Monday, February 7, 2011

A Farm I love to do

NOTE: The love is in the air event is now live. For horde you can que for the boss as many times as you want every day from Steamwheedle Shyster in front of Gromash hold (where Garrosh is). The first time you do it in a day you get 24 justice points, but the boss always drops i346 neck items for every spec. What this means to every goblin is that you can expect the price of heavenly shards to drop a bit this week as every neck is blue and can be DE'd into a full heavenly shard.

What's that? Yes I am actually writing an entry dedicated to me farming. And no I don't mean something clever like vendor goodies or some such, I mean honest to god "go out there and kill shit" sort of farming. Scary I know but don't run and hide your kids, hide your wife, or hide your husbands.

Bots got you down? Want to learn how to survive in pvp without dealing with the "lol lf 85 dulz in org"? Look no further for I have found an answer! While messing around with my girl on game the other day we decided to go farm some embersilk on our mages. We don't need any particularly as there's 10 stacks in the GB and it's at a steady price now, but it's something to do to spend time together while waiting on dungeon ques to pop up.

Out in the twilight highlands there's a section of the shoreline just north of dragonmaw port that is flooded with respawning naga. The waves come in groups of 1-5 at once and include melee and casters. We spent at least 30 minutes there (the normal dungeon que time) as just the pair of us taking on an unending horde of naga and never once got bored. The profit from this farm, if you only care about the gold, is the boat loads of embersilk cloth. In the first 30 minutes we had collected over 4 stacks of it each.

At roughly 80g per stack that's a nice 320g a piece or 640 per hour. Is that great cash? Of course it's not. Though it will make a nice place to farm bracelets for the Valentine's event if they're insane money like they were last year. But that's not the true value I place on this farm.

The high point to it in my opinion is that it's a good way for you to teach yourself to survive in pvp. Mind you I said "good" and not "amazing." The casters cast slow and frostbolts so you'll have to find a way to get on your target and kite the melee. This is mostly a training run for survival and not so much for killing because you don't have to worry about them running away from you. The melee do heavy damage and can knock you into the air so if you're in cloth greens like we mostly are, this will give you a run for your money.

The idea here is doing something more than zoning out or killing time as your reason to farm. It's to learn a practical skill with a small bonus of gold at the end of it and it's just as fun with 3 people as it is solo.

You focus one and spam polymorph when it's about to come off, cone of cold to root one, pet freeze to throw a big crit one another and deep freeze your kill target to lance them down. Use early frost for fast cast frost bolts to keep another melee slowed down. Chain mage ward and ice barrier and switch around your armors if you're fighting more melee or casters accordingly. Conserving your mana gems and/or potions and pop icy veins and evocate when you get into a pinch. Then you have to blink away once they catch up to you and loot your kills while avoiding the incoming 3 naga that are about to aggro you all at the same time! If that doesn't give you a rush not much in this game will I swear.

The ability to kite one or two mobs while trying to DPS down a third is a talent that is -very- sought after in high end raids and guilds even though it's rarely stated directly. Think of all the fights that need adds kited or otherwise controlled when sheep isn't an easy option? Bosses like DBS or big fat and ugly who ever in ice crown, every other boss in TBC. It's a favorite mechanic that Blizz likes to throw in. Now if you could walk into a guild and say with supreme confidence that you can do the kiting job flawlessly you my friend have got yourself a raid spot.

Then there's countless times you can save wipes in random heroics by being able to kite a few mobs long enough for the healer to catch up. Personally I do this very often on my dk by gripping one away hit blood pres to pull threat on a second that got away from the tank, then hopping into unholy presence and spamming chains of ice and hungering cold until the situation is back under control then going back to the standard dps rotation.

The idea here is that while farming vendor bait, DE'd greens and cloth, you can also learn something to improve your game play. And not just getting better at something that's almost useless like juggling chainsaws, but a very practical skill that you can use in every single instance run. And you feel just so damned pimp when you solo a group of 5 mobs in greens like a boss.

Though juggling 4 running chains saws would be pretty damned epic.

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