Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BoA enchanting guide

EDIT: I'm having some serious issues with AH lag in Stormwind currently and am even getting disconnected randomly. It isn't happening anywhere else for some reason. I've taken the normal steps to reduce lag (closing other programs, no downloads running, etc.) and nothing seems to help. I've also been purging my AH data daily and that isn't even helping. It's also taking me 3 minutes to collect 100 mails instead of the normal 45 seconds and a good 5 seconds for a buyout to register. Any thoughts would be immensely appreciated! If you happen to have a working solution and are on my server there shall indeed be a reward in it for you (horde or alliance side).

A commenter the other day was looking for a guide on how to acquire most of these old world enchants so I decided to put one together. Most of them are rep based and some cannot be farmed in the traditional sense, but being able to keep track of everything can be a tad confusing. So out of every old world enchants here's the ones that are useful enough to be sold and how I go about getting them.

First here are the enchants that do not require a specific reputation.

Boots - minor speed: Trainer recipe and is still a good one to have. Everybody knows the longest part of leveling is simply going from point A to B and this is a very cheap way to make sure you get there a bit faster. This is always in demand by people leveling with half a brain so make sure you remember to train it.

Chest - major health: Sold by Qia, vendor in winterspring. Very commonly sold and material cost is less than a gold coin. I sell these for up to 60g a piece.

Chest - major mana: Given by your respective enchanting faction trainer in hellfire penn or at the scryers tier.

Weapon - crusader: dropped by scarlet spellbinders in WPL at a 2% drop rate according to wowhead. Don't let that fool you though as the few times I've farmed it for myself (and a few others to sell out of bordem) it took maybe 3 cycles of clearing mobs and waiting on respawns. This is one you can farm very easily without much hassle at all so don't bother paying 500g for it.

Weapon - fiery: Found off of a BRD boss which is labeled as a rare spawn but is always there. It takes about 3 minutes to run in, kill him, run out and reset. I recommend that you get the shadow forged key first as it will save you a ton of time. For those of you like me and get lost the moment you enter BRD, I'll quote the few wowhead comments that helped me greatly in finding this guy and getting the key.

If you need the key, here's a great guide for it.
you tube video.

Finding the boss from the entrance. Note you need the key for this path, but if you have skeleton keys (black smith) or seaforium charges (engineer) you don't need a key at all.

"Enter the instance.Go through the gate on the left, then through the next gate on the right.Open the door on your left.Go up the ramp, and then straight up the next ramp to where all the arena spectators are.Go around to the other side of the ring and take that exit.Turn right and this guy is at the end."

Chest - greater stats: This is one you have to watch the AH for. It's a rare world drop so it can get a bit expensive. Naturally the only farming you can do for it is kill still and pray. Buy the recipe if possible but there's nothing you can to do find it faster.

Weapon - spellpower or healing power: Rare drop from MC recipes that are NOT bind on pick up. So if you have a nice plate class that can solo the bosses go for it. Otherwise watch the AH and be ready to drop several thousand on them. I've never personally solo'd MC so I can't offer any help here.

Weapon - Icy chill: Rare drop from the anguished highborne mobs in winterspring. Just run around killing everything in sight and it will drop eventually. The rate is fairly low so if you can find the recipe fairly cheap buying it won't be much of a waste. Also in the area that these mobs spawn there can be an elemental invasion so keep an eye out for the spawn Princess Tempestria. Might get some drops from her to sell.

Ok that's all the world drops, now for the rep guides. If you're human you'll have to figure out the specifics on your own. Writing this up for people that don't have the bonus in mind and because I'm jealous after having to do them all on horde and alliance side, so nyah!

Timbermaw Hold.
Enchants to get: weapon - agility, 2h weapon - agility
Rep needed: Honored

You most likely have all the rep needed here or close to it. But if not here's where you need to be killing stuff at. First collect 60 runecloth and go to southern felwood and you'll find a furbolg on the side of the road who gives you a quest to kill more furbolgs. After turning that in they'll send you all the way north to the furbolg cave. The quest NPC just outside of it will ask you to, go figure, go kill more furbolgs! The ones you need are right off the cliff you're standing next to. They also drop feathered head dress things that you can turn in in sets of 5 for 300 rep. You'll need to do this a few times to get up to friendly with them. At friendly you can get a quest to turn in some runecloth in the tunnel.

