Monday, July 25, 2011

What I've been up to

NOTE: I've recently updated the list and added a bunch of new items to it. There is quite a bit in this game that does sell regularly, you just need to find them so check it out!

Lately I've been getting my fingers into a whole bunch of different things and haven't said much here about it all. So I wanted to take today to get you all up to speed on what's been going on in my Rift world. You can consider this another semi-formal status report, but less focused on the cash and more focused on my current goals. I'll be covering what markets I've been having a degree of success with, what I've been experimenting with and what's next for me.

So farm armor smith has been my top earner as far as money goes with runes being a very close second. This is most likely because I'm still missing a ton of high demand rune recipes that are all BoP zone drops. The rune recipes I'm missing are scattered throughout trash mobs in every instance except for two. I got very lucky the other day and won my first roll ever over somebody else and got a tank rune recipe. I picked up the last BoE one later that day and now I have to suffer through countless dungeon runs to get the rest. I doubt that I'll be actively farming them and once my RC has their gear finished I doubt I'll be going back that much. It simply isn't worth all the time it takes for a chance at a chance.

Meanwhile my armor smith has almost every recipe in game. They need one more from plaques and one boe epic recipe while all of the reputation, rare and epic BoE, and token bought ones are taken care of. The same thing goes for all of the professions actually. All of the gathering professions have finished the quests to learn all of the refined material recipes. Weapon smith is also missing a few plaque recipes and has all of the boe ones that I know of which is very nice. Outfitter is almost there as well with all tokens, rep, missing a plaque here and there etc.

Also artificer is also totally finished as far as I know. I add on that last little bit there because I've found a few boe recipes online for it but there is exactly zero data on them, I don't even know if they're in game so I just consider that one finished. And lastly apothecary is totally finished since all the token recipes are completely worthless. I have every color of dye learned and really expected a bit more to come out of this as they're consumables and people like to experiment with their look a lot. Maybe I just need to actually market it? Who knows but who cares really, the profits are about 30g at the absolute most on the token ones and black/white are 2 platinum when you're crazy lucky.

This profession really needs some help.

On the financial side of things I am over 6,000 platinum now with no more effort than I put forth making my fortune in WoW. I don't expect to be totally filthy rich for a while as there just isn't enough money in game to be made. People typically aren't able to drop 500 platinum to gear out their 9th alt and aren't at the point where they're making a ton of alts either. But regardless of that I'm still comparatively wealthy considering the average rift player. It seems that I've been at a steady 100 platinum profit per day after all expenses. That includes my constant talent resets, travel, soul healing, and of course my massive material stokpiles.

But now that I'm almost finished with profession dailys for plaques that cost is going to be removed entirely and will drastically increase my day to day profit. On top of that I've been slowly increasing my daily profits simply by having more and more things to sell which is a bit of a given. However when I don't come across a massive amount of dust and catalysts for super cheap I've managed to make as much as 500 platinum profit in a single day. Not bad I think. Now all I have to do is cut my costs down by a little bit more and keep up with my patent pending Stokpile AH method and I'll be hitting the big time in no time.

Thanks for stopping by!

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