Monday, February 28, 2011

Report: 3-1

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Previous week gold total: 982,000g
Total sales: 279,000
Weekly spending: BROKEN ADDON! Probably a lot.
Weekly profit: 3,000 (after vial of the sands)
Current gold total: 985,000

Profits from MySales:

Gems, LW, & misc:

Tailoring & vendor pets:

Enchanting & smithing:

Engineering & mining:

As you can guess from yesterday, it's been a good week for your favorite goblin. Good for selling and great for buying, teehee!

Detailed Recap:
Finally! I picked up the recipe for the intellect meta gem for 12k and now have access to all three of them. So far I've made back my investment and am starting to profit on the strength version with agility not being too far behind. At a 12k price tag I should make my money back on the new one in about two weeks at most. I also grabbed the agility bracer enchant for 7k and am hoping to find the strength version for around the same price. I'm really hoping that Blizz makes crystals a little bit more available and does another gear reset and rains down the purples in the next tier of content.

I also want to thank everybody that suggested the plate pvp boe gear. If I didn't hear so many people claiming it was a great market I wouldn't have gotten into it. So far I've sold 5 sets of shoulders and towards the end of the week I got another fist full of sales for assorted other pieces at a great (100%) profit on the materials. It's been doing so well that I've picked up the recipes for all of the other pieces and they started selling that very night. The only down side is that my BS/ench banker main read head chica is at ZERO bag space. Dear god this can be a pain sometimes.

Since I got into the market fool, that's when!

With large brilliant shards being hard to come by my twink scrolls have been lagging very far behind. But the good part is that when I can get a half way decent price on them they sell hours later. Healing power and mighty int are the ones that are selling the most currently with 4 stats not even being looked at. I wonder why that is.

But I managed to catch a bunch of people dumping enchanting materials throughout the week from eternal essences (thank god!) to abyss crystals. So much so that I'm over a thousand infinite/hypnotic dust, 200 cosmics and abyss crystals. So yeah, I now have a bank tab and half a personal bank filled to the brim with mats. I think I'm good for a while.

The sales on gem bags and imbued nether bags have picked up as well which has put a huge damper on my arcane dust supply. I think I'm down to about 4 stacks left with goose scrolls still going fast. Also the LW profession bags have sold out and I've completely cleaned to AH of borean leather so I'm having to scanage again. Though I'll be honest and say that's my own fault. I completely forgot almost all week to look for more to stokpile. But this has made me realize that I can raise the price on the bags by another 50g up to 200 total.

And thank god I took the time to level up my mining on my shaman. Pyrium bars have gone up to over triple the cost of the ore which makes zero sense. So I've taken to selling any spare bars that I might have in addition to the buckles. This has been saving me a ton of money just like in wrath so I highly suggest that you have access to a miner either personally or through a friend that doesn't mind helping from time to time.

Also on the JC front I've had to start buying up raw gems again, even the flood of blue and yellows believe it or not. Things have just been selling that fast so thank god I've been stokpiling all of the gems I get from prospecting and not just dumping them. In fact I'm cutting and selling so many that I'm really considering turning my warrior scribe into a secondary gem banker.

If epic gems are on the horizon I'm going to be SOL it seems. I keep selling out of pyrium bars with buckle sales and there's just no room on Stokpile to hold the new influx of gems. Add into that the fact that there's still a ton of rare gem cuts that I don't have I'm going to be way behind. So if/when they come out I'll definitely need to make one of my crafters into another banker just to handle the inventory. I'm just hoping that it's still a very very long way off.

I've also been experimenting with other enchanting scrolls that need maelstrom crystals and they too seem to be a loss. I've made one lava walker and one assassin's step scroll with the cheapest crystals I can feasibly find and neither have sold. Ah well, it seems that anything using crystals is a long way off from being profitable.

Randomly pointing out that goblin barbecue's are actually selling very well. You have to be careful on the price of the food though because they're known to spike up to 8g each when their normal price range is under half that. I've also been having great sales on the mini squirrel pets from engineering. You can usually buy the recipe for like 5g on the AH any given day as it's a very common world drop from low level mobs. It takes a fist full of copper bars and some malachite to make which totals maybe 10g at the worst. So far this week I've managed to sell 8 of them for as high as 50g each.

This is definitely my week for trying new things. I was browsing the AH and noticed another low level enchant going for a decent amount which is +3 stats to chest. Unfortunately I couldn't find any materials handily available so I went down to ZF using my easy access kirin tor ring on the DK and farmed up a few shards. They're listed at 75g on the AH so I'll be pricing accordingly. I imagine they're selling well because 4 stats scrolls are never up there since I can't find cheap LBS anymore.

I've also had to increase the amount of red gems that I list again. Now instead of listing them 3 at a time I'm putting up 6 when originally I was only posting 3 at a time. They're simply selling that fast. I managed to sell an entire stack of intellect gems in a single day, it's just unreal. On that note, I've finally decided to set all of my scrolls to auto fall back so I can have a full set of bag space on my main once again. I thought I could deal with it but even with max enchanting and normal bags it just isn't enough. The downside is that now working the AH in that market takes at least another 10-15 minutes since I have to cancel and post twice as much.

Towards the end of the week I picked up another huge supply of elementium ore which I could turn into bars. I finally maxed out my gems tab in the bank with a few stacks of rares and a ton of commons. With the excess ore I turned it into bars which were used on another set of pvp boe plate. I've now sold two full sets of it and a few extra chest and bracer pieces.

I think the bots have finally made their way over to my server...

Another thing to add to the list of things that I'm trying out this week are blade ward and blood draining scrolls. Not many people can afford the "proper" tank weapon enchant and there's no other obvious choices to your average "agility are for bear" tank out there. So I'll give them something that they remember being expensive ans shiny... for a price.

Towards the end of the week the miners came out as they usually do and I got myself another massive stokpile of common gems, metas, and ele bars. Hopefully I can stop buying raw gems for a while. On an unrelated note, I'm considering crafting some of the leather pvp gear since I'm doing so well with the plate. That and I finally managed to get a decent sized stokpile together of leather and crafted leg armors and hides. Any suggestions?

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Warcraft Millionaire...again

As of 7:30 early Sunday morning I've done it again, I have broken the million gold marker. The sale that pushed me over this important milestone was a Tranquil Mechanical Yeti which sold for 362 gold. I have submitted an interview to for hitting the new gold cap so look for it to pop up soon.

(Click to see the full bank screen)

I started my account back up about two months ago. When I logged on I had about 450k left in the Lunch Money guild bank. And as of today I once again have over 1,000,000 gold. How do I do it? I'm territorial. I'm observant. I'm clever. And I'm aware that there's more to the AH than finding something that's rare and profiting. I also understand the fact that making gold is exponential in that the more you have the more you can make.

I diversify my markets as much as possible so when I'm dealing with low profits on meta gems, enchanting scrolls are doing well to help make up for it. I try and work as many markets as I can squeeze into my 60ish minutes of AH time and no matter how much profit X market is making me I'll drop it if the time isn't worth it. All hail the 80/20 rule, 80% of your profits must come from 20% of your effort or things will be far more work than they could be. In short I work smart, not hard. I have a set undercut of 4g which I change according to the current market situation. If something like nether bags sell very fast I'll drop it down to only 1g, but if it's a high ticket item like boe epics I'll go up to 50.

I'd like to thank Blizzard for making common gems vendor for 9g and giving me so many ways to cut costs on materials. I thank the farmers of course that supplied my unquenchable thirst for more inventory, I wouldn't be where I am without them. Hi Bombardment! Of course I thank my girl who helped keep things fun and interesting when she carved out her own niche markets and clobbered anybody that even looked her way.

Now how did I manage to do it so fast this time? Well the answer should be obvious, I already had the infrastructure in place. I had all of the professions at 450, a large amount of capital to fund skill ups, and I already had my methods and routines down. If you're just starting out of course you can't expect to make 200k in a week. The most important thing you can actually have to work the AH up to the gold cap is a process, a method, and near maxed professions. You shouldn't be after excess, but access. I worked very hard to become 100% self sufficient and that is one of the greatest factors of my success.

On an entirely unrelated note. If you're have an ego the size of Un'Goro crater like I do you can turn up the damnedest things when you google yourself. For example if you google Stokpile, my blog and several of my posts come up right in line. I also found a link to another wow/mmo blog type site that's pretty nifty called mmomeltingpot. And apparently they wrote an article about this blog O.o

As for what's next for me, well I don't know of anybody that has hit TWO million gold yet so that's a reasonable goal. I bought my girl a vial of the sands which she spent the whole day tickled about and bought myself the recipe for strength to bracers enchant. We spent the next hour or two flying all around outlands and Mt. Hyjal taking screen shots with me in my "lookin' good" gear set and her on the drake. Here's a few of the screens I took.

For the time being though, I plan on picking up the missing world drop enchanting recipes if/when they pop up on the AH and start putting a raid together to get the ones from ulduar, but that's a ways off.

Little by little and step by step you can get here too. Stop by this blog each and every day and you'll learn new ways to improve yourself and increase your profits. Tell your friends, tell your guilds, tell everyone. You can be rich as well whether you have 2k to start out with or 200,000. It doesn't matter, you can do it.

Now what to buy...maybe a raid guild?

