Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Easy mistakes to avoid

NOTE: For those of you who may be wondering, I'll be writing up my weekly business reports next month. They'll come every Wednesday (reset day) and will contain all of the goodies and real time market info like I have always given.

Short-ish entry today on a few things I've noticed on the AH that can lose you a lot of money. They aren't bugs at all in the traditional sense, they're more along the lines of things being different than you naturally expect. They all have to do with the auction house UI and not the standard game settings or simple human error per sé.

I'll list them each off one by one and give a few notes on it. The idea here is making an easy way to keep tabs on things to watch out for so I'll leave a link to this entry on the side over yonder just to keep it handy. This will be updated regularly as trion changes the game and with anything new that I notice. If you picked up on anything that can cause problems or annoyances that are more than just a "aww that sucks but whatever" sort of thing please leave a comment and I'll edit it in.

Default vendor price bids.

When you first right click an item to put it in the AH window it sets the bid to the vendor price by default. I think the danger here is obvious since you can't cancel an auction that has a bid on it already. Personally I've made this mistake a ton and have profited from it just as much. I've gotten hundreds of pieces of cloth this way and managed to fuel my crafting with insanely cheap planar dust by this. So make sure you take the extra moment to double check you have the bid set right.

Changed settings not saving.
To easily avoid the vendor bid part you can click the box to set the bid to the buyout price. However if you close the AH window this might not save. In other words you have to do this each time you close and re-open the AH window. It might be a hassle I know so hopefully it'll be changed soon.

Searching for augmented items.
When you right click an item to search for it on the AH it will search for that exact name. This is important because when you add an augment to an item, which you should anyways as they're insanely cheap, it gets something else added to the name. So you may think that there are none on the AH when there's actually several and you list it for triple everything else. To avoid this I just type in the first 4 letters of the plain item to look.

Default item sorting.
By default the items on the AH are sorted with the most expensive ones first. This can be a boon and you can get a few "whoops" sales out of it, but you can also do the same thing and lose a lot of plat. Make sure to sort by unit price each time you close and open the AH window.

Incorrect mail auto complete
This is something I just hate about the mail box. It will try to auto complete a name for people on your friends list, in guild, and I've even seen a few random names pop up. Once again take the extra time to make sure you're mailing stuff to the right name or you can lose a lot.

Runes and rune Shards.
This one is specific to rune crafters. The profession dailys can easily cause you to waste a bunch of mats if you don't pay close attention to the name of what you have to craft. As the theme of this entry seems to be, double check every time. This also goes for when you're buying runes. You could easily buy two runes that won't go onto that shiny 2 hand weapon of yours so be careful.

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  1. To easily avoid the vendor bid part you can click the box to [b]sex[/b] the bid to the buyout price.

    Listen, you may be a gold god and all but you can't get away sexing bids and auctioneers for discounts :P

  2. Hey man I love ur blog, Maybe wanna Link my blog to yours and i do same to yours =)?
    Girl gamer from finland =P
    Writing is from 2.7k warrior POV :)

  3. @ Hatchy
    Thank you for pointing out my fail typing. Spell checker just makes sure it's spelled right, nothing about context heh. And like hell I can't get away with it, all of my toons are too sexy not to!