Sunday, June 19, 2011

Building an army

I made my first alt last week or so and they're in their 40s already. After seeing the quests once and having it all fresh in my mind, leveling up is insanely fast and easy. And you know what's better than that? It's fun! I've been leveling an alt mage as stormcaller spec and I bought them 2 more roles for ele (so I can pseudo tank rifts) and pyro just for a change of pace.

Fire spec is insanely fun to play and is highly mobile but not so good for leveling up. Ele is just insanely boring all around to be honest, leveling as a tanking warrior is more interesting. While stormcaller is huge fun, big burst damage and loads of utility. Now when I was creating this toon and got out of the starter zone I had to decide on professions, the fun part.

Always take a gathering prof so I took mining as everyone needs ore and gems. Then I took a pair of crafting profs with armor and weapon smiths because once the game matures a little bit more the token recipes will sell very well. Being able to have 3 different profs on a single toon is going to be amazing and will drastically cut down on my AH time once the business is in full swing later on down the line.

Though admittedly this isn't going to be much of an army since the 3 professions per toon limit bring the number needed down to only crafters total. The rest of the gathering profs can be scattered across 4 different toons which is enough to have one of every calling and is all you should ever need with being able to have 5 different soul set ups. A total relief from wow where I needed every single character slot used up by crafting alts and bankers.

I chose these because I've heard of a lot of people that are selling certain blue gear from reputation recipes with some success. That and my main wears plate so this would help out a little. In addition to that, I can save up all of the gems for when I eventually take artificer on another alt and I won't have to worry about needing them at all. After the mage is taken care of I think I'll make a rogue and aim for artificer, apoth, and foraging. After that I believe I'll have everything covered and for alt number 4 they'll only need gathering profs which leaves me a lot of room to play around with if/when a new profession is added in.

Stating the obvious, the goal here is to diversify early on and be ready for when I can really move ahead in the AH game. Since most of the rep gear needs dust from mid range rifts I've gotten a shit ton of that just from leveling and taking the RC pouch from the meridian daily quest. Also there is the added benefit of being able to do the weekly quest and make a crafter's lure every week for every prof which will make me quite popular in any guild I run with. I read that anybody that participates will get the bonus mats and they are not divided up.

The plus side there is you get some brownie points with your guild, more mats for you and maybe more if they donate some of their share, and extra mats since with a group you can clear every stage including the bonus boss. It will definitely be fun to drop like 10 of these in a row teehee. Just make sure that you don't use them until you're max level and only use them in max level zones of you're going to screw yourself on the mats you can get.

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