Friday, July 29, 2011

Empty markets at a glance

NOTE: Quick tip on what to stokpile with the coming recipes and what to look out for now that Hammerknell is out. Any runes with hit/focus are going to be a big seller for a while as people try to hit the minimum stats. Also twilight bloom roots will be popular as they're needed in all of the augments and many consumables. The same is true with eternal dust because it goes into everything, expect a price increase in those.

Today I have yet another entry written up that it posted at Today I talk about what you should consider when you search for an item on the AH and find nothing. Do they sell out that fast? Is there no market for it? Does nobody try to sell it? I discuss all of this and much more. This is very important info to have because when the new rift items come in patch 1.4 there will be a lot of empty AH windows. Here's the first part of it all.

"When you find something new to sell and are in a situation where there are none up on the auction house there is a good deal that can be interpreted from that. Sometimes it’s a recipe that you have just gotten and thus new to you or it could be a recipe/item that is new to the game entirely. But whichever the case is, the potential scenarios are always the same.

When you find yourself in a situation such as this you need to ask yourself a few questions before moving forward. First is the obvious question, can you afford to take a complete loss in this investment? If so then you can move on with the fun parts. Is there a market for this new epic item? Are there alternatives that are close to the same level for half the price? How many people tend to spend the extra coin to upgrade this specific item?"

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