Monday, February 7, 2011

Report: 2-8

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Previous week gold total: 642,000
Total sales: 308,592
Weekly profit: 66,000
Stokpiling costs: 178,500
Current gold total: 708,000

Profits from MySales:

Gems, LW, & misc:

Tailoring & vendor pets:

Enchanting & smithing:

Glyphs & inscription:

Engineering & mining:

Ok no more buying epics for me! Got my second soul blade for 22k and got my girl a few new shinys as well. And now I'm swearing off the purples... I hope. It's also been a couple of weeks of daily glyph research and haven't gotten the new warrior glyph. My guess is you can't learn it anymore so here's to hoping it comes back soon with a few more. I'm basically making around 80k-90k profit each week but spending a good amount on gear. If I can just stop that for a month I'll be at a million gold again by the end of March.

Detailed Recap:
First a short amusing story about how I acquired my second soul blade. I recently got in contact with the guy that ran the ICC raid escort that I purchased before I planned to quit way back when. He's now in the top guild on the server so I asked if they have one for sale. He said that they didn't and he'd keep an eye out for one from his guild or a friends guild. I told him that my offer was 25k as that's what I paid for the first one. Not an hour later I see one being sold in /2 and I asked what they wanted.

They said 20k ish so I offered 22 and bought it. Fast forward 20 minutes later the guy that was looking for one finds out that I bought it from a guy he recommended to find me. Saying that he would have a promised sale if he'd wait for me at 25k and gave him my main 2 names. Since they weren't patient to wait an hour I got it for 3k less while on a different toon. See folks? Just give it time and you can get that extra little bit on your high end epics.

I mentioned last week briefly that I had finally learned the epic leg armor recipes for LW and haven't sold any. That was when I was writing the report the night before I posted it. The following day I had sold three of them for 200g profit on one and 300g profit on the other pair. At this rate I'll have made my money back from skilling up to craft those in a few weeks. Quite hopeful here. The only issue with it is having to port back and forth from Org to the highlands to exchange leather to hides which I already know is going to get old fast. Mostly because my LW is also my JC and buying toon, but I'm sure I can park another toon there to do the material exchanges for them, but I don't know if that would save much time considering load times.

Thank god I like to stokpile as much as I do because the price of elementium doubled early this week. The ore went from 100g/stack up to 200 and that effected several of my markets. I've ran out of hard ele bars and a ton of rare gems because while materials have gone up, their crafted counter parts haven't risen in stride. To match that I've been digging into my stokpiles of pyrite ore to craft buckles because the price of that has risen as well but for some reason obsidium ore and bars haven't budged in price. Not really sure why that is. I sure hope this doesn't last too long because I'm running low on a few colors of gems and hard ele bars are simply gone.

However I was able to take advantage of the ore and bar shortages by getting back into a market I've been missing. One with high profits, low maintenance and zero competition. Weapon chains! Pyrium weapon chains require a single pyrium bar to craft so that means it costs me only 20g to make as I bought all of my ore at 10g/ea. So far on my first night of selling I sold the two that I had up and another pair the day after. And the plans only cost 20 elementium bars to buy which is a bit cheaper than 2 hard ele bars like the rest of the pvp gear. Look into this one if you haven't already.

Meanwhile on the engineering front pets have been selling very well. On another server that I play on is a rogue that's also an engineer/miner with the same markets on a high pop pvp server while my main server is pve and medium pop. The pets are going just as well over there as they are here. I have a special some one that has a bunch of professions over there that I'm going to go into business with on their server. Look forward to a weekend posting about this new side project. Hard ele bars have been all bought up and I had to craft another round of 4 mini fel reavers as the last 4 all sold last week.

Enchanting mats are in a steady decline now so I'm holding off on stokpiling them to let them settle down some. Shards and celestials have dropped about 15g in price while dust has gone down to about 8g. So now my material prices for them are dust at 8g, essences at 45 and shards at 40. With the event week going on I'm hoping to stokpile a bunch of cheap shards. I noticed the same few people selling tons of GCE's so I might try and make a business arrangement with them for lower prices and constant sales. This would make my enchanting profits much much higher so hopeful for that.

In addition to flipping common gems to suit the daily I've also found a nifty little blue that crops up cheap. It's called Dirk's Command, a level 81 blue strength sword. I see it pop up rather often in the 150g range and resell it for up to 400. Any time that I try to go higher than that though it always comes back unsold so 350 must be the sweet spot. And now that I have a large stash of over 3,000 volatile life I decided to give flipping them a shot by listing them in stacks of 50 and not 200 or 10. I paid 8g each and less than 2 hours later they all sold for 15g each to different people.

