Thursday, February 10, 2011

Profession overview: Tailoring & Engineering

I decided to merge these two professions into a single entry as they're both niche professions. Each one works in a very small market with low competition and high demand. Each one will have it's own section in this entry.


- Constant income through bags
- Weekly CD makes huge profit
- Very easy to work

- Prices of frostweave can be very high
- Requires a good amount of afk time to craft enough bags.

Best sellers:
- Netherweave bag
- Ghostly spellthread
- Sapphire spellthread

Bags, Bags, Bags! Netherweave bags will sell 2 minutes after you list them. A stack of netherweave cloth turns into exactly enough bolts to craft a netherweave bag which I sell for up to 30g while buying the cloth for on average 7g/stack. Keep in mind that it's very common to find stacks of cloth at 3g/stack and bolts of cloth at an equally low price so keep an eye out for them. I list bags in sets of 8 because each new alt needs at least 4 of them and some people buy one or two for their bank as well. Whichever the case may be, you want to be sure that you have a good number up as they do go very fast. For the other bags like imbued netherweave or frost weave I list in sets of 4.

After that is your weekly CD which is almost free money. I make a pair of each type of epic thread with my dream cloth and list them from 500g to 1200. I mostly base the price range for the epic threads on the average price of all of the volatiles needed and basically ignore the chaos orbs. I ignore the orbs because there's really nothing else to do with them for me as I'm not wanting to grab any patterns from the vendor with them and it has no CD on it so if you are good with the dice and have a ton of them, I'd consider it free money. Also depending on your server, dream of skywall might be a loss of money due to the high price of air on most servers. Though with the patch their drop rate is being increased so this might not be the case once things settle down.


Engineering and mining don't have that much to sell, but what they do has a solid amount of demand. That and it is low competition with high profit. Just what every goblin wants.

- Small niche market
- Low competition
- High profit per sale

- Materials can be very complicated to know what is needed for what
- Low number of items to sell
- Have to farm gnomeragan for the plans to make the minipets

Best sellers:
- Pet bombling
- Hardened elementium bar
- Personal world destroyer

The first you'll want to do is head over to Gnomer and kill mobs until you get the plans for lil smokey and pet bombling. They'll sell for up to 250g each and the materials are dirt cheap. You'll also have to get the vendor sold plans for fused wiring. Now fused wiring requires delicate copper wire, a JC made item. The good thing is it's cheap as hell to make and is the first thing you learn as a JC. That means you can make a lvl 1 alt, send it 1g and some copper and craft a million of them.

You also should be crafting a personal world destroyer or it's gnomish counter part. You'll only be able to craft one or the other based on your specialization, be it goblin or gnomish. If possible, find a friendly engineer to make you one of the new mini pets with a different enggy spec than yours to branch out even more. For these pets I have a max price of 950g, undercut by 15g, and have yet to sell one for less than 800 as competition is truly that low.

After that is the hard ele bars with mining. Convert your normal ele bars and some volt earths into these and sell in stacks of 2. I say 2 because they're used to buy black smithing recipes and they cost 2 each. It will get you some sales even when there's cheaper singles up at the same time. I mention mining because it can save you a ton on material costs for when 2 ore is cheaper than bars. That and it's absurdly easy to work. On that note, if you're on one of those odd servers where ore is almost free, it's probably worth it to smelt your own bars rather than buying them. Make sure to check before you go out stokpiling all of the metal you need.

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  1. Thanks for the post. Great information as always.

    I am leveling a tailoring alt right now and was hoping for some advice on whether I should do the rep grind for Wrath level spellthread patterns. She is 71 and has the pattern for BC spellthread (int/stam version), which doesn't seem to be a huge seller. The Wrath ones require being exalted with Kirin Tor and Argent Crusade I believe.

  2. @ Der
    Honestly, I wouldn't think it's a good idea to grind out the rep for kirin tor. While the NR threads do sell well, it isn't worth the time in my opinion as it can take a damned long time to reach exalted now.

    As far as I know you need to do heroics or the handful of dailys to get rep. I don't remember what the deal was with the "commendation" badges though if you can still get them easily or not.

  3. What does "NR" stand for?

  4. Steve,
    NR stands for Northrend

    Can't wait for the Blacksmithing post! :)
    Kind regards

  5. Have you ever tried to sell mooncloth bags? the mats are cheap(my server under 5g) and they sell for the same as netherweave or more also they are not BOE. i afk craft the cloth thou takes forever to make (long craft time + moonwell)