Monday, February 28, 2011

Report: 3-1

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Previous week gold total: 982,000g
Total sales: 279,000
Weekly spending: BROKEN ADDON! Probably a lot.
Weekly profit: 3,000 (after vial of the sands)
Current gold total: 985,000

Profits from MySales:

Gems, LW, & misc:

Tailoring & vendor pets:

Enchanting & smithing:

Engineering & mining:

As you can guess from yesterday, it's been a good week for your favorite goblin. Good for selling and great for buying, teehee!

Detailed Recap:
Finally! I picked up the recipe for the intellect meta gem for 12k and now have access to all three of them. So far I've made back my investment and am starting to profit on the strength version with agility not being too far behind. At a 12k price tag I should make my money back on the new one in about two weeks at most. I also grabbed the agility bracer enchant for 7k and am hoping to find the strength version for around the same price. I'm really hoping that Blizz makes crystals a little bit more available and does another gear reset and rains down the purples in the next tier of content.

I also want to thank everybody that suggested the plate pvp boe gear. If I didn't hear so many people claiming it was a great market I wouldn't have gotten into it. So far I've sold 5 sets of shoulders and towards the end of the week I got another fist full of sales for assorted other pieces at a great (100%) profit on the materials. It's been doing so well that I've picked up the recipes for all of the other pieces and they started selling that very night. The only down side is that my BS/ench banker main read head chica is at ZERO bag space. Dear god this can be a pain sometimes.

Since I got into the market fool, that's when!

With large brilliant shards being hard to come by my twink scrolls have been lagging very far behind. But the good part is that when I can get a half way decent price on them they sell hours later. Healing power and mighty int are the ones that are selling the most currently with 4 stats not even being looked at. I wonder why that is.

But I managed to catch a bunch of people dumping enchanting materials throughout the week from eternal essences (thank god!) to abyss crystals. So much so that I'm over a thousand infinite/hypnotic dust, 200 cosmics and abyss crystals. So yeah, I now have a bank tab and half a personal bank filled to the brim with mats. I think I'm good for a while.

The sales on gem bags and imbued nether bags have picked up as well which has put a huge damper on my arcane dust supply. I think I'm down to about 4 stacks left with goose scrolls still going fast. Also the LW profession bags have sold out and I've completely cleaned to AH of borean leather so I'm having to scanage again. Though I'll be honest and say that's my own fault. I completely forgot almost all week to look for more to stokpile. But this has made me realize that I can raise the price on the bags by another 50g up to 200 total.

And thank god I took the time to level up my mining on my shaman. Pyrium bars have gone up to over triple the cost of the ore which makes zero sense. So I've taken to selling any spare bars that I might have in addition to the buckles. This has been saving me a ton of money just like in wrath so I highly suggest that you have access to a miner either personally or through a friend that doesn't mind helping from time to time.

Also on the JC front I've had to start buying up raw gems again, even the flood of blue and yellows believe it or not. Things have just been selling that fast so thank god I've been stokpiling all of the gems I get from prospecting and not just dumping them. In fact I'm cutting and selling so many that I'm really considering turning my warrior scribe into a secondary gem banker.

If epic gems are on the horizon I'm going to be SOL it seems. I keep selling out of pyrium bars with buckle sales and there's just no room on Stokpile to hold the new influx of gems. Add into that the fact that there's still a ton of rare gem cuts that I don't have I'm going to be way behind. So if/when they come out I'll definitely need to make one of my crafters into another banker just to handle the inventory. I'm just hoping that it's still a very very long way off.

I've also been experimenting with other enchanting scrolls that need maelstrom crystals and they too seem to be a loss. I've made one lava walker and one assassin's step scroll with the cheapest crystals I can feasibly find and neither have sold. Ah well, it seems that anything using crystals is a long way off from being profitable.

Randomly pointing out that goblin barbecue's are actually selling very well. You have to be careful on the price of the food though because they're known to spike up to 8g each when their normal price range is under half that. I've also been having great sales on the mini squirrel pets from engineering. You can usually buy the recipe for like 5g on the AH any given day as it's a very common world drop from low level mobs. It takes a fist full of copper bars and some malachite to make which totals maybe 10g at the worst. So far this week I've managed to sell 8 of them for as high as 50g each.

This is definitely my week for trying new things. I was browsing the AH and noticed another low level enchant going for a decent amount which is +3 stats to chest. Unfortunately I couldn't find any materials handily available so I went down to ZF using my easy access kirin tor ring on the DK and farmed up a few shards. They're listed at 75g on the AH so I'll be pricing accordingly. I imagine they're selling well because 4 stats scrolls are never up there since I can't find cheap LBS anymore.

