Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekend status update

Aloha all! I'm writing one of a few odd entries on the weekends for a status update on what I'm still hunting down in rift. There isn't much in the way of AH platinum tips as it's mostly for my personal benefit. This is one of many ways that I keep track of what I'm missing and need more of etc. So today is what I'm still looking for recipe wise.

Reputation recipes:
Charmer's caldera runs on everyone. There's a few daily quests that give a little rep, but not much at all. The quest item turn in is fast and easy, but it'll cost like 200 plat to get the rep needed and across 3 toons that's a ton of cash. So rep runs it is!

The mage still needs granite falls, but that instance is an abomination! Seriously, it takes forever to do even with a pro group so that's on the back burner. But aside from those two, the rest are taken care of for all that I need. While the CC rep is important, there's 5 recipes after all, it will take far too long to do on 3 different toons and is far too pricey to buy right now.

Token recipes:
These are almost entirely done minus the BS ones that I'm not going to bother with. I have every recipe from normal daily tokens for everything minus 2 weapons (424 tokens) and one piece of armor (255 tokens). There are still a handful of different colored dyes that I can get, but those haven't been profitable since ever so I'm not going to bother with them.

The plaques are the real issue as one would expect. My armor/weapon smith needs 14, artificer needs only 8, RC needs 16 more, 8 for outfitter, and 2 for apothecary. Again, I'm not worried about apoth at all.

Random drops.
These simply cannot be farmed in the traditional sense. They're all very rare zone drops from expert dungeons that are BoP. As such they are in very high demand and catch a huge profit if you're lucky enough to get one. For those that do have them you might have a complete monopoly that will last a long, long time. The only instance I'm farming is lantern hook because in addition to there being a few bop recipes that I want there are 5 boe ones as well in addition to an epic recipe. With that much potential it makes it worth running once a day, that and it's a fairly easy one since it's a T1. The only problem there is just getting a group for it, heh.

So all in all that makes maybe a month or two to have all of the recipes that I can get for sure. With a dose of luck I'll pick up a few more from dungeon drops or off of the AH. And as of this writing I have officially broken 2,000 platinum. That's enough to gear up every alt I have in epics...or to expand my business of makin' the business!

Thanks for stopping by!

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