Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Market experiments

I now have 4 different crafting professions at max skill level and as such have been looking into lots of different things. Today I'm going to cover a few random things that I've been crafting, what's been sold and what's been turned into RB fodder. I'll go profession by profession listing each item that I've been experimenting with along with a quick once over on it.

I bought the recipe for shaleweave gloves and robes a bit ago as there were none on AH for a few days that I saw. So far the gloves have not sold, but I've sold three sets of robes in the price range of 3-6 plat. Aside form that, the big deal here is crafted bags. Just like the nether bags in wow, silken bags are selling faster than I can buy the mats and craft them. And I even mean that literally. I sell typically 10 per day at anywhere from 30g profit to as high as 1 plat profit over the materials on each sale.

Right above silken bags are the ones that use spellspun silk which is typically not easy to find a good deal on. Time to start up the stokpile method. These cost about 1 plat to make and sell for as much as 4. I also saved up three days worth of tokens to buy the next level of bags that uses witch weave cloth. Significantly more expensive than plain silk of course, but it has more slots! These cost around 3-4 plat to craft and can sell as high as 10. All of these bags have the same profit margins and rate of sales: high.

Crafting the bolts and the bags takes only a few moments so it's not a big deal to have a guildie craft a fist full for you.

Other than that I bought the recipe for marauder's breeches which still to this day have not sold as people are selling them for 1 plat which is significantly under material costs. Hell I've even seen some for 50g and below. What in gods name are these people thinking? Sigh.

This was my first experiment and I bought a recipe for a plate dps belt, darkmetal tassets which is a high 30's range. I've sold several so far for a 2 plat profit and they seem to go at a rate of one per day. So far so good. I also crafted a set of plate tanking gloves which I'm hopeful for as they are not easy to craft and have not seen any on the AH yet.

In addition to that, I also got the recipe for worshipper's chainmail which is selling at almost the exact same rate and profit margins. Doing rather well with this prof so far.

Rune crafting.
I've bought a few of the recipes that needed a plaque to craft so far and am rather disappointing. I bought the ones for strength and int to weapon and have seen only a few sales for very low profits. So far this entire profession makes next to zero profit without selling the mats. I've been abusing the hell out of my RB button with exotic leather and composite shoes. Other than that this prof is a waste thus far.

Weapon smith.
For this prof I'm mostly working with 2h weapons. I've crafted a darkmetal axe and an orich sword. So far neither have sold, but I'm certain that they will soon. I'm sure because they are leaps and bounds better than any alternative and are max level blues, so you'll have to run T1's to get an equivalent or better easily. That and they have hit on them which is extremely valuable when gearing up.

After that I got the rep recipe for a darkmetal gun which has been selling the same as the other dark metal gear. I think this level and price range is where the magic is at so I'm going to try and acquire a few more pieces around this area.

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