Friday, February 25, 2011

What every scribe asks Part 3

NOTE: Patch notes for 4.1 are starting to come in. The most notable one so far is that two new heroics are being added in that drop i353 epic lewts. That means that crystals are going to be flooding in pretty soon. Once more is released I'll be giving my take on it. Time to pick up them bracer enchant recipes!

Finishing off my series on what every scribe asks about campers we'll be going over an intermediate situation. Campers are a huge problem for every scribe out there and the come in different levels. Sometimes they're seemingly on every hour of the day with varying levels of aggression and intelligence while sometimes they're only camping certain times/days. I've covered the best and worst case scenarios so today we'll look at a much more realistic situation.

The tips for today will mostly be a combination of others that I have mentioned previously, but will be presented in a specific order. The order that I mention things in is so that you'll lose as little money as possible and spend as little time as necessary. But be advised when dealing with a goblin as with any camper you are going to lose time and money. If you don't lose money directly you'll lose a lot of potential profit, this is something inescapable that you'll just have to muscle through.

Today we'll assume the following about your competition:

- Has a schedule
- Threshold of 1g
- Undercuts by 5g
- Large stokpile of inks
- Ink supply only comes from the AH
- Fall back price of 300g
- Glyphs cost 30g to make
- Buys your glyphs when prices drop

If you look at the assumed information, you can probably guess that we're looking at your typical goblin. They're readily willing to take a loss to force you out and do not farm anything but the AH. They're on a set schedule, have a good degree of know how, and are adept at flipping the glyphs of their competition. As always, you won't get rid of them easily but it's far from impossible.

Before anything else you'll want to shift your schedule around so that you pop in about an hour after they finish up their normally scheduled auctions. This will buy you some time to set up your preferred course of action. Or if they happen to be the less observant type it'll take a while for them to catch on giving you temporary control of the market sales.

The first thing you'll want to do is simply put a price cap on every glyph. If their fall back price is 300g, drop it by half down to 150. If it's 150, drop it down to about 80. You want to lower the prices so that the allure of easy money isn't so prevalent. This is the main thing that will attract a goblin to a particular market so by removing that you are a step closer to removing the goblin. But do do this you have to lower the prices on every glyph you sell and not just the popular ones.

However if it costs you 30g to make a glyph then the 80g price cap probably won't be worth the time and effort to continue working glyphs when they drop to 31. So to avoid this instead of setting your bottom threshold to 1g over materials set it to 65. That way you'll keep getting a somewhat acceptable profit while still being able to drop the max price for your competition. This is the first step in making the market no longer viable for them while still trying to keep your profits up. While you're still making an acceptable profit, they'll either be making very little profit or none at all.

The only way for them to get around this is to buy up your mid range priced glyphs, which is never going to be a great idea. The difference here is that you won't be having a price war and forcing them to buy up your low priced glyphs. With a smart player on the other end they'll be able to buy and move them when you're not around and make up their losses. But with this method the only place they'll have to go is where you're not.

The next step is to once again stokpile every herb that you can and cut off their supply. You'll want to cut off as much of their supply as possible so that the lower prices will be more of an impact. When supply is low and so are prices it won't seem such a great idea to work in a market. It's sort of like seeing silver rods on the AH for 5g and never see more than 3 silver bars up for 3g, it's just not worth it. By doing this you'll give the impression that glyphs are just not good for your server. Most people won't be sticking around if this goes on for a while.

Keep this up for about two weeks and see if they're still around. What some people will do are let you lower the prices and give you the market to trick you that they're getting out of it. Then once you raise prices back up they come back in at full force. If this is the case (which is very common) once they take a break you want to check to see if they're really gone. Start to raise the prices slowly. By slowly I mean add about 10g to your max sale price no sooner than every two days. Once things have gone back up to around the previous high prices is when they'll come back. You'll want to have a set of two or three of every glyph that you don't post for if/when this happens.

If they're taking a break this is when they'll come back. When they do you'll want to list all of the "reserve glyphs" that you have in storage on top of what you already have in the AH at your former reduced price cap. You do this as a sort of "hah, I gotcha!" so show that you haven't gotten lazy and are still paying close attention and aren't going to give up the fight so easily. It's another small way to push their buttons and annoy them further into frustration.

If they back out again then you basically have driven them out but only so long as you keep prices in a middle range instead of the 300g per glyph range. Low profits with high sales is better than high profits with low sales. You always have to look at the bottom lines and not just look for big numbers in the mailbox. Be smart, be aggressive, but don't get greedy. If glyphs are only about the money and not about achieving a goal then you're going to get stressed and annoyed far too easy for it to be worthwhile. Keep all of this up and it should do the trick in most average situations.

Ok these three entries should pretty much cover the bases of dealing with campers in the glyph business. So far we have looked at dealing with the worst type of campers, shrewd goblins, and semi-casual businessmen. I hope you've learned a few new tricks to add to your arsenal of dealing with competitors and are able to get rid of a camper or two. If you feel that there's something important that I've missed by all means make a comment and I'll look into writing another entry to cover it.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What every scribe asks: Part 2

Continuing on from yesterday, we'll look at another potential situation in the glyph market that you might run into and how to handle it. Yesterday I went over what things you need to know about your competition and the market itself in order to decide on a course of action and covered what to do in a best case scenario. Today I'll go over the worst case situation which everyone seems to feel that they're in.

For today we'll assume the following about your competition:

- They do not have a schedule
- Camps the auction house and not you specifically
- Buys your glyphs when they're at bottom prices to resell
- Camps the AH most of the day/week
- Has a large stokpile of inks and/or a non-bot private farmer
- Always lists 8 of each glyph at a time
- Threshold price of 30g
- Undercuts by 1c

Before I go on, I suggest that you look into potentially using the tips I gave yesterday for your situation. Some may work for your AH conditions while some may not. Always keep your eyes open. I also suggest that you read my entry on silly tricks for more ideas on head games to play with your competition. This is a war of the minds, not the AH.

The real issue here is that with no competition glyphs will take a lot of time to work and some people just have nothing but time. Here is a situation where more time = "better" player. This is unlike raiding or pvp in that you only need to spend an hour or two per day/week to be good. In this situation the winner is decided by who has the most money, more willing to take a larger loss, and who can waste more time camping.


For this situation, buying out their cheap glyphs is not a great option because with them listing 8 at once they obviously have a huge amount. Doing so will only lose you a ton of gold. Though if oyu have the money to spend and/or lose and really want them gone this is still a solid direction to go in. Also trying to control the supply via the AH won't do you as much good as other times because they have a private farmer. They obviously aren't farming it themselves because then they wouldn't be able to camp you 24/7 now would they? And unless you're on an odd server where there's a constant supply of old world stuff this is a necessity to have that king of stokpile.

First thing's first, take a break from glyphs. Stop posting for 2-3 days and come back later just to see if anything has changed. See if they're still on at all times and actively posting by watching your undercuts for a bit or stand in the town they bank from and watch them. It could be a bot or it could be some basement dweller that has nothing better to do with their time. Find out for sure which it is before you go on. If you're mostly certain it's a bot, report them and move on with your life.

However if it's not a bot and they haven't gone away after a short break from working glyphs, here's a few things you should think about.

1. First you need to be prepared to go at it with this person for a considerable length of time. I'm sure most of you that are in this situation have been in it for a while already.

2. You really need to consider your position and gold/hour here. With somebody camping the AH glyphs at all hours almost your profits from them are probably abysmal. If they're not, read on, but if they are still terribad you need to really consider getting out of the market. Glyphs take a lot of time to work and if you've been in this situation for a long time (like several weeks or months) backing out is a serious consideration.

3. If you haven't been going at this for a long time and this is a new competitor then you have some options that are more appealing than leaving entirely.

Quick tip right off the bat. If you have a decent supply and/or stokpile of inks and they're buying up your cheap ones here's something fun you can do. Every time you go to craft glyphs and notice that you've sold out of a certain one make double your usually amount. So if you always craft and list 5 glyphs at a time and they buy out a set of them, craft and list 10 at a steep undercut. This is psychological warfare at it's finest on the AH. This works best when you have a good amount of ink in stock but if you're semi limited it's still a very viable tactic and is sometimes enough all by itself to get rid of somebody that buys out your glyphs to resell.

This works because when they buy you out they do it to reset the prices on that glyph to something much higher. But you can craft a heck of a lot faster than they can sell. When you re list at your steep undercut amount you're completely ruining their goal of a price reset and saving time crafting glyphs. This can also give you an almost guaranteed sale on all of your glyphs making inscription infinitely easier for you to get rich with. With this strategy, you'll be keeping glyphs a a mid range price because when they get low your competitor will foolishly buy them all up and relist at a high price which you cut in half with a low maximum sale price. By using this method I was able to succeed in getting 50k gold and full epic gear/gems in two months from character creation in my "From the ground up" project.

Now my first suggestion is to come up with a price threshold that is enough profit for you to continue with the glyphs and still as low as you can go. If it costs you say 20g to craft any given glyph I'd say to list them at 35. That way you can at least double your investment while still keeping the camper from making a significant profit. The idea here is to keep their profits as low as possible while still making it worth your while if/when they buy you out and reset the prices. The most important thing you can do is keep the pressure on them. Don't give them even a hint that you're going to give up. If you're in this, you must be in it for the long haul because they won't give up easily. As far as they're concerned this is a great use of time and 1k gold per day is amazing.