I've also had to increase the amount of red gems that I list again. Now instead of listing them 3 at a time I'm putting up 6 when originally I was only posting 3 at a time. They're simply selling that fast. I managed to sell an entire stack of intellect gems in a single day, it's just unreal. On that note, I've finally decided to set all of my scrolls to auto fall back so I can have a full set of bag space on my main once again. I thought I could deal with it but even with max enchanting and normal bags it just isn't enough. The downside is that now working the AH in that market takes at least another 10-15 minutes since I have to cancel and post twice as much.

Towards the end of the week I picked up another huge supply of elementium ore which I could turn into bars. I finally maxed out my gems tab in the bank with a few stacks of rares and a ton of commons. With the excess ore I turned it into bars which were used on another set of pvp boe plate. I've now sold two full sets of it and a few extra chest and bracer pieces.

I think the bots have finally made their way over to my server...

Another thing to add to the list of things that I'm trying out this week are blade ward and blood draining scrolls. Not many people can afford the "proper" tank weapon enchant and there's no other obvious choices to your average "agility are for bear" tank out there. So I'll give them something that they remember being expensive ans shiny... for a price.

Towards the end of the week the miners came out as they usually do and I got myself another massive stokpile of common gems, metas, and ele bars. Hopefully I can stop buying raw gems for a while. On an unrelated note, I'm considering crafting some of the leather pvp gear since I'm doing so well with the plate. That and I finally managed to get a decent sized stokpile together of leather and crafted leg armors and hides. Any suggestions?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I can just suggest the leather pvp gear, in all 4 varieties. I' selling the Hunter/Enh.Shamy the most, but also the others do well. So it could be another lucrative market for you.

  2. I make the leather agi pvp stuff & it sells. I only maxed a few days ago but have sold 3 or 4 boots & a few other bits since then. With the virtually 'free' savage leather from the tol barad crocs, it's pretty easy to make 2 or 3 items every day (if you're doing the TB dailies anyway, that is).

    Pyrium bars are stupid money on my server too - I don't have a high lvl miner yet but I got about 10 bars floating around so decided to flog them - they all sold in minutes at 21g+ each! Definitely gonna tap up my hubby for some smelting time this week!

  3. Hey there, great post again, as always!

    One major change in my daily AH postings compared to yours, is that I am listing 15 of every single gemcut I got (superior/meta) along with 10+ of every uncut (uncommon/superior/meta) when the prices can indicate profit.

    Some people might say that this can cost me some gold in deposits, but when I often sell 40+ Brilliant Inferno Rubies every single night, I do not agree.

    However, great post, keep it up! :)

  4. Savage Leather has completely tanked in value on my server. This means the PvP gear has gone way down too. Idk if its TB crocs or farmers or what, but its a depressed market right now.

    Savage Leather is selling for 3g-4g per piece. Scraps are going for 10g-12g per stack. Heavy Savage is between 25g-35g each. I spent 3k gold the other night on Savage and scraps--bought all of it listed at or below 3g/each. Next morning? Another 200+ stacks of both.

    WoLK chants still selling very well. And the costs are climbing as mats continue to be rare. Berserking is up to 650g ea. and 2H Agility is going for 850g.

    Flasks are way down, most likely due to guild advancement. It would be nice to have some play in this market--but it seems grim.

    I'm making way more on the individual DMF cards than the trinket sets. Volcano decks were selling for under 10k last night, seven listed in the AH. Cards? I sold 2 Waves for 1,250g each and one Ember for 1,800g--in a single 48 hour cycle.

  5. @ Anon
    I do the same with a few specific gem cuts and am still slowly increasing my red int gem listing amount. But I have a few major competitors and have new campers once again so I can't really do that right now.

    @ Nev
    I had my fun converting pyrium ore into bars as well, but with bots running around it's not a profitable as it once was on most days lately. I'll go on and make a set of the leather agil gear and see what happens. Leather hasn't crashed yet so it could be viable for a little bit longer I think.

  6. Gonna chime in with agreement on the leather PvP gear. I just transferred Cho'gall Horde side and I currently only have my main (BS/LW). I came over with only 50k, the rest of my gold on my old server, purchased six bank tabs which set me down to 40kish, and in five days I was back up to 71k with a bunch of leather/bars in the bank, too. 75% of that is PvP gear; the rest are BC/WotLK LW/BS items that still sell well and belt buckles.

    tl;dr PvP gear is amazing sales. I can't keep up with the leather demand here.

  7. First off, grats on hitting the million! Loving the gems market right now.
    Also, a pretty please. Could you toss us a note on your MySales settings? I have wrestled with it and can't seem to get it to only show one toons sales. Always shows all my toons sales. Also, do you purge your MySales data weekly to get your screenshots?
    Thanks much for all, love your work!