Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A beautiful mess

Remember when I was writing about enchanting on wow? Remember me bitching about bag space all the time? Well I'm at it again, I've done run out of out of room on my main. I'm holding onto just about everything for every profession I come across. I'm doing this because there's still 2 more professions for me to level up and there is a ton of material overlaps.

The more I play the more that I'm noticing there are positively oodles of small markets to play around with. I've been experimenting with just about everything that I can and have found a number that are profitable, but not many that are worthwhile. So far my experimenting has been limited to low level gear from OF and AS and some assorted baggies.

It seems that bags are now in demand. I tried crafting a few silk bags a while ago but none of them sold, even for a pithy 60g. The materials are about 50g to craft and that's roughly the same price for vendor sold bags with fewer slots. Lately however I've been getting as much as 1.5 plat for them and sold over 20 in a single day.

I've gotten my OF up high enough to make the next level bags which have a material price of a bit over 1 plat so we'll see how that goes. Considering how well silk bags are doing and based off what I know about people in this market from wow I'd expect the higher bags to fetch a great profit but at a slightly lower sales rate.

The other thing I've been fooling around with is burlap and copper gear. Granted copper typically sells for 10-20g each I've managed to sell several sets of it for 20g each which is a 20g or so loss. But all professions come with an investment and start at a huge loss I'm not too worried. Also it's not viable to RB or salvage them at that low of a level because the mats you get out of it are essentially worthless. Burlap gear though costs a few silver at most to craft and I' sold two sets of it for 30g each. A pittance for profit sure but it sells.

At any point where there is a demand for something (especially gear) it proves that the market is viable in that range. Though the cloth sells so low it's not worthwhile now, it will go up over time as less people are trying to sell it. This also proves that since there is a solid demand for low level gear that there is going to be an equal demand for mid range gar as well which I'm going to look into soon. I'm thinking somewhere in the 30s range with chromite plate, thick leather gear, and silk cloth areas.

The main thing that I need to figure out is how much profit am I willing to settle for. Normally it's material cost plus 15%. But when I'm working with things that can be razor thin profits at times it's not really worth the hassle. Right now I'm willing to sell runes for a mere 10% over the mats, but that's just to mess with my main competitor in that market.

The rest, well, I'll have to feel thing out and wait a bit before I make any final decisions. The great double gold capped stokpile AH extraordinaire is debating on weather or not a tiny sum is worth the effort I know, it's a shame. But when you're working with such a small amount of start up capital every penny matters. It matters a lot.

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