It's not.

The variance here is if they're willing to go under the material costs for all of their glyphs. If the cost of XYZ glyphs are 20g per and they go down to 15g I'd recommend buying them all up. They might have a large supply, but it isn't infinite. The problem is that you might not have the bank roll to buy out their entire inventory. The other issue is that since they're not too bright they won't notice (or care for that matter) that they're losing a lot of money. If they're smart enough to buy out your cheap glyphs they're either smart enough to not want to lose money or a spiteful goblin and are ready to take a loss just to get rid of you. If they're willing to do that consistently you have to be as well or you won't be able to compete in that market.

The goal being to make their many hours spent at the AH staring and spamming the cancel button not worth it to them. This usually does the trick for more people after some time. The operative word here being "most." I've come across campers that wouldn't leave until a couple months of next to zero profit, I met two in glyphs and one in flasks. Each of them clung onto the market like an Alabama tick for at least two months. However this was when glyphs could be 10k per day and was definitely worth fighting that long. Sadly some people just don't seem to value their time what so ever and will undercut down to 3g per glyph all hours of the day. That's who most people ask me about so moving on.

So your camper doesn't mind at all going down to 1g per glyph and will buy up yours once the price goes down and will try to reset them and you've been keeping prices as low as possible for a month or two with no sign of them letting up yet. Then they definitely have a personal supplier so that means that you need to get one too and it becomes a war of the farmers and not the goblins.

It's the equivalent of you working the AH with the default AH interface and your competitor using TSM or ZA. You just won't win because they have a large advantage over you. In other words, you absolutely must get on an even playing field in every way that you can. There is simply no way that they can list tons of glyphs at a loss every hour of the day without one of their own while you're controlling the AH supply and buying their cheap glyphs.

So now you have a personal farmer as well, controlling the AH supply and buying their glyphs when they're at they're 30g threshold and they're still not letting up. Now you have to take a good look at the prices of cata level herbs and the associated inks. How fast can you move inferno ink and does that ink pay for a stack of herbs? If so then this is what you'll have to resort to. The only way to get rid of a camper is to make it no longer worth their while and 5g glyphs is a surefire way to do so. The problem is that not many people are willing to put in the time that glyphs require for such low income.

Regardless it is a viable option.

If inferno ink or the pigments can pay fro a stack of herbs you'll have to start trading down blackfallow ink and using the inferno ink to cover the price of the herbs. This will make all of your glyphs "free." I put that in quotes because it is still going to be a loss of profit in almost every case. 3x black fallow ink is far more expensive than 3x midnight ink. But if you're at this point it's no longer about the money. It's territory. It's personal.

Selling all of your glyphs at a threshold of 2g with stacks upon stacks is guaranteed to get rid of them eventually, especially with you being able to craft and list more than they can keep up with. The key point to this method is that you must be able to move the inferno inks at an equal or greater cost than the stack of herbs it came from. However if they're on most of the day and you're not, they'll be buying up your glyphs once they get cheap enough which will be fueling their business and giving you miserably low profits.

Though on that note it still a proven method to get rid of campers by annoying them. I removed a few campers and got rich off of another by doing just this. The plan is to completely flood their inventory while slowly draining at their bank account be it a few hundred thousand or just a few hundred. You craft a ton of glyphs and undercut with them down to nothing with inferno inks recouping 99% of your losses. They get filled up with a few full stacks of your glyphs (which is profit to you) and they go to relist them. You in turn list another dozen of your own. they buy those as well and you do this dance a few times.

What you're doing here is using human desire for instant gratification and their huge stokpile against them.

Then their farmer comes to them and says "lol hai! i gots a lot moar herbs stack for you!" They now have several bank tabs of herbs that they aren't going to mill. They don't have to mill them because they have all of these cheap glyphs they bought from you. What if they tell their farmer that they don't need herbs right now you ask? Then their farmer will almost always go elsewhere. Because farmers want to sell their crap now and as soon as you say that you don't need any now and to come back later they'll look at their full bags and go to the AH or trade chat. Be very careful that you don't end up inadvertently using this tactic against yourself and being stuck with a giant stokpile of nothing.

Your camping buddy will now look at a bank full of unmilled herbs, piles and piles of glyphs, and very low sales. If this doesn't get them to back off, nothing will.

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What every scribe asks

Another late-ish entry today. I spent most of the night out of town at a once in a lifetime show to see the Norwegian black metal band Immortal play. I doubt there'll be another chance to see them play in the US again and it was beyond amazing! Here's a link to one of their best songs.

This is part one of my series on dealing with serious campers and competition in glyphs. Today I'll be going over what you need to learn about your competition before you can learn how to appropriately deal with them and what to do in a best case scenario.

When it comes to glyphs, I always get asked the same thing. There's somebody on my server that's on all day everyday and undercuts me a fraction of a second after I post, what do I do? Well today I'm going to give all of the advice that I can from tactics to homework that you need to do on your own.

I'm going to preface all of this with a note on potential for botting. If you know for sure that either they are a bot, have one, or have a business arrangement with one, you need to report them and pack up shop. There is no way that you'll be able to realistically compete with one. But don't assume that just because they're on a ton that they are botting. Please don't report somebody for it unless you're 90% sure. For the purposes of this entry we'll assume that they are not a bot nor are they associated with one.

First we'll start with the things you need to find out first before any advice I give will do a bit of good. Consider this the interview portion.

1. Are they really on all day every day?
First there's no way that somebody can be on and active all day every day unless they're a bot. They can be "signed on" all day rather easily but they might not be at their desk or actually playing. You can find this out by adding them to your friends list and finding out where they bank from. Go there and watch for a moment now and then and you'll know for sure if they're really on and active every moment. Note that there's a huge difference between online a lot and online ALWAYS.

2. What is their threshold?
You need to know how low they're willing to post glyphs at. If they'll go down to 1 copper you'll need to do one thing, if they only go down to 30g you'll have to do something different.

3. How much do they undercut by?
Is it by a percent or a set amount? Take a note of how much of which it is.

4. Do they have a schedule?
Do they cancel post every few moments or only at certain times of day?

5. Are they camping the AH or are they only camping you?
You can figure this out easily by posting a ton of glyphs on a toon that isn't associated with you. Post from your main that isn't in your banking guild or roll another alt to post from. Also make sure that you post on your "unknown" name and your normal glyph banker at the same time to really know for sure. If they're only camping you then the solution is easy. Make a second glyphs banker and only list 1 of each glyph on the name they're camping and the rest post 20 minutes later on your new alt.

6. How much of each glyph do they typically list?
You want to know this so that you can get a good idea of what kind of stokpile that they have. If they list like 8 of every glyph you'll know that they have a ton. But if they only list 3 they're rather limited in materials. If they post varying amounts that means that they only get their mats from the AH at a certain price and don't have a personal supplier.

7. Do they buy out your glyphs when prices go down?
If they do, that shows a good degree of intelligence and they won't be an easy nut to crack. If they're just a cancel/post monkey (which most of them are) they should be fairly easy to run off comparatively speaking.

8. After you have that answered you need to take a good look at the supply of herbs/inks on the AH. Are there consistent old world farmers? Is there a steady flow of one type of herb but not much of another? Is there a good supply of everything? Or is the supply on all of the herbs low?

Ok now that you have them all figured out you need to decide a course of action. Since there's such a large amount of different factors at play here and each combination of them will point to a different method I won't be able to cover all of them. I'll go over the most common ones and add in a note of two when I can to reference other possibilities. In other words, if one situation's course of action is almost the same as another I'll say so and give the highlights on what the differences are.

Before I go on, here's a tip that is important to note regardless of the situation you're in. Change up the amount of glyphs that you list every day. If you normally list 5 of each, list 3 tomorrow and 4 the day after and then go back to listing 5 at a time. This is to give them the impression that you're still selling a ton of glyphs. It doesn't always work, but it's just one more thing you can do to show that you're not going anywhere.

First I'll go over the ideal situation. The supply is only first come first serve from the AH, they have a schedule, and they don't buy your glyphs when prices fall. For this scenario we'll assume the following about your competitor:

- Their threshold is 30g
- They undercut by 5g
- They always post at 12pm server

In this case, I'll recommend waiting until 15 minutes till noon when they're not online and list 2-3 of all your glyphs at 35g then log off. Log back on at about half past noon after they've undercut you and have gone about their business. They have now undercut you down to their threshold of 30g. Cancel all of your glyphs, buy out all of their, and then relist them for much higher for a profit. With supply being as unpredictable as it is, you'll be sucking up their stokpile of glyphs and inks and barely giving them any profit what so ever while you're increasing your stokpile and selling much higher due to them not being able to list as many glyphs. After a few cycles of this you can easily wipe out their entire stock thus removing them from the market entirely.

Bear in mind that this is in a best case scenario. One thing that will throw a major kink into this is if they don't have a schedule and are just online and active a ton. If this is the case you'll have to either use your best judgment for when do pull this little switch-a-roo or simply camp with them for an hour until they get wise to what you're doing. The other big issue that can hurt you is the supply. In this situation, we're assuming that their ink supply is as limited as yours.

If your server has a fairly consistent flow of mixed level herbs this won't work as well. Granted it will still be effective, but you will have to double your efforts to buy out all of the herbs. The first way that you can do this is the obvious one, contact the sellers directly and try to work out a CoD arrangement for the two of you. The other possible method, which is far from common practice, that you can try to do this is to sort of "hire" people to buy herbs from the AH for you.

