Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random rift thoughts 1

Today's entry is going to be a large collection of short tips that have been in my mind lately. As my old readers may remember, my "random thoughts" entries contain just a handful of short quick tips to help you make some extra coin here and there. While they are important and do make/save money, they're far too short to dedicate an entire day's entry to. So instead I just write them down as they come and when there is what seems like enough, I'll post them all at once. There is no particular order of importance or any real semblance of transition. Read on and enjoy!

1. I got my first piece of fan mail!
For those of you that don't know, I refer to any in game mail I get yelling at me to stop undercutting by more than one coin as fan mail. Any time you get this, it means you're doing something very right and are about to lose another competitor. Today marks the first official piece of fan mail that I've gotten and it was in the rune crafting racket. There's been a few here and there trying to "bargain" with me, but now I got the real thing.

Happy goblin is happy. Ok that's not exactly very money making related, but it's an important milestone for every AH player out there. There is also a much more practical reason why it's better to undercut by larger amounts in rift. That's because there is no addons to automate the amount and it's a lot easier to hit "1, tab, 44" as opposed to "1, tab, 99, tab, 99." Doing this over the course of a few hundred auctions saves an absolutely huge amount of time.

2. Sell epics during the week.
As we all know, timing can be very important and can make or break certain markets. Pre-raid items such as potions and what not will never see great sales as they would before most raids start while post-raid ones only have great sales afterwards and are "meh" at all other times. A specific market in rift has the exact same issue and that is BoE epic gear.

It doesn't matter what armor type or role they're made for, if they're purple only sell them during the week. This is when people will grind out dungeons for a new shiny, spend 3 hours not getting one and figure screw it, I'll just buy one. This isn't true for the weekends because people typically have much more time to run dungeons or are out farming the mats "for free."

3. Epic recipes are priceless.
Your average expert dungeon can take about 30-45 minutes with a good group. With an average or bad group it can take well over double that. Epic recipes are all boe and (generally) only drop from the last boss of an expert dungeon with a wonderful 0.4% drop rate. That means that if you want to try and "farm" a certain recipe you are going to be beating out death and taxes in longevity before you see it. Because of that if there's one you want and don't see anybody selling it, no price is too high.

It's no different than materials you can't farm and aren't for sale on AH. You have to pay the going rate and whoever has them to sell has a temporary monopoly. When I see an epic recipe pop up on the AH I'll go as high as 120 platinum for it if it's valuable to me on my server. Of course if there's a low bid I'll try and snag it for cheap that way, but if people are camping it I'll just flat out buy it. The time it would take to get one by running an hour long dungeon plus another 15-30 minutes of que times plus a potential 40 minutes of wipes and corpse runs is...yeah you get the point.

Just buy the damned thing.

4. Check the Dunes of Akala for rifts
The Dunes of Akala is the area of shimmer sand in the NW where there's usually a hand full of major and minor level 50 rifts. It's worth it to port over now and then to see if there are any up or not. That's because this area is the prime spot for doing a bunch of crafting rifts. So if you hop over and only one or two rifts if any up there's a good chance that you'll find a group or even a raid doing a ton of them.

As I mentioned in my entry about crafting rifts you don't have to be in the group doing them in order to get the rewards, you only need to participate. This makes for a good opportunity to get a bunch of extra mats and if luck favors you a few extra plaques as well.

5. Promote higher prices: Success!
A while ago I wrote of an experiment that I was doing on the AH. Prices on many things were in the gutter and constantly below material costs even when people were willing to pay much, much more. What I did was instead of undercutting further I would list at the second cheapest or if everything was under the material costs, I'd list my wares at my normal price if nobody was selling them on the AH minus a few platinum.

A few weeks later and I'm starting to see a few things that I haven't sold before due to prices. Namely a few common runes used for leveling up but still very useful options. After that was a few low level crafted items like damascus weapons and the shields from the starting zone faction rep vendors. That and I got a few "oops" sales where people would buy my expensive stuff even though there are many more up for far less. That happened because not everyone sorts the AH by unit price and just assume that the one op top is the cheapest or merely buy what they see first.

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