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Random drops price guide

When you're out and about questing, doing invasions, or closing rifts you'll come across tons of random goodies. Some of these goodies are "throw aways" or should go to a vendor, but most of them have a value on the AH. Since these drop only from things that 70% of everybody is doing many times every single day a lot of them aren't worth much. They are however still in high demand. Today I'm going to do my best to list off as many as I can think of and then I'll give you a good idea of what price range you should be selling them in.

This is all of course based on your server so YMMV as per usual. The bulk of these items are going to be coming from rifts and zone invasions, but I'll list other things as well and make a note of where they come from if you want to specifically go looking around for them. And lastly, as with any list type entry that I do there will be a link over yonder to this entry and I'll update it frequently. This way you'll have easy access and the prices and item will always be current.


Planar essences.
The common ones you'll want to just vendor or RB for the most part. The only exception to this is the ones with 3 active stats such as strength, dext, and crit. If it has resists or endurance it's a throw away. As for the greater ones, those are always useful at any level above 30. I say above 30 because you're not very likely to be able to have a focus to put them into until that point. These are all random drops from invasions (zone and normal), rifts, and foot holds.

Common lesser: 1 platinum
Rare lesser: 2-4 platinum
Greater essences: 1-5 platinum

Planar consumables.
By thins I mean things like earth runes from earth rifts and soul shards from death rifts. Each of these are useful in some way but are worth nothing more than what a vendor will pay you. I like to keep a handful of each kind around for when I go rifting by myself as they can add a lot of damage or self healing in addition to potions.

The only possible exception to this are the level 50 versions because they are needed to craft resistance consumables. The emphasis here is on "possible" because I have not crafted any resistance items (runes, potions, etc.) because they need a bunch of eternal dust which is a tad expensive for me right now. That and the fact that I haven't seen any on the AH either makes me wonder. Long story short, these are almost all throw-aways. Use them or vendor them.

The only exception to this are the ancient/elder tablets from water rifts and that whole world event thing that's going on. A lot of dps warriors use these for the energy regen and is crucial to a few builds. They go away when you die and only last 15 minutes-ish so they'll go through a lot of them on your average day. In this case they're definitely worth hanging onto for either use or for sale if prices seem worth it.

These are the little glowy tiny orbs of light you see scattered all around the world. You complete "sets" of a certain type and that gets you a lucky coin. You use these coins to buy vanity gear or an epic mount. Don't get excited because you need to finish 100 sets to get the mount which is NOT easy and if you buy them all is far more expensive than the mount itself. You can also get ones that are unique to elemental zone invasions as well which are very sought after. For any green artifacts from invasions, add 3 platinum. For rare invasion artifacts, they can be as low as 3 platinum.

Common artifacts: 1 platinum or less
Green artifacts: 3-5 platinum
Blue artifacts: 10-15 platinum

Do note that this does not include the new artifacts that can only be seen with the "quantum sight doo-boppy" that was introduced with the patch. As for those I can only assume that the price is much much higher than the normal ones you'll find in your daily routine.

These are all over the place in price. My guess is that a lot of people aren't too sure what they should be worth or sold for. Also if you're not going to craft any gear these are totally worthless to you so they can easily be thrown onto the AH for next to nothing. For the rare ones you can make some good money flipping them. There's also not a good way to list them off below the rare levels, but I'll try.

Rough, fractured and "not good" sounding: Throw away
Plain names: 50g to 1 platinum
Green mixed stats: 1-3 platinum
Rare single stats: 2-3 platinum
rare mixed stats: 1-2 platinum
Epic single stats: 8-20 platinum

However with that being said, there are a few specific types of augments that are worth a little bit more than the rest in the same level. The ones that come the mind as the most important are spell power, melee crit, spell crit, block/endurance combo, int/spell crit combo, and attack power. This is because AP/SP are the msot obvious choice for somebody that doesn't know anything about what stats are the best. If you're a caster you'll probably want more spell power right? After that is crit which is more valuable because it is the best stat for almsot every soul combo in game. And lastly is block/endurance combo because block is just the best stat hands down for any tank.

Recipes: rare and epic.
This one is a little tricky to pin down due to the people you'll be selling these to. There are three different types of people that would be interested in these ranging from the average, the savvy, and the idiots. One type of person is the AH player which knows full well that if they wait they can get them for extra cheap. Another is the collector who believes that they are priceless and the last is the moron that will buy the recipe then buy the mats so that they can craft the item once and then forget they even have the recipe next week.

A random note on this is that for some reason rare artificer recipes seem to always be flooding the AH and even when there's only one up they tend to be at about 5-15 platinum each. Perhaps there are just that many more out there or their drop rate is just much higher. Because of this, it's very hard to come up with a good rule of thumb for what to price these at, but here's the averages that I've been seeing on my shard.

Rares: 15-30 platinum
Epics: 60-150 platinum

Rune crafting recipes are an entirely different beast just like arti recipes are. I have only ever seen epic BoU recipes on the auction house and they're almost always in the range of 40-70 platinum each. This is probably because their sale price is 1/3 of what you'll see on the price tag for an epic piece of gear. This may be what scares people off from buying them for the same price as other epic recipes.

That's all that I can come up with for now so I hope that gives a few of you out there a hand when you get a lucky drop. I'll be leaving a link to this entry off to the side under the index for easy access. I'll update it from time to time as the economy changes or when I find something new that fits in with the rest.

Thanks for stopping by!

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