Just about anybody who is online fairly often and could use some easy money will work for this. What you do is talk to Mr. lolarthasdkleetbloodgoddarnkesspwn and tell them that if they buy any herbs they see for X gold each you will buy those herbs from them at X + Y gold. That way you can have a larger section of the clock covered for controlling the herb supply.

Note that if they're a thinking goblin and they buy up your cheap glyphs in a market where supply is very limited, this method will not work. This will also not work if supply for most herbs is steady and consistent.

However there is still yet another turn that you can take with this method. It will require a bit more homework on your end, but could end up being well worth it. You'll have to look up what glyphs require what inks first. Then instead of listing all of your glyphs just above their threshold for all of them, do this for only one glyph group. The mentality here is that not all herbs are going to be in a good supply and instead of trying to take on the entire beast, you focus your attack on one of it's many heads instead. This way you'll be taking apart their business piece by piece which will require less hands on time for you and lower the risk you'll be taking by supplying them with cheap glyphs instead of the other way around.

Check in tomorrow to see more methods on different situations.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Report: 2-22

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Previous week gold total: 854,000
Total sales: 255,000
Weekly profit: 128,000
Stokpiling costs:

Current gold total:

Profits from MySales:

Gems, LW, & misc:

Tailoring & vendor pets:

Enchanting & smithing:

Engineering & mining:

Short-ish report this week as I lost almost 4 whole days of the game due to my fail net. And I was so looking forward to hitting a million today. Sad face.

Detailed Recap:
Sadly it's been a rather uneventful week in the gold making world over here. Mostly it's more of the same, but there have been a few nifty things in the aftermath of the patch that I'd like to touch on. First of all, the prices on two of the three new meta gems have crashed and crashed hard. Can you guess which two? That's right, the ones that I can cut. They're now down to 200ish depending on the time of day. The price of ore went way down on patch day as supply flooded in and I grabbed up several bank tabs worth of it all to prospect.

Because of that I had 4+ full stacks and all of it was made at rock bottom prices. Then the patch hits and the prices on all meta gems, including raws, went through the roof. Then people started buying up ore at about 150g/stack to prospect to make a quick buck on selling them raw. Meanwhile I'm undercutting at 30g per listing and crashed the prices down hard.

Not long later they were down to the new material price which caused dozens of people to lose a good sum of gold. This is why preparation is so key. If they were smart they would've been stokpiling them in advance while it was cheap like I was so they wouldn't be losing so much gold by trying to get into my market.

So while I'm posting under the new material costs I'm still making at least a 30g profit on each gem, more if you account for xmute mastery. That means I was able to buy up a ton of raw metas from people that were trying to cut their losses early and allowed me to make a profit on their gems as well.


Vendor pets and cloth goodies have been going well as with last week. I had to make two trips to dalaran and the storm spire on my mage instead of the normal one this week to stock back up on the pets. The imbued nether bags are definitely a good money maker if I can spare the TBC mats to craft them. The same goes for the savage armor kits and epic leg armors. Great money if I can manage to get a stokpile of leather. Until the weekend comes it's only sparse amounts of leather on the AH under 12g each.

I also sold another set of 4 copper rods. I'll never understand this one.

It's taken a while, but I now have a camper in almost every market that I work with. Metas, colored gems, scrolls, vendor pets, enggy pets, etc. It's hysterical how much a single person can piss off so many because I'm apparently doing it wrong.

I turned a loss on the jeweler's monocles sadly and just put one on my banker and gave another to my girl. Now I'm venturing into another market and crafting some blue pvp gear and see what happens. I'm starting small with just the shoulder piece with a threshold of 350g and a fallback of 650. Lets hope they sell as well as the purples that I've been doing well with.

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Monday, February 21, 2011


Amigads! I have been without interwebs for almost 4 whole days! So I've had zero AH playing, zero time on my side project and an absurdly late entry for today. The problem is that where I live the only other option for internet (aside from lulz dial up) is Comcast and well, unless they deliver prostitutes with the bill I'm not interested in ever using them again. With any luck I won't be having anymore problems like this for at least another few weeks.

I constantly mention that my MO of the AH game is to stokpile as much as possible, but I realized that I haven't really detailed that much of it. I'll do my best to sum it up into a few simple rules that I follow and go into some detail about of each of them today.

1. Stokpile as much as you can
There are many reasons that I firmly believe that you should stokpile non stop. The first reason for this is because material shortages will completely stop your business and they come about often and unexpectedly. Some profit is better than no profit. Another reason is to inflate the demand for an item so that more people will go out and farm it to keep you supplied. When you can go through an entire bank tab of XYZ materials you better be sure to be constantly buying more and more.

The most important reason for this is not just to have a supply, but to control it as well. By stokpiling as much as you can as often as you can, you limit the amount of materials that your competitors have access to and what prices that they have to pay. This gives you a natural edge to your business and lets you cut deep when the AH PvP starts up.

Lastly you always buying the low and normal priced goods, the rest of the server has to pay the above normal and high prices. This then turns them to look at the pre crafted items which you are selling for a comparatively low price. Another practical reason to stokpile is that you're not going to be able to be on game and scan the AH for good deals 24/7 even with the mobile auction house if you use it. So by buying as much as you can you won't have to worry about going to trade chat for some good deals.

Simply put, you are going to use all of the materials at some point anyway so why not buy them up while they're at a good price? It is always best to err on the side of caution. And with a mass amount of materials readily at hand you'll always be prepared for a supply drought or price spike. You're even prepared for a few goblins trying to work their way in if they managed to buy up mats when you're not around. In all likeliness you will be able to outlast anybody in an AH undercutting war simply because you have a far greater supply in your bank than anybody else does.

If you want a more elongated version, check out this entry.

2. Deep undercuts are the way to go
This one I actually have detailed before in my original post on it here, but I'll give you a quick once over on this mentality.

First when you undercut by a noticeable amount people will think that they're getting a good deal and are more apt to buy. People just love getting a good deal even if the "deal" is just in their minds.

Second, you'll frustrate and piss of the competition quite a bit. This will cause them to leave the market far sooner or at least make it much more likely that they'll give up. People only leave a market when it is no longer profitable or easy enough for them to work in. This leads to the third reason deep undercutting is the way to go.

By undercutting by a few gold and not copper you'll drive prices down lower much faster and in addition to removing the current competition you'll also scare off any potential goblins or casual sellers from that market.

However this is not something to do with items that have a high rate of sales. Such things as fortune cookies, belt buckles, bags, etc. These sort of things are going to sell well no matter how much you undercut by so don't drop the price by 20g unless you have something personal against the competition.

3. Consistency and patience
I always work the same markets with the same methods even when the profits are low. The last thing you want to do is to leave a vacuum in a certain market because that will cause many people to start eying it and it's only a matter of time before goblins flock over to it. This is why people say "I don't want to lose my market share."

As soon as a big AH player stops working a certain market ripples will spread out to the other areas that are effected by it. This helps keep things stable and predictable which is essential to amassing wealth anywhere. It also allows any competition you give in to to grow and make more gold which makes it more likely for them to invade your other markets.

4. Homework
When I rant on and on about "go do your homework fools!" I'm talking about looking at the AH pages. Look at what and who is selling for how much. Check their materials and check in on what other items use the same materials. This prevents you from making any mistakes and taking a large hit in your profits due to inexperience. This is absolutely essential for entering new markets. If you decide to just start up a JC business and lose thousands because you cut a ton of near worthless gems you deserve to lose money.

And don't just take a one day snapshot either. You need to actively watch and pay attention to what is going on in the markets. Watch for price shifts, supply floods and droughts and see if there's any noticeable patterns that you can take advantage of.

5. Change it up
As important as it is to have a system and a daily routine, it is equally important to change it. Not drastically, but enough that your competition will notice it. When I log onto certain bankers of mine, my friends list will instantly light up with a competitor signing on immediately as I load into the world. For any big time AH player it's important that you change up when you do your posting because of this. Your competitors will know your schedule almost as well as you do and are going to spend a good amount of time sitting and waiting for you. How somebody can stomach doing that I'll never know, but it happens. And it happens a lot.

I generally change up my posting times twice a week and go back and forth through them randomly. Basically I fit them to my personal schedule instead of dropping everything so I can hit the post raid crowd. Base your auctions around your IRL time, not the other way around.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy fun time screen shots!

Fake material today sorta. Just another collection of rather amusing screen shots that I've collected since I got back into the game a few months ago. Some are funny, some are examples of my playing the AH and some are just strange. Also I wanted to remind you that there's an open invitation to make an alt DK or something on Ysera horde side if you want to have a chat with me. Be sure to make it horde though because I'm rarely on my alliance toons these days.

The names I'm on the most are Shaeded, Zurathustra, Stokpile, and Deadfish. Mind you I'm not on game unless I have something to do so I'll probably be in an instance, but I can pew pew or tanky tank with the best of them and still hold an intelligent conversation so don't hesitate if you're interested.


Some people just don't get it.

...still not getting it.

Why prospecting is easy money.

Even the simplest things can sell.

Throne of the Tides trash... srs bsns!

Miners making the wow gold... without actually mining?

