Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ooh, is that new?

Aloha all! As of today my first article is officially going up on and is useful to anybody that wants to make a little (ok, a lot) extra money on the AH. I discuss what to do when any new items are added into the game and how even a single new recipe can have far reaching effects. If you're interested in a more in depth look at how to profit from the Patch 1.4 crafted gear and the different ways there are to profit from it, I highly suggest you read it. Here's the first part.

"The first option is to sell the new gear itself. This one is pretty straightforward as you imagine, but there is still slightly more to it than craft and list. The most important part of selling either the crafted gear or BoE drops is when they’re not being actively farmed. This means prime time is a no go for listing these on the auction house. This is because the people that are interested in getting easy top end epics are either actively farming them or are about to be.

After all, why would you buy a raid drop when you’re going into that raid in 15 minutes? You buy them after you raid and don’t get the drop you’re after. Listing before the raid typically won’t do anything more than lower the current price of them. And that’s when you want to sell them. You have to know your server and know your customers."

Click here to check out the full article.

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