Then you can run through the timbermaw tunnel to the other side and find another furbolg for another quest to kill another group of furbolgs. While killing them keep an eye on what you pick up as there's several quest starting items you can get. The camps by the tunnel exit and north of the town are all able to drop them. After doing all these quests, including the ones form items, you should be honored. If you're a bit short you can just wander around killing furbolgs for rep to get the last bit you need.

Argent Dawn
Enchants to get: Bracers - healing power
Rep needed: Revered

This faction you're bound to have some rep with already, but if not here's the deal. There's quests all over the plague lands, both east and west, that give you a ton. So grab a dps spec and get to work questing. After getting a bunch of quests done head into Scholomance or Stratholme and kill everything you see. Make sure you do this on your enchants as all the greens and blues DE into the mats needed for any old world enchant of worth. My best recommendation is to just suck it up and aoe everything in one of those two instances that isn't breathing.

Thorium Brotherhood
Enchants to get: Weapon - mighty intellect and weapon - strength
Rep needed: revered

This one is the big pain in the ass. First thing to do is go to thorium point in the searing gorge, this will be your base of operations. Also note that there is no mailbox or inn keeper here. Your closest options for that are loch modan (alliance) or kargath (horde) so make sure you have all the rep items you need in your bags or in the mail. Speaking of rep items, here's what you'll be needing.

Dark Iron Residue: You'll need about 1,000 of this to get past honored. You can turn it in at stacks of 100 and it drops in hordes from any mob in BRD up to 8 at a time. You can also buy it for like 10g for a stack of 100. Usually cheap, but usually not in supply.

Incendosaur Scale: You'll find these from the mobs that you're killing for a quest so make sure you kill a whole bunch extra.

Kingsblood, heavy leather, or Iron bars: Basic gathering reagents needed along with a piece of coal and the dino scales to get to friendly rep. The rep gained doesn't change based on which item you hand in, but you will need different amounts. The totals are 10 heavy leather or 4 iron bar or 4 kingsblood PER turn in. So needless to say you'll be needing a dozen or so stacks of them.

After those things here's the expensive ones you'll need to pick up.

Fiery core - 500 rep
Lava core - 500 rep
Core leather (2) - 350 rep
Blood of the mountain - 500 rep
Dark iron ore (10) - 75 rep

All of the above are MC rare drops which you'll have to buy from the AH or farm for a few years to get enough. All of those items are turned to Lokhtos Darkbargainer who can be found at the Grim Guzzler down in BRD. Though you can only turn these in once you have hit honored reputation so keep that in mind. This is also the NPC who sells the rep items, but will only show you what you CAN buy, not what you COULD buy with enough rep. Here's a quote from wowhead for how to get to him. But if you have the direbrew remote just port on over like a lucky little bastard.

"You must have a Shadow Forge Key to get to the Bar.
Enter Instance.
Look left, see the gate, go open it. go through
take your first RIGHT. STOP. open that gate go through

There is a door on the LEFT Use Key again open door.
Kill mobs in room, or walk past them for 80.
go to Bridge control in back of room and "USE" it.
Go upstairs

Once upstairs
Kill Mobs again
look LEFT. Take that hallway. Don't go up or down a ramp, its just a regular hallway.
Once you are in this hallway, you are good, the only place it leads is to the bar."

Ok I believe that covers it. I hope you find that helpful and if I missed something feel free to comment and I'll edit it in.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great guide! I farmed fiery pretty easily myself, but did buy crusader a few months back. I don't think 2g is too much to pay for it, and so I did it. =P Unfortunately, my Greater Stats to chest enchant is stuck on my hunter on alliance side, so my paladin, which is now horde, does not. So this one I've been keeping an eye out for on horde. Healing Power I picked up for about 2k on alliance before the faction change. Icy Chill I really had no problem farming myself.

    Timbermaw Hold rep was probably the easiest rep grind I've ever done. I went from neutral to exalted in one evening, over a span of maybe six hours played in total. Argent Dawn I got exalted with sometime last year after farming Baron's mount so much. Thorium BH isn't too bad either, just farm some MC or look for the turn-ins on the AH. I've only really been able to find the Fiery/Lava Cores and the Ore. I was surprised how much rep you get from turning in those items. It helps that I have the direbrew remote from Brewfest to transport me right to the Grim Guzzler anytime I have stuff to turn in. I'm already revered and have the enchants I need, but since I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, I'm going all the way to exalted.

    Eventually I want to get every JC pattern and enchanting formula for my paladin, because I intend for her to keep those professions, and just because it would just feel "right" lol.

