Sunday, July 24, 2011

Salvaging for a profit

It seems like hundreds of people are picking up rift every day. This is evident in the fact that every other day a different level of items from trade skills are being dumped on the AH. And by dumped I mean barely over vendor value to the point that some are even losing money when the AH takes their 5% cut. Honestly that part makes me laugh.

But when you notice a page or two of gear being sold for 20g and under you should take a moment to think twice about passing it off as just another flood. The most common thing you find is gear and low level runes. Runes you can't really do much with so I just ignore them. At that low of a level you replace gear every 15 minutes so it's a total waste to spend money to slightly help you kill 30 mobs 9 seconds faster before it gets trashed. The gear however is where the money is.

For anybody with a salvaging ability you should make it a point to check the AH during prime time for crafted gear to break down that's like 20g or so and under. For this you'll want to focus on the level 40 and up range. Since every gear prof can craft item enhancements that are very useful (and last for a long time) these are actually in demand. A couple plat for an extra 15% to crit damage? Yes please! As useful and cheap as these typically are, there never seems to be any on the AH outside of the first ones you get from the trainer.

This is a market that is almost entirely untouched.

So far the most successful ones I've been selling have been exquisite whetstones and shield spikes. I'm still experimenting with the price ranges for everything right now so take this part with a grain of salt. Up until now I've been slowly increasing the sale price of these things, starting at only 1 plat and adding another 40g to the price tag each time I sell out. I'm only adding 40 because of the same reason that you always see things priced at $399.99 and such. You don't want to break that threshold even if you're only under by a single coin.

Right now the price it up to 2.6 plat and they're still selling. Right now I'm wondering a couple things for maximizing this little niche market. For one I have no idea what they exact % chance of getting metal widgets is. It seems to be 50/50 to get any of them in general and being able to get as many as 3 at once. What I really want to know is the chances of getting more than 1 and a way to move the processed metal that you get. The mid range enhancements sell pretty slowly so that's not a viable option, they may just end up being vendor food.

It's fairly often that I see a full page or two of carmintium gear up for 15g each when it costs more than double that to make. When it's that cheap the only decision I have to make is if I'm going to use RC or armor smith to break it apart for a profit.

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