Bag space! I needs moar!

I have no idea what you're talking about, so here's a picture of a camel with a lion on it's back.

Me and my leet deeps! If you can't make out the number, it's 15,694 against a drake in Vortex Pinnicle.

Apparently this smarty thinks that crafting, organizing, and supplying should be free!

The AH pile himself done ran out of room after being restocked with gems.

Epic leg armor sells and wins.

And there's even more in the next tab...

Yup, enchanting is dead.

The only time luck is on my side.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Profession Overview: Inscription

Rounding out my profession overview series is inscription. New expansion, new material costs, new methods. This will be my N'th entry on how the glyph market works because it's needed as there's so much to cover. A lot may have changed with the glyph market, but a lot has still stayed the same. First I'll go over the pros and cons of working glyphs in today's market.

- High rate of sales
- Very high income potential
- Low amount of major competitors

- Management and milling is very time intensive
- Requires a dedicated banker with 4 inscription bags
- Can be very difficult to stokpile
- Campers will be a serious problem

Best sellers: Glyphs requiring ink of the sea and Ethereal ink

That being said, here's one more alluring tidbit: they can sell for 150g each dozens at a time. That itself was more than enough of a push for me to look into glyphs once again. Ok so here's what you need to know. Instead of buying the max level herbs and trading them down, you need to buy them on a case by case basis. So you'll have to buy certain herbs to make lions ink, certain ones for shimmering, etc. Shamelessly stealing from the consortium forums here's the list of what gives what. You can read the original post here.

Let's start with [Jadefire Ink]. To get this, here are the herbs to mill in order of best to worst.

1. [Dragon's Teeth]
2. [Khadgar's Whisker]
3. [Goldthorn]
4. [Fadeleaf]

Next ink up is [Midnight Ink]. To get this, here are the herbs to mill in order of best to worst.

1. [Stranglekelp]
2. [Bruiseweed]
3. [Briarthorn]
4. [Swiftthistle]
5. [Mageroyal]

Next ink up is [Shimmering Ink]. To get this, here are the herbs to mill in order of best to worst.

1. [Icecap]
2. [Sorrowmoss]
3. [Mountain Silversage]
4. [Dreamfoil]
5. [Golden Sansam]

Next ink up is [Celestial Ink]. To get this, here are the herbs to mill in order of best to worst.

1. [Gromsblood]
2. [Blindweed]
3. [Ghost Mushroom]
4. [Sungrass]
5. [Arthas' Tears]
6. [Purple Lotus]
7. [Firebloom]

Next ink up is [Lion's Ink]. To get this, here are the herbs to mill in order of best to worst.

1. [Liferoot]
2. [Kingsblood]
3. [Grave Moss]
4. [Wild Steelbloom]

Next ink up is [Ethereal Ink]. To get this, here are the herbs to mill in order of best to worst.

1. [Netherbloom]
2. [Nightmare Vine]
3. [Mana Thistle]
4. [Ancient Lichen]
5. [Ragveil]
6. [Terocone]
7. [Felweed]
8. [Dreaming Glory]

Next ink up is [Ink of the Sea]. To get this, here are the herbs to mill in order of best to worst. I did not include Fire seed because it's silly rare.

1. [Icethorn]
2. [Lichbloom]
3. [Adder's Tongue]
4. [Deadnettle]
5. [Goldclover]
6. [Talandra's Rose]
7. [Tiger Lily]

Also here's a pair of nifty macros to use to make milling faster. I use 2 because of the 255 character limit in the interface. Just put them onto a second action bar and you click once and it mills whatever herbs you have. The only catch is if you have a non multiple of 5 stack you'll get an error so you'll have to throw them into the bank.

/cast milling
/use Bruiseweed
/use Khadgar's Whisker
/use Icecap
/use Swiftthistle
/use Wild Steelbloom
/use Felweed
/use Mageroyal
/use Dragon's Teeth
/use Terocone

/cast milling
/use Peacebloom
/use Silverleaf
/use Tiger Lily
/use Deadnettle
/use Adder's Tongue
/use Icethorn
/use Talandra's Rose
/use Sungrass
/use Gromsblood
/use Blindweed
/use Golden Sansam
/use Fadeleaf
/use Kingsblood
/use Dreamfoil

Now that you know what herbs you need to buy and mill, here's how you can go about setting up your ZA for glyphs. There are two ways that you can go about your thresholds. One is to put all your glyphs into the same group with the same threshold for every glyph regardless of what ink it needs. This is far less time consuming than the alternative and can save you a head ache or two but it can easily lose you a good amount of gold by not paying attention to market prices close enough. You can also miss out on glyph markets that need one type of ink when the associated herbs are always above your buying price.

If you go with this method, you'll have to buy all of the different herbs at the same price to ensure that you don't lose money. If you decide to raise a threshold or lower it for one set, things can get very complicated. This method lends itself very well to servers where supply is typically low but stable.

The other way is by creating a separate group for every type of ink that gets used. Such as a group named "the sea glyphs" and another called "jade fire glyphs." This method gives you the most flexibility in shuffling around your buying and selling thresholds. This way if the price of outlands level herbs are up for a while you can raise the sell price of those specific glyphs that use ethereal ink to be sure you don't lose gold and not effect all of the other glyphs that you're selling. This is the preferred method for servers with a large supply of herbs with rapidly changing prices or just a very unstable rate of supply. The main issue here is that this requires a lot of time and effort to set up and maintain but does give you the absolute max amount of possible profit.

Lastly don't forget to add the uncommon inks that you craft to their own ZA section. Personally I set their fall back at 5g with the threshold at 1g. Then if they haven't sold after a few days I just vendor them. They sell slowly but are worth having a pair of stacks to keep about for people wanting to make low level decks for darkmoon rep and snowfalls are sold in droves for NR research.

Myself, I use the first grouping method as finding old world herbs for under 4g each is a miracle, let alone getting them for a decent price at all. I buy any herbs that I can find at 1.8g/each and below and set my threshold for all glyphs to be sold at no less than 30g. That way with the average amount of inks I get per stack of herbs I'll make at least a couple gold or so after the AH cut. Just as before, I list them for 48 hour auctions with a 6g undercut to drop prices and clear people out. I check them only once a day for a cancel post and I craft new ones every other day. Right now with the limited supply of herbs I only use stack sizes of 3, but if I had a good supply I would be listing them 5 at a time.

Random note for those starting up the glyph business. For some reason I've "unlearned" a few glyphs when they changed everything with cata. I had to use a glyph book to learn glyph of vanish again. I also had to do northrend research again to learn a few others that I've managed to "forget" somehow.

An important thing to point out when working glyphs is that in the ZA setting for them you'll want to have "Override auto fall back" selected and enabled. What this does is if you try to list a glyph and the current lowest listing is under your threshold it will post it at your fallback price instead of undercutting them. This is primarily in the interest of bag space and to reduce the number of trips to the mail box and the bank.

Ok that basically covers it. If you read my business reports lately you'll see that glyphs are indeed a very profitable market to be in even if you limit yourself to only a few types of inks. The real key to the glyph racket is organization. You have to be on top of what materials you own and have to buy, what glyphs you need to craft, have your addOns situated etc. And of course, you absolutely must have a system otherwise you'll be spending far too much time working and not enough time selling. Remember, work smarter not harder.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Profession overview: Jewel crafting

Continuing on with the series we look at jewel crafting today. JC was the king of kings for making gold during TBC and was just under inscription during WotLK and is still a very strong profession today. It was also the very first profession that I worked in seriously.

- Prospecting ore can make all rare gems nearly free
- Constant demand, especially when new content is released
- Easy to manage
- Combines great with enchanting and/or alchemy

- Gems don't stack and take up a lot of bag space
- Prospecting can be a large time sink
- Depending on average ore costs, may not be viable on select servers

Best sellers:
- Austere shadowspirit diamond
- Fractured amberjewel
- Glinting demon's eye
- Rigid ocean sapphire
- Brilliant inferno ruby
- Regal dream emerald
- Reckless ember topaz

The best part of JC is that you have so many options to work with and almost all of them are worthwhile. Red gems have a use with every cut, half the mixed color ones are great, and meta gems will never go out of style. Everybody needs gems and a good amount of blue gear has at least 1 socket in them. And if Blizz continues with the gear reset and hand me downs with each content patch, you'll know in advance when to stokpile big time and get a huge boost to your profits.

Another good thing is the synergy you get if you have somebody that can DE a ton of things for you. Carnelian gems turn into fist weapons that DE into 2-3 greater celestials which is a profit for most servers. After that you can craft green level rings/necks with the other common gems which are able to proc a rare quality item which I get 100g+ for. And if you're on the odd server where ore is 60g/stack or below all of your rare gems from prospecting are free. The common gems you can just cut and vendor which pays for that stack of ore.

However if ore prices haven't crashed for you I typically have these buying prices for each color.

Red: 100
Blue: 15
Orange: 40
Purple: 50
Green: 20
Yellow: 10
Meta: 170 (use commons to xmute these, you get 2 per xmute before mastery)

Don't forget than an alchemist can xmute any of the rare gems with no CD for 3x commons of the related color and 3 of a certain herb.