  2. @ Charlie
    Timbermaw is indeed exceptionally easy since Blizz increased the rep gains for it, but TB is still a pain imo because of the annoyance of having to farm MC or pay through the nose and having to go through BRD. But you're a lucky lil snot with your remote, so I hate you.


    But yes, some enchants are indeed rather painless to farm if you know where to get them, one of the rare occasions where I'll highly recommend doing so.

  3. Excellent guide, and well timed! I'm currently celebrating getting past the 350 mark of enchanting, which was a B-I-T-C-H. Sure, I could've bought all the mats on the AH but on my realm they were scarce and super expensive. On a given day I could maybe find enough mats to gain 2-3 points (losing lots of gold in the process), so I decided to do it the old way: Soloing outland instances. My enchanter is a 5k gear score hunter so soloing them wasn't a problem. Along the way I got tons of cloth for my tailor, tons of rep for various factions and quite a bit of gold from mob drops and BoE blues that I auctioned off, not to mention achievements. It took a long time but that hunter is my main so the achievements were nice. :)

    Still though, when I had cleared everything and was still about 15 points from 350 I was simply worn out. So I decided to work on my 80 pally's blacksmithing, which I had neglected for months stuck at level 210 or so. Last Sunday I dedicated to leveling that, and got all the way up to cobalt ore stuff. With fel iron crafted weapons and armor DE'd I was able to push past 350 finally!

    Sorry for the rant but just wanted to share. I spent some time farming some of these recipes when I was taking breaks from enchanting and already have some of them listed (crusader, icy chill). I'm gonna use this guide to farm the rest before cataclysm.

    Thank you.

  4. I too have had some issues with the game. It isn't just Alliance or Horde side, it's both. Same things you speak of and in the "main hub towns". It only occurs while dealing with AH or the mail. I went in to my WoW program file and used "REPAIR".

    It helped to clear up the issues I was having with lag, getting disconnected and stupid error readings. From time to time that same problem pops back up and doing the repair helps, but I want it perm. resolved so at some point soon, going to reinstall the game.

    Give the "repair" a try. Hopefully it will at the very least give you a temporary fix until you can force yourself to reinstall WoW, all your addons and everything that goes along with running a WoW AH empire. Yeah, it blows even thinking about all that work of setting it all back up =(

    Hope this helps you as it has me. Good luck!

  5. P.S. Totally forgot to mention that you have several options when using the built in WoW "Repair". Start with the least invasive one first. "Check files only". It will check all the files and not reset your configurations.

    After you do this if you find that things are still running poorly then go back and try "Reset and Check files".

    There are also boxes you can check as to how in depth of a reset you want. Just be mindful to read all the repair page before you set the repair in motion. You're a smart guy, I'm sure you'll do fine trying this. It doesn't take long to use the repair, so it's worth a shot.

  6. Great guide!
    I just purchased two enchants myself:

    Weapon - Crusader x 2 (500G + 300G, 1 to keep, 1 to re-sell)
    Weapon - Icy chill (35G, Quite happy about this purchase :))

    Soon to be enchanting,

  7. Just notice the EDIT message with issue on ally AH.

    Mulegirl who is Horde for Ysera has just spent 1hr plus without issue with mail or AH. No lag for me.

    Note: I only use Auctioneer and arkInventory as add-ons. No mail add-on or Quick auctions.

    Good luck with that...
    Maybe in the meantime I should post more spellthreads before you're up and running. :)


  8. Remotes to BRD are awesome. I've had them on most toons since Brewfest 2007. They still, to this day, are a blast to have.

    MC enchants - BUY them. Don't farm unless you're that poor or bored. 1% drop rate, and 7 bosses can drop them. I farm MC for bindings and rep, 40 factions is serious business.

    BRD is still a fun instance. I'd say in the time it takes you to acquire the key, I could have made the enchant drop in 4-5 runs. Just go through the Ring of Law.

    Unholy and Lifestealing are also good BOA enchants to deal in. I usually get the same price as Fiery for them, although a little more in cost. Undeaths are up but usually vendored by mount runners, and Lifes are commonly up on weekends when people are running Dire Maul East on their 57-59s. These two enchants are going to be a BIS for 'under 60' tanks because they either heal or mitigate damage. I sell about 1 a day on average.

