Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy fun time screen shots!

Fake material today sorta. Just another collection of rather amusing screen shots that I've collected since I got back into the game a few months ago. Some are funny, some are examples of my playing the AH and some are just strange. Also I wanted to remind you that there's an open invitation to make an alt DK or something on Ysera horde side if you want to have a chat with me. Be sure to make it horde though because I'm rarely on my alliance toons these days.

The names I'm on the most are Shaeded, Zurathustra, Stokpile, and Deadfish. Mind you I'm not on game unless I have something to do so I'll probably be in an instance, but I can pew pew or tanky tank with the best of them and still hold an intelligent conversation so don't hesitate if you're interested.


Some people just don't get it.

...still not getting it.

Why prospecting is easy money.

Even the simplest things can sell.

Throne of the Tides trash... srs bsns!

Miners making the wow gold... without actually mining?

Bag space! I needs moar!

I have no idea what you're talking about, so here's a picture of a camel with a lion on it's back.

Me and my leet deeps! If you can't make out the number, it's 15,694 against a drake in Vortex Pinnicle.

Apparently this smarty thinks that crafting, organizing, and supplying should be free!

The AH pile himself done ran out of room after being restocked with gems.

Epic leg armor sells and wins.

And there's even more in the next tab...

Yup, enchanting is dead.

The only time luck is on my side.

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  1. Aren't transmute procs wonderful? That's why I specialize in meta gems for my JC... who is also an alchemist.

  2. Hardened Elementium for 1072g? They go for 145g on my server, about 20% below the cost of materials. Dragonscale is close to the same value. But Jasper at 80g? I see it for 15g all day.

    Nice, er, stockpile though.

  3. @ Dan
    That's the only time where I have decent luck on gambling. When I prospect I need an uber good luck charm to not lose money and the prism is a total waste. But xmutes... om nom nom!

    @ Kammler
    Those aren't the standard day to day prices I assure you. But when you can catch the market at the right time and have things stokpiled to sell plain you sure get happy. Also the jaspers were sold as singles, but the hard ele bars were sold in pairs. Sold auctions don't catch how many were in the stack sadly.

  4. I have some serious problems with a goblin on my server and need some advice :/

    I concentrate on gems mainly and sell 3 at a time with an undercut of 2 ( Amberjewel ) to 5g ( Rubies ), which works out nicely normally. I buy ore for ~70g a stack and prospect it, buy blue gems for up to 100g, transmute all green gems to metas and transmute ember topaz and rubies with mats from the ah/prospecting. Normally rubies get sold at 120-250g, dreadstones/topaz at 90-250g and the rest for 40-200g with 200 being a rare exception.
    I dominate the gem business quite well, but now for the BUT: Each day some goblin comes in puts up 10 gems of a few cuts and sells them for absurdly low prices. While I sell my brilliant rubies for 200g a piece, he puts his up for 70g.
    First I just bought out all gems he put up, so I could resell them with a nice profit, but his seemingly endless supply makes me wonder, if that leads anywhere good. I'm sitting on 30+ of some cuts that will need a week or so to get sold and the supply from his side is still strong.
    How would you handle that situation?

  5. @ Anon
    If you're buying your ore from the AH at that price then so is he and the supply from the miners is basically endless. That means that you won't be able to buy him out completely as he can keep turning it around just as fast as you can buy them up.

    However with ore being that cheap and being able to make good on meta gems, I wouldn't be too too concerned about them. With the profits you make from meta gems that will cover most, if not all, of the costs for your rare gem sales thus making anything they sell for profit. It's the same theory with scribes selling snowfall ink to make their normal inks free and being able to sell a glyph for 1g and have that be profit.

    Short version: don't worry your gem sales are all profit still, just out last them.

  6. Ok, thank you very much :)

  7. I really had fun reading this post! Nice to see whats going on in Stokpile's world!

  8. I too have trouble with some goblins, namely in the ebonsteel belt buckle market
    (and gem market, but ur advice helped me too),
    I'm able to produce a buckle at ~120g-150g and have been selling them at 300g, however goblins undercut me, but i'm afraid to undercut them due to starting a price war.
    So i guess my real question is, should I price to move my products or keep the price high, since I do end up selling a few belt buckles, just not as many?

  9. Love the Post Stok,the Girl Friend and I got a pretty good laugh at your Camel pic as well, we had litterally been talking about the Meme that goes with about 5 minutes before. :)

  10. @ Syntalating
    Stok and I got a really good laugh at the cat on the camel. Moments later that same player went bear form on the camel adding to the laughs. It's hard to dps a boss down when laughing so hard. =)

    That pug was a fun group. We had many laughs along the way with them in that dungeon. Makes pugging worth while when you can get such a group.

    Fickle Little Riddle

  11. @ Anon w/ Buckles
    Your thoughts are right on your buckle market. There is such a high demand for buckles that a 40g undercut is shooting yourself in the foot. You should be able to sell a few each night regardless of their price. When dealing with high rates of sales items a deep undercut isn't a good idea, but don't go down by copper either.

    @ Syn
    You gotta see a lazer turkey riding the camel! It is the funniest thing I've seen in game yet!

  12. LOL, I am so getting my close Friend to switch specs mid instance next Run In there....

  13. hehe some very funny screenshots.

    Gotta love those x6 procs on Shadowspirit!