My max sale price on the meta gems is 400 and for the rest of the colored gems I put them up for no more than 200. As far as stack sizes go, you'll have to figure that out on your own based on what you see selling the most. But for myself, I tend to list gems 2 at a time with another 2 in the bags and I list 3 and stash 3 for the most popular ones. The important thing to pay attention to here is balancing how many you list at a time against the deposit cost. If you can't find a good middle ground there you'll lose a noticeable amount on the AH deposits when gems go unsold.

The last tip I can give for this profession is to not be afraid to sell the gems raw. What I like to do is have a set of 2-4 of each raw gem on my banker. I add them into their associated item groups in ZA because they cost no more than the cut versions. I've said it before and I'll say it again, do not limit yourself! Get into as many markets as possible if there is profit to be made. After all, everything has a price.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Report: 2-15

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Previous week gold total: 708,000
Total sales: 434,000
Weekly profit: 146,000
Stokpiling costs: 281,500g (I shit you not)
Current gold total: 854,000

Profits from MySales:

Gems, LW, & misc:

Tailoring & vendor pets:

Enchanting & smithing:

Glyphs & inscription:

Engineering & mining:

My sales addOns screens are a little bit off this week. The patch "broke" them and even though I hit load out of date addOns I didn't catch that it missed that one. But luckily I am still doing it manually as a back up so the screens are missing the first two days of mega sales but I got the rest of the week in there. This week I spent another 20k+ on things that won't exactly make me a profit. I bought two of the 26 spot bags and three of the new recipes so that puts another damper in my total profits, but I should see that back somewhat soon.

And here's another silly picture of people buying silly things.

Detailed Recap:
The patch was definitely good to me on opening day. For one I wasn't suspended! Yes that's not something that everybody has to worry about, but it happened to me last time there was a big patch that made people uber rich. Anyway, I sold off 4 stacks of volt life in the first 90 minutes at triple what I paid for them and they're still going. I haven't seen any of the recipes for the new gem cuts or bracer enchants as of this writing but I'm still very hopeful. Unfortunately they're not common drops as I spent about 40 minutes farming assorted mobs and got nothing.

24 hours after the patch and I've seen one person with the agility meta and one with the intellect cut, no strength versions yet. I also haven't seen anybody advertising the new enchants either so I'll definitely pick up the first recipe I see and hope that I can get some cheap-ish crystals. They're hovering in the 3300g range right now.

I must say though, holy crap meta gems! Even though I haven't gotten a new cut ye, I was wise to stokpile a few stacks as I sold all 3 stacks in a days time in one form or another. Chaotics were going for 300g and raw gems were selling at 450g!

I'm also experimenting with the sapphire jeweler's monocle recipe. Vanity items are always a niche market with little to no competitors so I figured I'll give it a shot. I typically can find volt water pretty cheap in the 10-15g range before it spikes back up to 20ish and there's nobody else selling them that I know of so it seems like a safe experiment for the time being.

On the LW front I've bee steadily selling 1-2 epic leg armors a day at around 1k gold, which is about 250g profit along with any spare hides that I have. I've also taken to crafting heavy savage armor kits and they've been doing well so far just like in wrath. Here's how well!

I just snagged the intellect to bracers enchant recipe for 15k. I crafted a pair of scrolls and am hoping to sell them for 7200g. By the end of the first day I hadn't sold any so I'm getting a bit worried that I just lost 40k. If nothing else my girl will have quite the shiny blue pair of bracers hehe.

Good news, fast forward the next morning and I had sold both of the scrolls I had up for 7200g each! That makes about 1400g off of my initial investment. At that rate only another 19 more sales for that price and I'll break even. With each sale I'm going to be increasing the price rather quickly while I can get a good profit on them. If you happen to have one of the new recipes or have access to decently priced crystals, here's a tip for you.

Wait for the price of crystals to go up on the AH and then list your scrolls "under material costs" then. I use quotes because you're only selling under the current material price, not what you paid for them. That way people that want the enchant done can get it for a good (and legit) bargain right then. I would also help greatly to advertise in trade chat that you're selling X scroll for Y gold which is Z less than material cost.

Personally, I've been crafting the epic plate tank belt to DE as I don't value the chaos orbs at anything as I'm not going to sell them in trade chat. With the price of truegold going down every day it costs me about 2800g to "craft" a maelstrom crystal. And right now they're 4500 on the AH so it's a good bargain for me so long as I keep winning chaos orbs in my daily heroic.

On Friday just before I went to bed I checked the AH one last time for a new design and managed to pick up the strength meta gem cut for 13.5k gold. I'm pretty damned late to this party as they're down to 550ish from the 1k they started at. Regardless the demand will hang around for a while so I expect to make my money back on this rather soon. I'm still wanting to pick up the other two, but I'm going to lower the amount that I'm willing to pay for them to a 12k offer instead of 15.

And at the end of the week I am once again completely out of NR enchanting mats. Normally this is expected so I don't get too upset over it, but I'm very annoyed this time because I'm also out of a ton of scrolls. And trust me, I mean a ton but more specifically massacre and staff greater SP. I still have a single berserking scroll left which is good because they're always selling at my max price of 400g.

I gotta say though, all of this week I've had to do my AH cycle a few times a day of craft, cancel, and post much more often than usual. I am seriously selling gems that damned fast! Especially the red gems which I've taken to xmuting to stay stokpiled with them. I pay 30g for carnelians and 10g for the herbs so that makes 120g -10% ish (due to mastery) per gem. They're regularly selling for 180-250 and I've sold as many as 15 int gems in a single afternoon. I stopped bothering counting how many but damn it's a lot. The same goes for raw meta gems as the craze continues.

I've decided that I'm going to get out of the glyph business again. The profit is great and the g/hour is more than acceptable. My problem is that it takes just as much time to run as all of my other markets combined and I just don't have that kind of time. That and I'm just not giving it the attention that it deserves to get the most of the potential profit that the market can offer.

I mostly got back into it for a month so I could see what's what with it lately. And so I could give proper and up to date advice on it for all of you fine readers out there. From now on I'll mostly be just listing glyphs every other day and not bothering to craft more or cancel/post until then.

I managed to pick the agility meta at the end of the week for another 13k or so. I don't mind too much as the supply on them is low so there can't be many with it right now. Prices are still in the 500+ range which is a nudge over 300g profit per gem so I should be able to make back the investment rather quickly.

Oh and here's a screen shot of my first shout out in trade chat since I've been back! *sniffle* Makes my heart just melt!

Pfft, yeah for YOU!

Now to wrap up this massive week of sales and profits, and to explain why I price the way I do, here's a quote by thatguy from over at maintankadin that I follow every day when I work the AH and if you read my AH nirvana series you would too.

"Bears make money, bulls make money, pigs get slaughtered."

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Valentines day?

Today's entry is dedicated to the only girl for me.

Yes my friends, it's that day once again. No gold tips, tricks or advice today. Just a silly holiday entry about the day we're supposed to celebrate love and caring and my ranting on about what I think about it. If you're interested in some silly thoughts and ideas read on, but if you just wanna know about making the wow moneys come back tomorrow. I hope you giggle as much reading as I did writing.

First I want to tell you an idea that I've had for quite some time about Valentines day and the whole gift giving thing that you do for your significant other. Since I am male it is socially expected that I buy my girl fiend a large bouquet of flowers of some kind to show how much I love and care for her. I think that this is a terrible way to show your love and respect for your loved one. If you think about it, flowers are a rather insulting metaphor for what you think about the one you love, your relationship with them, and what matters the most to you.

Here's why.

What is a flower? Something that looks pretty, smells nice, and makes a great decoration. Wonderful, by buying flowers to represent your love you're saying that you are beautiful with a pleasant aroma and make everything around you look a little bit nicer. Great. I sure hope that isn't the only thing that matters to you in a relationship, it's not for me.

A bouquet of flowers is something that, while attractive, will wither and die in just a few days even with the greatest care. It serves no purpose and has no function what so ever other than looking good in your arm. Just like your boyfriend or girlfriend! This I think is not something that your loved one would like you to tell them. Go ahead and try it sometime, just go up to them one day and say "Darling my love for you is based solely on your looks and even though our relationship is entirely pointless other than looking cute together and shall fall apart piece by piece in a matter of days, I still think you're just awesome."

If I said that to my girl I'd wind up with a bright red hand print on my left cheek.

As a gift, flowers and chocolate both pale in comparison to the ultimate Valentine's day gift...


That's right I said it. I said it! If you really want to find the perfect metaphor to show your love and care in a gift then flowers suck when compared to the almighty potato. Why do I believe this so strongly? Well I'm so glad you asked! Here, let me explain.

A potato is not the most beautiful looking thing in the planet, but I don't care. Just like I don't base my love and desire for my girlfriend on her looks. If she gets into a terrible car wreck (knock on wood) and is all sorts of messed up looking I don't care. I love her anyways with all of my heart. Though she is quite attractive, that is not what first brought her to my attention. Am I happy that she is good looking? Sure I am, who wouldn't be. But that isn't the top of my list of things I like in a girl, and looks are not why I love potatoes so much either! Ah ha!

Think about the potato for a moment, what does it have? It has character! It has personality! It is so multifaceted in it's different uses and purposes. Mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, hundreds of different potato chips, french fries, the list goes on and on. Hell you can even conduct electricity with a potato! Suck on that one roses.

What can you do with a rose? Look at it. Smell it. That's all.

