Monday, June 13, 2011

Rift market watch

I've been playing rift for a while now and have been watching the AH since the second week I started. So I think I have a firm enough grasp of what's going on right now to a point that I can safely comment on it. First I'll just write up a short list of what sells then go in depth afterwords. But before I get into that I have to give my "massive" gold total first. 400 platinum. Far better than I was expecting in all honesty with the economy being in the state that it is. Here's what I'm seeing sell with a degree of consistent profit.

- Rare level 50 epics
- Mid 40s range blues
- Level 50 blues
- Artifacts
- Top end mats for weekly quests
- Top end runes
- Mid range crafting materials
- Top end rift mats

One unfortunate note is that every one of the crafted pieces of gear that's sold for a profit is from a rare drop recipe. All of them. Any recipe you can get with tokens or a trainer is basically a throw away, max level epic or not it doesn't matter. They're all still selling at a loss. Meanwhile runes learned form tokens and plaques are selling for a small but steady 50g-1p profit a piece. This is good news for me as I have that profession maxed out. That means that once I get a fist full more recipes learned from dailys I'll be able to pull in a steady 10-30 platinum per week. That's assuming that their rate of sales and profit margins don't change.

The RB shuffle is still coming along nicely with a steady 3 plat per day and as high as 8 depending on the current demand. I've taken to no longer bidding on items, but AFK crafting them myself. 2 exotic leather is enough to craft a pair of level 40 range boots which will always RB for a profit with current prices. They cost 5-8g to craft and I sell the mats for on average 50g a piece, now that's a profit margin. As per usual, I'm stashing away 10 of each type for the daily quests and selling the rest. Any runes that sell when I don't have enough mats I can either xmute them if I'm in a bind or just craft more RB fodder.

The rare recipes are definitely where the money is at as people are willing to shell out top coin to be ready for expert dungeons and raids. These only come from top end dungeons and a select few expert level ones as well. In other words the recipe is on the same item level as the gear it creates and thus needs the same level mob to drop it. So until I get some gear together I may not see one for a while without luck form dailys giving me a plaque.

Since the end game is still very new to people one might think that there's no way for me to pick and choose the best rune recipe to sell because nobody knows. But there is a way. The top end runes sell for 3-5 plat each which means only accomplished players that don't spend all of their money on "fun" stuff can afford them.

And if you're good enough to be needing them and smart enough to afford them, then you're smart enough to know that 1 attack power is always going to be better than 1 crit rating. You'll also know that 1 ap is better than 1 strength or dext as well. I may be off on the stats (haven't checked since 3 patches ago), but the idea is that they're good because they know these things. These are the people I'm selling to, these are the people that I need to learn more about. Know your markets, eh folks?

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