Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Warcraft Millionaire...again

As of 7:30 early Sunday morning I've done it again, I have broken the million gold marker. The sale that pushed me over this important milestone was a Tranquil Mechanical Yeti which sold for 362 gold. I have submitted an interview to for hitting the new gold cap so look for it to pop up soon.

(Click to see the full bank screen)

I started my account back up about two months ago. When I logged on I had about 450k left in the Lunch Money guild bank. And as of today I once again have over 1,000,000 gold. How do I do it? I'm territorial. I'm observant. I'm clever. And I'm aware that there's more to the AH than finding something that's rare and profiting. I also understand the fact that making gold is exponential in that the more you have the more you can make.

I diversify my markets as much as possible so when I'm dealing with low profits on meta gems, enchanting scrolls are doing well to help make up for it. I try and work as many markets as I can squeeze into my 60ish minutes of AH time and no matter how much profit X market is making me I'll drop it if the time isn't worth it. All hail the 80/20 rule, 80% of your profits must come from 20% of your effort or things will be far more work than they could be. In short I work smart, not hard. I have a set undercut of 4g which I change according to the current market situation. If something like nether bags sell very fast I'll drop it down to only 1g, but if it's a high ticket item like boe epics I'll go up to 50.

I'd like to thank Blizzard for making common gems vendor for 9g and giving me so many ways to cut costs on materials. I thank the farmers of course that supplied my unquenchable thirst for more inventory, I wouldn't be where I am without them. Hi Bombardment! Of course I thank my girl who helped keep things fun and interesting when she carved out her own niche markets and clobbered anybody that even looked her way.

Now how did I manage to do it so fast this time? Well the answer should be obvious, I already had the infrastructure in place. I had all of the professions at 450, a large amount of capital to fund skill ups, and I already had my methods and routines down. If you're just starting out of course you can't expect to make 200k in a week. The most important thing you can actually have to work the AH up to the gold cap is a process, a method, and near maxed professions. You shouldn't be after excess, but access. I worked very hard to become 100% self sufficient and that is one of the greatest factors of my success.

On an entirely unrelated note. If you're have an ego the size of Un'Goro crater like I do you can turn up the damnedest things when you google yourself. For example if you google Stokpile, my blog and several of my posts come up right in line. I also found a link to another wow/mmo blog type site that's pretty nifty called mmomeltingpot. And apparently they wrote an article about this blog O.o

As for what's next for me, well I don't know of anybody that has hit TWO million gold yet so that's a reasonable goal. I bought my girl a vial of the sands which she spent the whole day tickled about and bought myself the recipe for strength to bracers enchant. We spent the next hour or two flying all around outlands and Mt. Hyjal taking screen shots with me in my "lookin' good" gear set and her on the drake. Here's a few of the screens I took.

For the time being though, I plan on picking up the missing world drop enchanting recipes if/when they pop up on the AH and start putting a raid together to get the ones from ulduar, but that's a ways off.

Little by little and step by step you can get here too. Stop by this blog each and every day and you'll learn new ways to improve yourself and increase your profits. Tell your friends, tell your guilds, tell everyone. You can be rich as well whether you have 2k to start out with or 200,000. It doesn't matter, you can do it.

Now what to buy...maybe a raid guild?


  1. Congratulations again! You make gold like no one else!

    Cant wait to here were you go next!

    Welcome back to the millionairs club ha

  2. That is awesomesauce! Congrats Stokpile!!!

  3. Congratulations.

    Only comment on what you wrote is...there has to be enough people at 2 million. I believe I am far from the richest on my server....and I am at 1.3million. My goal is 10million.


  4. Grats Stok! 1 Million is crazy, and also my Goal, Lol... I look forward to reading about the Road to the next Million ! :)

  5. You, Sir, are an inspiration & a fountain of knowledge! Big Congratz from me too :) I so need to get my head around your methods 'cos although mine are ok, I'm still in the work hard phase. I'm learning though so hopefully I should get to the work smart phase soon :)

  6. Congratulations! You have just accomplished the "top tier" of goldmaking! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. Thank you everyone I really appreciate it. But unlike last time, a million gold doesn't signify the end of the blog, not by a long shot. I still have my new side project to work on for one which I just haven't had time for because of RL work.

    Like the old saying goes of teaching a man to fish, I'll give all the info and ideas that I have but I can't do anything for you. Learn and apply on your server at your pace at your prices.

    Here's to more gold making posts and there is much more to come, so stick around!

  8. Congrats Stokpile! An impressive feat to be sure. I look forward to reading more of your work, and can't wait to read that interview!

  9. Congratulation Stokpile!
    I think your WoW goldmaking blog is the best by far! I havent played in close to a year myself but I still follow yours. Both your writing style and content is amazing :D.
    PS 2 millions was so wotlk :P DS

    (I made around 2.5 million from 0 in wotlk, started by finding out that enchant scrolls sold for a profit when I leveled my proffesions and went from there... Just like you I had most of the professions at max ( had no LW and engineering at just 300ish, had all the pet's though, even the frog since I could farm the green dragons as warlock)
    I most likely one of the most stubborn people in existance and undercuters and whiners tears was what fed my work, in the end, all the botting in AH and the decline in the game made my jump the ship. I learnt a good deal on the journey though and made me even more interested in economics, too bad I got an engineer degree^^).

  10. Stok I'd like to see a post on streamlining your processes. I'm amazed you get it all done in two hours a day. I feel like once I go into stokpiling/crafting/auctioning mode 3-4 hrs flies by and I don't have time for anything else.

  11. Congratulations!

    I’ve been a huge fan of your blog and even have it bookmarked on my blackberry so I never miss a post. I was so disappointed when you closed up a few months ago and so excited to see your return! You blog has inspired me to play the AH more seriously and using what I have learned from you I just hit 200K in net worth. Can’t wait to see you hit two million!

  12. Stok,

    Congratulations on hitting the one million mark. Like others, I have been not only impressed by your WoW wealth but also how efficient your routine is since I spend 3 hours a day myself working on crafting/auctioning. Looking forward to your future posts and that two million mark screenshot!

    I would imagine any raiding guild would love to have the financial backing of your gold-making empire. Are you seriously considering this "side project"?

  13. @ Dale

    Seek and ye shall find.

  14. congratz Stock. I can't wait to hit the one million gold marker. I profit about 50k a week so it won't be too far off :)

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