Friday, July 15, 2011

Platinum to the core

In case you don't know, "cores" are a crafting reagent that seem to drastically shift in price. They were added in an early patch as a zone wide rare drop and are required for most recipes from a zone specific quartermaster. Each zone has their own unique core which go into crafting level appropriate blue gear.

Several content patches later many people that have been 50 for a while still don't know what they're good for. This is why you'll see them for 20g today and then up to 5 plat tomorrow. Can you sense an opportunity for flipping here? I sure can.

Here's a list of all the cores and the respective zones that they drop in. Taken from the Zam wiki page found here.

Evergreen Core - Freemarch and Silverwood
Enchanted Core - Silverwood and Freemarch
Stone Core - Stonefield and Gloamwood
Shadow Core - Gloamwood and Stonefield
Rusty Core - Scarlet Gorge
Gnarled Core - Scarwood Reach
Cracked Core - Droughtlands
Glowing Core - Moonshade Highlands.
Frozen Core - Iron Pine Peak
Shimmering Core - Shimmersand
Dead Core - Stillmoor

Like I mentioned earlier, these fluctuate in price daily, sometimes hourly. This gives you a handful of options to make a profit with. The obvious I stated already, as usual, flipping them every other day. Buy them all up today for 30g each and resell them in a few days for a few plat each. The next is crafting some gear to sell "under" material costs. This is where it's important to stokpile...again. Buy up a metric ass ton of them when they're uber cheap and let them chill out in your bank.

They stack to 50 like most everything else so this won't be a problem as far as bag space goes. And then you just craft the associated gear with any cheap old augment. The primary level range you'll want to be focusing on is everything in the 30s area. This is because these blues will easily last you through the mid 40s range where you end up having to kill tons of mobs that are 1-2 levels over you. As such this small boost in theory is actually quite large in practice.

As a nice little bonus or added incentive here, most of the recipes can be bought at only friendly notoriety. Just by leveling up through the zone questing and doing a ton of rifts I hit friendly with everyone. There are a couple that require honored so I can't comment on them just yet, but I assume that they'll fetch an even higher profit. Speaking of profit the general price range that I sell at is anywhere from 3-7 plat per item. It might not be much but the sales are consistent and that is almost entirely profit. Especially when you're patient and buy the cores when they're down to only pocket change.

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