Either I got lucky as a son of a bitch or flipping these in stacks of 50 when the patch comes is going to be insane profit. Like always, I'm feeling like it's Christmas time every time a patch is coming. And speaking of flipping, I've noticed a constant trend that wasn't nearly as prevalent during wrath. After raids let out enchanting mat prices skyrocket. And I don't mean by the expected 10 or so gold, no I mean almost double. So I've been taking to stokpiling a fist full of spare shards and a stack or three of dust to resell at a nice profit to the tune of 50% more than I paid for them, all from just knowing the server.

Towards the end of the week I finally came into a decently sized stokpile of savage leather. Now I can get into the item conversion market for leather as I have several of the epic/rare leg armors crafted. I'm keeping 4 of each of the epic versions and 8 of the rares with 4 hides and 20 heavy leather for sale. And I must say, leather conversions are very good money. I sold three hides so far at 100g profit each and a stack of heavy savage leather at 10g profit per piece of leather. Easy money for all the LW's out there.

I'm also starting to branch out more in the bags that I sell from tailoring and crafted a set of 4 imbued netherweave bags on a tip from my lovely lady. Sure enough they all sold the following morning for double the material costs. The netherweb silk may be a bit hard to come by, but any time I see it up it's always under 10g so if TBC enchanting mats are cheap for you this can be a good market to get into.

I looked into selling NR level flasks but those are going at either a loss or 2g profit so I lost a little bit of gold there. I never did see a great market for them any ways even during wrath. I was interested because lotus is down to 1g but other NR level herbs are needed for glyphs and thus are in short supply. Anybody else having better luck with this one?

Lastly with cata level herb prices starting to come down, I'm taking to xmuting rare gems to keep my profits on them up. Since the supply basically shut off this week I've had to readjust my sale prices for them and this is letting me keep the material prices low on a select few of them. The only problem is that purples are nonexistent due to them being used in a daily for 4 days in a row. Screw that noise. I also need them to make meta gems which are in short supply lately and I still want to have two stacks ready for the patch. Still trying to find a balance here.

I'm still slowly building a stokpile of pyrite ore. I dropped another 7k on it this week bringing me up to a total of 30 stacks hanging around the bank. If nothing else I'm getting it for half market price when it's in the bottom end of it's pricing cycle so if I lose out and it won't prospect into epic gems later on I'll at least be able to use it all on weapon chains and buckles for eternity.

I sold another elementium death plate this week for 10k. I've had to lower the price to accommodate the changes in truegold prices. On that note, here's a very important tip for those of you that sell boe epics: NEVER LOOK AT THE AH CUT! Seriously, it makes me cry any time I happen to glance at it.

Also how are you liking the screen shots of my sales that I've been adding in? Do you think they make the reports better? Worse? Doesn't matter? Go back to plain text?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I absolutely love the Posts, Regardless of how you "enhance" them, I've tried myself over at my blog to follow your example and idea of a weekly report. Keep doing what you're doing. excellent addition In my opinion! :)

  2. I'm another avid reader although I don't think I've commented before so for that, I apologise :) I like to break up a wall of text with a relevant pic or diagram if I can. Just seems a little less intimidating I think. I really struggle to keep my posts short (or comments as well, come to think of it!) so at least with a piccy or two, it gives the eyes a little break.

    Whatever format it's in, it's all good info & I like the depth of detail so as Syn said, keep doing what you're doing :)

  3. @ Syn
    Glad you're trying to follow the same thing. I think all gold bloggers should to be honest as it gives a more in depth look into what they're up to aside from "I craft this and sell that."

    When I first started reading gold blogs, I wanted to know WHY this or that. Anybody can figure out the what portion of it all.

    @ Nev
    I recognize your name from a few comments back. I always wind up with longer posts because detail is very important in the AH game. And if I only posted a paragraph or two it wouldn't be much more than "sell this because it's good money." I think that sort of shorts the reader on the information a bit.

  4. Plain text would be fine; if other people like the screenshots, don't stop on my account. On the NR flasks, I like to use them for running heroics; possibly the patch buff to the Luck of the Draw could increase demand, though I expect it'd take a bit of advertising to get people to think about using them. (I also had a stockpile of NR herbs left over from Wrath.)

  5. Great to see you back mate i have only just realised it been great reading over your exploits of the last month or so.