Sunday, July 3, 2011

About this blog

I'm writing this entry as a formal introduction to what I write about, making platinum in Rift. Throughout the rest of the week I'll be posting my "list" entries which will contain everything that I sell and what sells the best. With that being said, lets get started.

What do I do?
To put it simply I sell stuff, and a lot of it. I do as much as I can in as little time as possible to make tons of platinum in Rift every day. I do it because it's myown little "mini game" in an mmo. I did the same thing in wow where I was one of the first (if not THE first) player to hit two million gold. For those of you that ask "how to make money in Rift" you've come to the right place.

I use the auction house and every profession in game to craft and sell things while using basic methods and auction house theory to make huge profits. All of these methods and theories have been proven to work and will continue to work because they're not based on the game, but instead on the people that play the game.

What don't I do?
This is the important part that sets me and my blog apart from 90% of the players. First and foremost I do not farm a single thing nor do I recommend it. Out of all my time on game not a single minute is spent farming materials or recipes or anything of the sort. Farming is boring, repetitive, and a terrible way to make money. I personally do not find farming to be interesting or entertaining and as such I don't want to spend $15 a month to do something that I am not enjoying.

Lastly I do not farm because that does not make anything free. The flowers or ore that you just picked up have a value and a price, even if you didn't spend money to acquire them you spent your time. Time which could have been spent on having fun doing what you really want to be doing. And no I do not sell platinum like the 400 spammers you have on ignore.

No exploits. No hacks. No cheats. No ads.
While playing wow I used addOns as did everyone who played the game. In Rift there are no addOns but (from what I hear) botting and the like are very common on some shards. I do not do any of this. How I make money is doing exactly what anybody can do the moment they train a profession and is 100% legitimate. Like many people, I believe cheating lessens the value of a game and detracts from the enjoyment.

I believe that something given isn't nearly as important as something you have earned on your own accord and that is exactly what cheating is. Every method and theory I write about is entirely legal and doesn't even fall into some kind of "grey area" in the rift terms of service. And you'll never see 400 ads on this blog unlike many others.

How to use this blog.
Over the next few days I will post several entries on what I sell, what the best selling items are, and a few small price guides. I write every weekday from Monday to Friday and occasionally write an entry for the weekend. Once a week I write a status report on the markets that I'm working in, different observations, and general minute to minute updates on the rift economy. Almost every entry that I write is about how to make money or cut costs and the reasoning behind it.

My last note here is for those who have just started to read. I highly suggest you glance over a few of the links in my wow AH index entry. Most of what is written there isn't wow related and is general AH theory. Everything from figuring out how to price your items and why I say to stokpile materials and undercut by large amounts is covered there.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You weren't the first to hit 2 million in wow. In fact I was surprised when I realized I hit it before you did. Always thought you were richer than I was. :)

  2. This has been a great blog. Thanks for sharing. screw piles