Monday, July 4, 2011

The Rift List

Well it was only a matter of time before I put one of these together. My old readers already know what's coming, but for anybody new here's the gist of it. This entire entry is nothing more than everything I sell. No explanations no theory, no nothing. This is just a comprehensive list of everything that I sell. Want to know how to make money in Rift? Craft a few of these and keep reading my blog and you'll find out.

Everything is sorted by profession and I'm even including the raw materials that I sell frequently. Once there is a decent way to do so I'll include item links to them as well. This page will be updated frequently and linked on the side for easy access. Also I'll mark anything that I recommend using an augment on with (a) so you'll have a rough idea for that as well. Want to know what to sell in Rift to make some platinum? Look no further.


Shaleweave robe
Shaleweave handwraps
Spellspun bag
Witchweave bag

Silken bag
Red scar headwrap
Steeled leather brigandine (a)
Steeled leather leggings

Steeled leather boots
Robes of flowing dark (a)
Wayward brigandine
Lockweave shoulders

Conditioned leather boots
Nightshade belt
Leggings of the hunter (a)
Darkcloth leggings (a)

Darkcloth slippers (a)
Darkcloth cap (a)
Nightshade belt
Conditioned leather shoulder guard (a)

Hood of the flowing dark (a)
Darkcloth belt (a)
Darkcloth shroud (a)
Ceremonial visage

Ceremonial breeches

Armor smith.
Darkmetal tassets
Darkmetal helm
Darkmetal shoulders
Red scar boots

Noble girdle
Steel spaulders
Orichilum gauntlets
Worshiper's chainmail

Orichilum buckler (a)
Faith-forged spaulders (a)
Steel buckled
Buckler of the scholar

Stoneshatter spellshield
Dark iron gauntlets (a)
Night iron gauntlets (a)
Implacable steel gauntlets (a)

Carmintium fauld
Dark iron helmet (a)
Faith forged helm (a)
Soul warden's helm

Sabatons of the devout (a)
Night iron sabatons (a)
Implacable steel Helm (a)
Implacable steel greaves (a)

Refurbished mathosian tabard
Refurbished mathosian barbute
Refurbished mathosian leggings
Refurbished mathosian gauntlets

Refurbished mathosian pauldrons
Refurbished mathosian greaves
Implacable steel helm (a)
Weight of the world (a)

Hauberk of the devout (a)
Orichilum chausses
Orichilum cuisses
Glossy steel helm (a)

Greathelm of grandeur (a)
Weight of the world (a)

Weapon smith.
Martyr's fist (a)
Ebony hatchet (a)
Darkmetal battleaxe (a)
Darkmetal scepter

Spellhunter's cudgel
Darkmetal sword
Fleshreaper (a)
Orichilum claymore (a)

Runeguard blunderbuss
Damascus shiv
Damascus war hammer
Damascus saber

Logger's axe
Exquisite whetstone
Fine whetstone
Spark smiter (a)

Steeltouched longsword
Spined compound bow
Ebony maul

Orichilum mace
Lightsmasher (a)
Merciless blade
Black iron hatchet (a)

Malevolent great axe (a)
Shadethorn bow (a)
Carmintium spell cutter
Callous blade (a)

Stone cleaver

Rune crafting.
Everything blazing, radiant, and incandescent.
Icewall rune
Feral rune

Raw materials.
Perpetual glow
Perpetual flare
Kinetic charge
Kinetic burst

Sentient surge
Sentient blast
Witchweave cloth
Flickering Crystal

Exotic leather
Bolt of composite cloth
Pristine distillate
Potent distillate

Spiritweave cloth
Minor catalyst
Catalytic essence
Refined gem

Inert prism
Inert crystal

Nothing. Nothing at all.

Gold chain
Platinum choker
Platinum necklace (a)
Bound-flame ring (a)

Fine platinum chain (a)
Ill-fated relic
Stonefallen band
Red scar tracking manual

Platinum gorget
Shadethorn spellstaff (a)
Stoic pendant
Polished mahogany rod

Polished runebirch rod
Talisman of emphatic defense (a)
Tysumi's treatise on arcane travel (a)
Titan's signet (a)

Band of spells (a)
Dragon hunter's iron ring (a)
Dragon ruby ring (a)
Triple-knotted band

Orichilum wand (a)
Orichlum amulet (a)
Spell staff of raging lightning (a)
Luminous crook

Puglist's signet (a)
Brilliant diamond band
Blood berylite signet
Lightsbane diamond band

Burning powerstone

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  1. No wayward leather brigandine or leggins?

  2. Ah good catch! I had forgotten to add them to the list when I got the recipe.

  3. why not Apothacary did not feel like it would be worth it? Read your blog while I played WOW glad to see your blog is doing Rift since I used as many of tips to make my gold.

  4. Dae...come over and fly some spaceships with me!!

    Rumor is, there's a market over there :O

    I have applied your teachings to Eve...seems to be working so far.


  5. @ Anon
    I have nothing listed under apoth because I simply have not found a single item that is profitable. While black/white dyes do indeed sell, they sell under the material costs 90% of the time so I just don't bother with them. As for the rest there just doesn't seem to be a market for it on my server.

    There's a lot of goodies, but it seems they're a tad too expensive for a consumable to do well.

    @ Onnoes
    Onnoes! Great to hear from you again pal! I considered playing SW (I think that's what you're talking about) but just couldn't get into it honestly.

    And tell Eve that I have some apples for sale. Not only are they at a fair price they're pretty tasty and tempting too!

  6. When looking at what to sell in Apoth, take a look at vials. They give good stats at a cheap rate and persist through death. With the recent changes it is easier to farm the mats and the same mats now make twice the product, so they are more affordable to the user. Currently with the powersurge vials, I am buying the mats at ~60g each and selling them for 1.5p

  7. This is a huge list! I’m new with Rift and keep everything in inventory and bank. I haven’t thrown anything yet coz hoping that this will have big use in near future. I just found out that almost 80% of what I kept is trash. Well thanks at least I have a much organize bags.