Friday, June 17, 2011

Crafting rifts 411

Today is a rather short, but extremely useful and important entry none the less. It's on the topic of crafting profession rifts and all of the unknowns surrounding them to the uninformed. It will be just a collection of all the random facts and tidbits of information that I've found out from experience. I've done a handful of these so far and am experienced enough that I can give a ton of random info on them. Unfortunately all that you get told in game is that you can make them and you can get plaques out of the deal along with profession specific mats. That's it.

Being the good goblin that I am (yes I am still a goblin, even in rift) I didn't use a single one before I had all of the essential questions answered. So today I'll be sharing with you all of the info that I've gathered on them. This is all accurate and comes directly from personal experience. I've learned not to trust google or any fan sites as there is so much out of date info that you can't really rely on it without confirming it first hand. Without any further ado, here's what I know on the subject.

- For those with more than one crafting profession on the same toon, you will have the option to start the weekly quest for any of them to get a lure. HOWEVER they all share the same weekly cool down. In other words if you turn in the quest for a rune crafting lure, you will not be able to do one for armor smith that week. So don't craft the quest items unless you want to get that specific lure that specific week. I found this one out the hard way.

- The crafting lure can only be used on a tear

- The level of the tear DOES have an effect. For best results, use the ones in the NW area of shimmer sands. If there aren't any up you'll have to seal all of the other rifts that are up. If you can't solo the last elite just let the timer expire as soon as you get one.

- The level of the zone obviously matters as well. Only use these in stillmoor or shimmer sands to get the most out of it.

- Minor and major tears have no effect, they will always end up being minor in that the mobs are all non-elites minus the bonus boss.

- Each one can be done with a group of 3. They're identical to your average run of the mill minor rifts but with bonus materials and such. Anybody with plate armor and a support healer should do the trick. In fact I did several on my mage with a tank and a dps and we did just fine. We hit all of the timers with plenty left over and downed the bonus stage boss without any problems at all.

- The drop rate of plaques is quite low as one would expect.

- The materials that you can get range all the way from top level stuff that you can gather normally or the hard to come by good stuff such as minor catalysts and eternal dust.

- You can get a plaque from a crafter's rift even if you weren't the one to open it. So long as you have the associated profession you have a shot at it once it's sealed.

- If you come across a group doing a crafting rift and don't get an invite or join publicly, you can still get mats and plaques by helping out. VERY cool.

- Just a personal observation, but it seems that the most common types of lures used in "crafting raids" are for armor and weapon smiths. So should you find yourself able to hop into a group take the toons with one of those professions to increase your chances of getting extra plaques.

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