm actually trying to learn to heal and you can read EJ all day long and not learn how to heal, only how to gear a healer. So it's sort of a catch 22, I either rage and heal them and learn, or relax, do nothing just like them.

    Tough call.

  11. I play a paladin tank, when i was leveling up i was mostly geared in blues and BoA items. seal of light + judgement of light. kept me alive even when the dps pulled when the healer were afk.
    When i run instances i tell them my simple rule before we start, "you pull it, you tank it" and if its to bad then i simply boubleheart like a good paladin should

  12. Ahh the terrible pugs. I fixed that for my self. I convinced my cousin to be my tank now anytime i do dungeons on my lowbie priest i badger him off his other alts onto one to play with me. Its ok i return the favor on my druid and tank heroics for him. Get you a few pocket tanks. They will love you for being a good healer and you will love them for being a good healer.

  13. Hey, Zerohour here, enjoying the blog. Paladin tank here, I'll vouche for the idiocy of the masses. But it's this same mass that buys all our junk so I'm torn. Since I'm one of the better geared tanks that's still willing to Pug the daily, I tend to go off on people for the little things. You know, dpsing before I throw a shield, aggroing trash we can skip, talking in party chat, the little things.

    I scan gear (gs mod) at the beginning to gauge what I'm dealing with. If I don't like what I see (sub 2k dps with 5k score), I simply blow the group up and make them leave group and take the debuff.

    My record for blowing up a group entirely is about 60 seconds from entering the zone when the three dps all decided they would start pulling before I could get mana back after buffing. I get no debuff and get a new group within 15 seconds. Jerk move? Not really, I'll never see these people again. They also get to wait around 30 minutes or more for a new group if they're dps. I've raided since Vanilla, just because Blizz gave you frees doesn't mean you can ignore the pecking order.