When you buy somebody a large bag of taters, you're saying that looks and beauty are not nearly as important as who they are. Their physical pleasantries shrink when placed next to their personality, intelligence and sense of humor. If you really want your guy/girl to smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside tell them about the potato and what it means in your relationship.

Say to them "Oh love of my life, our relationship and my love for you is just like a potato. No matter how you look I still want to have you with me. Our relationship is deep and meaningful and so far above shallow things like looks or being cute together. I care about our relationship because of all the things that we do together, all the ways we can spend time together even if we're just sitting together I am completely happy. Just like a wonderful potato." Try it sometime folks.

Personally, I never do anything special on Valentine's day. Ever. I'm sure the girls will want to smack me one for that, but I honestly think that it's a very fake and superficial "holiday." Even if you give the ultimate Valentine's gift of the potato, it's still not nearly as romantic as some people want you to think. Fucking hallmark I swear! Because as much as you love him/her you're only buying them a gift because of the calendar date, not because you care.

I am in love with my girlfriend and have been for years. So to show that I care, I'll buy her a gift in September. I'll take her out to a nice dinner in July. I'll cater to her every whim and pamper her in May. Why then you ask? Because love is not on a schedule. Love knows no clocks or dates. You don't schedule and plan out an itinerary for your heart. Love simply is.

I'm not going to do something special because I'm expected to or because I'm supposed to. In fact when I'm expected or required to do something, I try to do my best to avoid it. No, I do these things because I care. Because I'm in love. I don't give a damn what day, month, or year it is. All I care about is the one I love and making her smile. That's it. If they're having a terrible day on April 15th 2023 at 4pm then I'm going to be sure to do something extra romantic on April 16th 2023 starting the moment they wake up to me making breakfast in bed for them. Albeit poorly, but hey it's the thought that counts right?

And to the lovely woman in my life, you are my potato. You do so much for me everyday that you don't even realize. You make me smile even when I cannot see you. You make me laugh even when I cannot hear you. No matter how lost I may get, I'll always be right on course to you. And even when we're not in each others arms, the thought of you always makes my face light up...just like a potato. I love you.

Happy Valentine's day everybody!

Friday, February 11, 2011

New side project

I've come up with an idea for another side project that I'll be writing about every Saturday starting next week. I don't want to spoil what it's about, but it has to do with an entirely different server and will of course be about making the wow gold. It will be in the same format as my last project of "From the ground up" with a journal style. I'll be capturing my daily thoughts, pitfalls, and triumphs from the beginning to the inevitable success. I hope you check it out as I'm really looking forward to it a lot!

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Profession overview: Smithing & Leatherworking

Just like tailoring and enggy, I decided to merge these three professions into a single entry as they're both niche professions. Each one works in a very small market with low competition and high demand. Each one will have it's own section in this entry.

Leather working

- Easy to maintain
- Low competition
- Easy money with material conversions

- Skilling up can be a nightmare depending on material costs
- Materials can be hard to stokpile

Best sellers:
- Mammoth mining bag
- Traveler's trapping pack
- Twilight leg armor
- Pristine hide

Leather working is a profession that has a great balance between maintenance, profit, and supply. The mining bags (requires sons of hodir rep) are going to be your top seller and with very little competition. I typically buy plain borean leather at 20g/stack and sell the bags for 150g each. The rare cata leg armors I go as high as 280, but you'll have to really watch your server's leather market to get a good idea of where to price. Also be sure to keep an eye on the price of arctic fur as the epic level WotLK leg armors are still selling daily for me. I get at most 150g for the NR epic armors with a material cost of about 70.

As for how many you list, I've found that 3 of the bags and 3 of the leg armors works best. As for the hides I only list two at a time in singles because, well, I can't get enough leather ever to be able to sell the hides as is. Make sure to check what will get you the most profit between raw mats and items and not just the highest price tag. 500g profit from a 500g sale is better than 100g profit from a 2000g sale.

Black smithing

- Extremely consistent rate of sales
- Low competition for lower level enchanting rods

- Leveling cost can be steep
- Large competition for buckles

Best sellers:
- Ebonsteel belt buckle
- Adamantite rod
- Arcanite rod

Belt buckles are going to be nearly impossible to keep in stock, I can never stokpile two stacks of them. I go as low as 260g but they're usually in the 330 range with a max of 400. I typically get the ele bars at 8g, pyrium at 20, and earth changes daily so keep an eye out for them. After that are enchanting rods from arcanite up to titanium. These may be difficult to work in due to shortage of TBC metal, but you can use that to your advantage.

Try to control the price by stokpiling the cheap materials so that people can't find them so easily and you can charge up to 200g per rod. I always list these in sets of 4 as that seems to be the right balance between lost deposits and rate of sales.

Also if you have an alchemist, you can cut the cost of arcanite bars down to almost nothing by xmuting your own bars. Thorium bars and arcane crystals are typically 1g each any day of the week which makes the arcanite rods cost 2 minutes and not cost me gold in any noticeable amount.

One tip that applys for each of the gear professions is the pvp gear. When a new arena season starts Blizz has stated that they'll be adding in new crafted gear. This will be a high demand market for the first few weeks of the season so be sure that you get your share of it.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Profession overview: Tailoring & Engineering

I decided to merge these two professions into a single entry as they're both niche professions. Each one works in a very small market with low competition and high demand. Each one will have it's own section in this entry.


- Constant income through bags
- Weekly CD makes huge profit
- Very easy to work

- Prices of frostweave can be very high
- Requires a good amount of afk time to craft enough bags.

Best sellers:
- Netherweave bag
- Ghostly spellthread
- Sapphire spellthread

Bags, Bags, Bags! Netherweave bags will sell 2 minutes after you list them. A stack of netherweave cloth turns into exactly enough bolts to craft a netherweave bag which I sell for up to 30g while buying the cloth for on average 7g/stack. Keep in mind that it's very common to find stacks of cloth at 3g/stack and bolts of cloth at an equally low price so keep an eye out for them. I list bags in sets of 8 because each new alt needs at least 4 of them and some people buy one or two for their bank as well. Whichever the case may be, you want to be sure that you have a good number up as they do go very fast. For the other bags like imbued netherweave or frost weave I list in sets of 4.

After that is your weekly CD which is almost free money. I make a pair of each type of epic thread with my dream cloth and list them from 500g to 1200. I mostly base the price range for the epic threads on the average price of all of the volatiles needed and basically ignore the chaos orbs. I ignore the orbs because there's really nothing else to do with them for me as I'm not wanting to grab any patterns from the vendor with them and it has no CD on it so if you are good with the dice and have a ton of them, I'd consider it free money. Also depending on your server, dream of skywall might be a loss of money due to the high price of air on most servers. Though with the patch their drop rate is being increased so this might not be the case once things settle down.


Engineering and mining don't have that much to sell, but what they do has a solid amount of demand. That and it is low competition with high profit. Just what every goblin wants.

- Small niche market
- Low competition
- High profit per sale

- Materials can be very complicated to know what is needed for what
- Low number of items to sell
- Have to farm gnomeragan for the plans to make the minipets

Best sellers:
- Pet bombling
- Hardened elementium bar
- Personal world destroyer

The first you'll want to do is head over to Gnomer and kill mobs until you get the plans for lil smokey and pet bombling. They'll sell for up to 250g each and the materials are dirt cheap. You'll also have to get the vendor sold plans for fused wiring. Now fused wiring requires delicate copper wire, a JC made item. The good thing is it's cheap as hell to make and is the first thing you learn as a JC. That means you can make a lvl 1 alt, send it 1g and some copper and craft a million of them.

You also should be crafting a personal world destroyer or it's gnomish counter part. You'll only be able to craft one or the other based on your specialization, be it goblin or gnomish. If possible, find a friendly engineer to make you one of the new mini pets with a different enggy spec than yours to branch out even more. For these pets I have a max price of 950g, undercut by 15g, and have yet to sell one for less than 800 as competition is truly that low.

After that is the hard ele bars with mining. Convert your normal ele bars and some volt earths into these and sell in stacks of 2. I say 2 because they're used to buy black smithing recipes and they cost 2 each. It will get you some sales even when there's cheaper singles up at the same time. I mention mining because it can save you a ton on material costs for when 2 ore is cheaper than bars. That and it's absurdly easy to work. On that note, if you're on one of those odd servers where ore is almost free, it's probably worth it to smelt your own bars rather than buying them. Make sure to check before you go out stokpiling all of the metal you need.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Profession overview: Enchanting

NOTE: I'm looking for an addOn that will track all of the money that I spend on my entire account. I'm just interested in a -very- light weight addOn that will track my purchases across all of my toons at once and not just one character at a time. I don't need to know what it was spent on or any kind of detailed breakdown, just a total amount and not something that will only track on a per character basis. I'm trying to cut out the daily effort I have to put into keeping track of my spending manually to improve time and accuracy. Cookies if you know what I'm looking for.

Today is the beginning of my profession overview series, starting with enchanting. I'll be covering each profession over the rest of the week and part of next week as well. Some will be combined together as their entries would be rather tiny otherwise.

The goal here is to give people a high level view of what the profession is all about with what their best sellers are, pricing guides, and any quick tips on methods as well. To this day, enchanting is still my favorite market. It's my own AH monstrosity, multi-level business, and gold printing machine. I With that said, here's the good and the bad of enchanting.