  9. @ Zero
    Yeah I totally wish I had a remote on any toon but I've never seen one drop. I generally sell unholy/life stealing for upwards of 180g at the high end and like 80 at the low. The undeaths are tough to come by that's why I always say to stokpile =P

    @ Mulegirl
    I did some auctioning off and on today horde side as well and had zero lag at the AH in org, or any lag anywhere for that matter. And the lag was only in SW which was just as empty as any other town is at that hour. So yeah, I don't know what the deal is.

    Good luck with the enchants, I'm looking forward to seeing your name under mine at the AH >:D

  10. IMO, get the hell out of Dodge (Stormwind!). For some reason, that seems to be the place that everyone and their grandmother is on alliance side, so I try to avoid it like the plague. After all, Stormwind does give you that feeling like the plague could strike it at any moment. As alliance, I've always preferred making my home in Ironforge. It's not quite as crowded, but still has enough people there and not out on the edge of the world like Darnassus or Exodar. The only drawback compared to Stormwind is that the mailbox is a bit further away from the AH. Honestly, I don't know why they added a billion new mailboxes to Stormwind and didn't give Ironforge some love. Heck, even the Darnassus auction house has a mailbox right at the bottom of the ramp. /rant

    Anyway, I'm not sure what to tell you about just lagging in one area. When I lag, it's everywhere. So when I do, I do a full restart of my computer and reset my router. But I also have a shoddy computer, so if it's "lagging" in crowded areas like 25-man ICC or a huge WG battle inside the fortress, it's mainly because my PC is graphically challenged, and not actual internet latency. I hope you get it sorted out!

  11. @ Charlie
    The reason that I made SW my banker's home is because I don't have to move a single step to interact with the auctioneer and the mail box, but with this lag creeping up more and more I'm probably just going to buy a port to darnassus and pretend that it's just like under city but in a gigantic tree house type thing.

    I know it's not my machine though as more often than not I'm running tons of downloads with at least 2 other Adobe related programs, very resource consuming. The AH lag just pops up randomly and even when I reset everything nothing changes.


  12. Ysera players must have more gold than brains, or you just don't have the competition on enchants, or both. See, on my server, I'm lucky to get 70g per Fiery, Unholy, and Lifestealing. This is like a sweetspot that I've experimented with. Price em for more, they just don't sell. Then you get the clowns that post a wall of 'em at 25g per to try to buy the market. I let them have it and sell out, and then I'm right back to my normal prices. If you want to pull 5g an enchant, that's your problem.

    It's an unusual server I'm on, there are a lot of people attempting to make gold in the BOA market. Example: Spellpower is listed by 12 different sellers right now, and Healing Power only by 5. And that's just the Alliance side. Generally I'll be happy pulling 100g an enchant.

  13. @ Zero
    If I got 70g for a fiery scroll I'd do a dance as I almost never get more than 40g. The other two vary as there's only a few others that list them so usually I can just have a monopoly and have my price. And 100g per enchant is definitely a great profit I don't see why you'd be upset with that unless I'm just misunderstanding.

  14. @Zerohour
    Stokpile has recommended it on his blog here, as has Boub on MMO-Champ a while back, and I would suggest this as well: create a spreadsheet (or copy one that's floating around in the interwebs) and input the stuff that you make, what the mats are, what the mats cost, and from that you can figure out price thresholds. If you input the formulas correctly, your thresholds will update automatically when you change your buying price for materials. You'll be able to determine whether or not you're gaining a profit, even if it's only 5g per item or 100g. Hope that helps.

  15. Oh I maintain my own private spreadsheet and I know my costs to the copper on everything. We've just had a large number of dumpers here as of late.

    Just as a matter of course, I withdraw when people dump and just watch what happens. If they want a fight, sure, let's roll. But I'm not dumping at cost for no reason. There's a million reasons why they are, especially when I see someone doing it at or near my cost when mats aren't readily available. They could be doing it to gib me into selling below them, just to buy me out and save themselves the trouble of having to wait on mat prices to drop.

    @Stok: I don't ever complain about 100g profit for an enchant. As long as prices don't crater, I'm fine! What I was referring to was you getting over 100g on those enchants. It's different on all servers. I routinely sell Fiery at 70g per, I was mostly referring to the morons that like to pee in my pool.

  16. do you know of any good vendor recipes that sell well on the AH? I just sold a recipe flask of chromatic resistance for 300g and bought it for 4g in Shatt. was wondering if you know of any more. Thanks! Great Blog!

  17. @ Anon
    Check wow-professions.com for their guide on professions, they use several recipes that are vendor sold and some are rather out of the way. Those tend to sell to people who don't want to make the 10 minute flight to silithus like me.