Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Profession overview: Enchanting

NOTE: I'm looking for an addOn that will track all of the money that I spend on my entire account. I'm just interested in a -very- light weight addOn that will track my purchases across all of my toons at once and not just one character at a time. I don't need to know what it was spent on or any kind of detailed breakdown, just a total amount and not something that will only track on a per character basis. I'm trying to cut out the daily effort I have to put into keeping track of my spending manually to improve time and accuracy. Cookies if you know what I'm looking for.

Today is the beginning of my profession overview series, starting with enchanting. I'll be covering each profession over the rest of the week and part of next week as well. Some will be combined together as their entries would be rather tiny otherwise.

The goal here is to give people a high level view of what the profession is all about with what their best sellers are, pricing guides, and any quick tips on methods as well. To this day, enchanting is still my favorite market. It's my own AH monstrosity, multi-level business, and gold printing machine. I With that said, here's the good and the bad of enchanting.

- Massive income and profit
- Limited competition for many scrolls
- Ability to acquire materials easily and cheaply through disenchanting
- Great synergy with a jeweler

- Scarcity of old world materials
- Bag space is nonexistent
- Requires a decent time investment to acquire old recipes
- Can be difficult to manage full scale

Best sellers:
- chest, Mighty stats
- weapon, Berserking
- weapon, Hurricane
- weapon, Avalanche
- gloves, mastery
- gloves, Haste
- boots, Haste
- boots, Precision
- staff, Greater spellpower
- weapon, Mighty intellect
- chest, Greater stats

When working enchanting, you need to think that each "level" of enchanted scroll is it's own market. TBC scrolls are an entirely different market from cataclysm level enchants and the same for NR level ones. You'll usually have different competitors in each of them so they should be treated individually. You'll want to be sure to post your expensive enchants in low quantities so people get to thinking that there's not many people willing to do them and put them up after raid times. People just love instant gratification.

I get the most profit and sales from NR enchants with weapon enchants selling for 400g across the board. I buy the dust at 2g each, cosmics at 5, and abyss crystals up to 15g each. Don't forget that you can still DE green rings with common NR gems if you have a JC and you can also shatter abyss crystals which is profitable all by itself. If you come into a large stokpile of abyss crystals to save some coin on the lower materials if they're cheap.

But dream shards, on my server at least, are basically free at less than 50 silver each. Prices on the shards tends to vary depending on who's cleaning out the bank at the time. Because of that I regularly buy about 500 shards every week or every other week and have yet to overflow with them when another flood comes to the AH.

With that being the case it is very easy and cheap to get all of the good NR enchant recipes. The only choke point you'll hit is illusion dust and eternal essences. These are always in short supply and typically expensive, but the profit you can get from things like mighty intellect and greater stats is too much to resist.

As for stack sizes, I list everything in singles aside from +15 agility which I list in stacks of 2. I keep a stock of 4 of each scroll I sell and list no more than two of a particular scroll at a time except for the high rate of sales ones like mighty stats or hurricane.

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  1. Hi Stockpile - nice read

    As for the addon you are looking for - take a look at Fubar_money


    I have been running with this addon for years now and it gives me all the info i want/need :)


  2. @ Dezi
    Thanks a lot I'll check it out tonight. I remember using the whole fubar suite ages ago when I first started playing, but dropped them as I didn't need 90% of it. But things are somewhat different these days hehehe.

  3. I like Auditor a lot. You can do some different things with it based on how you'd like to see your money.


    It is made for LibDataBroker (LDB) so it will work with any of the addons that display info using LDB (lots of options there).

  4. Great read as always. Give this add-on a look over its what i use to keep track of my spending even tracks trade window. http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/accountant.aspx

  5. @ Stokpile, I also use Money Fu on Fubar, but will be lookig at Kevin's suggestion. Doing business from my main frequently via a trade window, there have been a lot of sales missed in beancounter. Money Fu track by the toon or accaount and gives you weekly, daily and session totals, pretty neat. But I forgot what I traded some DMCs for via trade and lost track of stuff that way. If accountant does that, I will likely drop auctioneer alltogether in favor of auctionator. happy goblineering.

  6. The winner of interweb cookies is Dale with the suggestion for Auditor. It's exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much! It just adds another icon to the compass to mouse over and you can tell it what to track and who to track it on. Best part is it includes AH deposits as well. Too cool.

    Now doing my weekly reports will be much easier when it comes to showing how much I spent that week on mats and purples.

    Cookies be here!

  7. I am a new player, not a newb lol, so please forgive. What does "NR" mean? By your description of mats, I'm guessing WotLK-level chants, but I'm not sure, and haven't heard that term before.