- Massive income and profit
- Limited competition for many scrolls
- Ability to acquire materials easily and cheaply through disenchanting
- Great synergy with a jeweler

- Scarcity of old world materials
- Bag space is nonexistent
- Requires a decent time investment to acquire old recipes
- Can be difficult to manage full scale

Best sellers:
- chest, Mighty stats
- weapon, Berserking
- weapon, Hurricane
- weapon, Avalanche
- gloves, mastery
- gloves, Haste
- boots, Haste
- boots, Precision
- staff, Greater spellpower
- weapon, Mighty intellect
- chest, Greater stats

When working enchanting, you need to think that each "level" of enchanted scroll is it's own market. TBC scrolls are an entirely different market from cataclysm level enchants and the same for NR level ones. You'll usually have different competitors in each of them so they should be treated individually. You'll want to be sure to post your expensive enchants in low quantities so people get to thinking that there's not many people willing to do them and put them up after raid times. People just love instant gratification.

I get the most profit and sales from NR enchants with weapon enchants selling for 400g across the board. I buy the dust at 2g each, cosmics at 5, and abyss crystals up to 15g each. Don't forget that you can still DE green rings with common NR gems if you have a JC and you can also shatter abyss crystals which is profitable all by itself. If you come into a large stokpile of abyss crystals to save some coin on the lower materials if they're cheap.

But dream shards, on my server at least, are basically free at less than 50 silver each. Prices on the shards tends to vary depending on who's cleaning out the bank at the time. Because of that I regularly buy about 500 shards every week or every other week and have yet to overflow with them when another flood comes to the AH.

With that being the case it is very easy and cheap to get all of the good NR enchant recipes. The only choke point you'll hit is illusion dust and eternal essences. These are always in short supply and typically expensive, but the profit you can get from things like mighty intellect and greater stats is too much to resist.

As for stack sizes, I list everything in singles aside from +15 agility which I list in stacks of 2. I keep a stock of 4 of each scroll I sell and list no more than two of a particular scroll at a time except for the high rate of sales ones like mighty stats or hurricane.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Report: 2-8

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Previous week gold total: 642,000
Total sales: 308,592
Weekly profit: 66,000
Stokpiling costs: 178,500
Current gold total: 708,000

Profits from MySales:

Gems, LW, & misc:

Tailoring & vendor pets:

Enchanting & smithing:

Glyphs & inscription:

Engineering & mining:

Ok no more buying epics for me! Got my second soul blade for 22k and got my girl a few new shinys as well. And now I'm swearing off the purples... I hope. It's also been a couple of weeks of daily glyph research and haven't gotten the new warrior glyph. My guess is you can't learn it anymore so here's to hoping it comes back soon with a few more. I'm basically making around 80k-90k profit each week but spending a good amount on gear. If I can just stop that for a month I'll be at a million gold again by the end of March.

Detailed Recap:
First a short amusing story about how I acquired my second soul blade. I recently got in contact with the guy that ran the ICC raid escort that I purchased before I planned to quit way back when. He's now in the top guild on the server so I asked if they have one for sale. He said that they didn't and he'd keep an eye out for one from his guild or a friends guild. I told him that my offer was 25k as that's what I paid for the first one. Not an hour later I see one being sold in /2 and I asked what they wanted.

They said 20k ish so I offered 22 and bought it. Fast forward 20 minutes later the guy that was looking for one finds out that I bought it from a guy he recommended to find me. Saying that he would have a promised sale if he'd wait for me at 25k and gave him my main 2 names. Since they weren't patient to wait an hour I got it for 3k less while on a different toon. See folks? Just give it time and you can get that extra little bit on your high end epics.

I mentioned last week briefly that I had finally learned the epic leg armor recipes for LW and haven't sold any. That was when I was writing the report the night before I posted it. The following day I had sold three of them for 200g profit on one and 300g profit on the other pair. At this rate I'll have made my money back from skilling up to craft those in a few weeks. Quite hopeful here. The only issue with it is having to port back and forth from Org to the highlands to exchange leather to hides which I already know is going to get old fast. Mostly because my LW is also my JC and buying toon, but I'm sure I can park another toon there to do the material exchanges for them, but I don't know if that would save much time considering load times.

Thank god I like to stokpile as much as I do because the price of elementium doubled early this week. The ore went from 100g/stack up to 200 and that effected several of my markets. I've ran out of hard ele bars and a ton of rare gems because while materials have gone up, their crafted counter parts haven't risen in stride. To match that I've been digging into my stokpiles of pyrite ore to craft buckles because the price of that has risen as well but for some reason obsidium ore and bars haven't budged in price. Not really sure why that is. I sure hope this doesn't last too long because I'm running low on a few colors of gems and hard ele bars are simply gone.

However I was able to take advantage of the ore and bar shortages by getting back into a market I've been missing. One with high profits, low maintenance and zero competition. Weapon chains! Pyrium weapon chains require a single pyrium bar to craft so that means it costs me only 20g to make as I bought all of my ore at 10g/ea. So far on my first night of selling I sold the two that I had up and another pair the day after. And the plans only cost 20 elementium bars to buy which is a bit cheaper than 2 hard ele bars like the rest of the pvp gear. Look into this one if you haven't already.

Meanwhile on the engineering front pets have been selling very well. On another server that I play on is a rogue that's also an engineer/miner with the same markets on a high pop pvp server while my main server is pve and medium pop. The pets are going just as well over there as they are here. I have a special some one that has a bunch of professions over there that I'm going to go into business with on their server. Look forward to a weekend posting about this new side project. Hard ele bars have been all bought up and I had to craft another round of 4 mini fel reavers as the last 4 all sold last week.

Enchanting mats are in a steady decline now so I'm holding off on stokpiling them to let them settle down some. Shards and celestials have dropped about 15g in price while dust has gone down to about 8g. So now my material prices for them are dust at 8g, essences at 45 and shards at 40. With the event week going on I'm hoping to stokpile a bunch of cheap shards. I noticed the same few people selling tons of GCE's so I might try and make a business arrangement with them for lower prices and constant sales. This would make my enchanting profits much much higher so hopeful for that.

In addition to flipping common gems to suit the daily I've also found a nifty little blue that crops up cheap. It's called Dirk's Command, a level 81 blue strength sword. I see it pop up rather often in the 150g range and resell it for up to 400. Any time that I try to go higher than that though it always comes back unsold so 350 must be the sweet spot. And now that I have a large stash of over 3,000 volatile life I decided to give flipping them a shot by listing them in stacks of 50 and not 200 or 10. I paid 8g each and less than 2 hours later they all sold for 15g each to different people.

Either I got lucky as a son of a bitch or flipping these in stacks of 50 when the patch comes is going to be insane profit. Like always, I'm feeling like it's Christmas time every time a patch is coming. And speaking of flipping, I've noticed a constant trend that wasn't nearly as prevalent during wrath. After raids let out enchanting mat prices skyrocket. And I don't mean by the expected 10 or so gold, no I mean almost double. So I've been taking to stokpiling a fist full of spare shards and a stack or three of dust to resell at a nice profit to the tune of 50% more than I paid for them, all from just knowing the server.

Towards the end of the week I finally came into a decently sized stokpile of savage leather. Now I can get into the item conversion market for leather as I have several of the epic/rare leg armors crafted. I'm keeping 4 of each of the epic versions and 8 of the rares with 4 hides and 20 heavy leather for sale. And I must say, leather conversions are very good money. I sold three hides so far at 100g profit each and a stack of heavy savage leather at 10g profit per piece of leather. Easy money for all the LW's out there.

I'm also starting to branch out more in the bags that I sell from tailoring and crafted a set of 4 imbued netherweave bags on a tip from my lovely lady. Sure enough they all sold the following morning for double the material costs. The netherweb silk may be a bit hard to come by, but any time I see it up it's always under 10g so if TBC enchanting mats are cheap for you this can be a good market to get into.

I looked into selling NR level flasks but those are going at either a loss or 2g profit so I lost a little bit of gold there. I never did see a great market for them any ways even during wrath. I was interested because lotus is down to 1g but other NR level herbs are needed for glyphs and thus are in short supply. Anybody else having better luck with this one?

Lastly with cata level herb prices starting to come down, I'm taking to xmuting rare gems to keep my profits on them up. Since the supply basically shut off this week I've had to readjust my sale prices for them and this is letting me keep the material prices low on a select few of them. The only problem is that purples are nonexistent due to them being used in a daily for 4 days in a row. Screw that noise. I also need them to make meta gems which are in short supply lately and I still want to have two stacks ready for the patch. Still trying to find a balance here.

I'm still slowly building a stokpile of pyrite ore. I dropped another 7k on it this week bringing me up to a total of 30 stacks hanging around the bank. If nothing else I'm getting it for half market price when it's in the bottom end of it's pricing cycle so if I lose out and it won't prospect into epic gems later on I'll at least be able to use it all on weapon chains and buckles for eternity.

I sold another elementium death plate this week for 10k. I've had to lower the price to accommodate the changes in truegold prices. On that note, here's a very important tip for those of you that sell boe epics: NEVER LOOK AT THE AH CUT! Seriously, it makes me cry any time I happen to glance at it.

Also how are you liking the screen shots of my sales that I've been adding in? Do you think they make the reports better? Worse? Doesn't matter? Go back to plain text?

Thanks for stopping by!