Monday, July 11, 2011

The lonely goblin

When patch 1.3 landed the other week I had a bit of time to kill due to extended maintenance. While waiting for shards to come back up I was browsing assorted rift forums, looking for some random info here and there on crafting and searching for a few recipe locations. During my browsing I would of course look for any "how does i make the plt lol" types of threads and went through them. After reading a few here and there and thinking of what I see in general and chat typically I noticed something.

I am all alone.

Out of dozens of pages and countless comments on game I have only seen a single person talk about working the AH to make money in rift. Literally, only one person. Yes I have competitors and yes people sell stuff on the AH and make money from it and yes there are a few people that claim to have hundreds of thousands of platinum. But there is not a single goblin on the entire shard. And considering what I've read so far, I wouldn't be shocked if there's maybe 6 goblins in the entire game for all of North America. That's a pretty crazy thought isn't it?

For all of the people hat claim to be rich let me tell you a few things that every single one of them has in common.

- No screen shots or other form of proof
- Gives away thousands every day to guildies and friends
- Is convinced that making money is easy as hell
- Doesn't understand why everyone doesn't have 500k platinum
- Has the exact same "method" as everyone else: get a monopoly on a recipe, profit.
- Farms all of their materials for free

Ok so they're obviously not too bright. At all. The farming for free failure is so widespread in this game it's staggering to me so that makes taking the goblin route a little bit more interesting. But when people are selling crafted gear for 10 platinum under the cost of the all time record lowest prices you KNOW they believe it. And the saddest part of that is that anytime somebody asks for advice on making some money or what items tend to sell well or profs that can make money they're met with 12 different versions of "go farm noob." Every answer to what sells for a profit is precluded by 12 different versions of "first farm the mats."

To me this is unheard of but it's the truth. Outside of two other people, I have not seen anybody working any market consistently. And of those two people, one spends hours a day farming for free and the other only works a single market and not much of it at that. What does that mean for yours truly? It means that there are countless areas of the AH where I have zero competition that's what! While that may seem like taking easy street to fame and fortune it's not. That's because there just isn't a lot of money in the world to be spent.

In addition to that there isn't much way for it to be artificially generated either such as through daily quests or dungeons. 95% of every coin comes from another player so while one person spends all of his money it doesn't evaporate, it goes to somebody else. But when they do go broke there isn't any real way for them to get more cash other than selling something to another player. This is going to make getting rich rather interesting without a massive demand monopoly. It also means that it is technically possible to have every penny that every player has. I think that's a fair goal to aim for.

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