Sunday, June 12, 2011

Check point reached

Just the other day I reached my first gold making milestone in rift of 100 platinum. I did it through the methods that I have outlined already of day by day profitable runes, material conversions and flipping. Now as important as that may be, that's not exactly something I would dedicate an entire blog entry to. That's what, 2-3 sentences written and then call it a day? That's perfect if you're a gold fish maybe, but I have a bit more to say.

I've written before about how a milestone is an important thing to make note of as it sets a clear goal for yourself. However doing this entirely from nothing gave me a much different perspective on the matter. This is unlike my wow project where I made 50k with no help from level 1 in that I have zero knowledge of the game or it's markets. And neither does 70% of the people playing it for that matter.

Why is having 100 plat so important to me? Because it affords me many luxuries that I turn into business opportunities. I no longer have to count my pennies every day so I can train everything the prof trainers have to offer to make crafting and looking for something easier. I can train every skill for my class in case I want to try out a new spec later on.

I can comfortable invest in my weekly quest (finally!) for a RC plaque or general bidding. Most of these things though are just time savers and are more of a "quality of life" improvement than they are for making the rift money. The biggest improvement that this milestone means for me is that I no longer have to recycle my money.

By that I mean I don't have to go all in as it were every time something sells. Let me give you an example. When I had only 1 plat to my name, buying up junk just to RB was a serious gamble. If I only got crystals from it, I was completely SoL without a back up plan aside from questing more for rewards and vendor trash. So each time I'd sell a few kinetics I'd have to take all of my gold and all of the profit that I had just made and invest every silver coin of it to try and make more.

Now that I have a decent amount considering the level that I'm focusing on right now, I can easily buy 10 stacks of cloth or leather to RB and not worry. I spent the extra 2 plat to get my first alt their mount and another 4 to get a third role purchased just to muck about with and still be able to keep working my markets. By being consciously aware of this, it is allowing me to do exactly what I do best: Stokpile.

Now that I have the essentials out of the way (mounts, alt, extra specs, training, professions) I can focus on building a massive stokpile of RC mats so that once I'm able to do expert dungeons and get a few recipes for high demand runes I can fill that market nicely. I think I'm doing well, my initial goal was to be comfortable financially once I hit 50 and was a few levels ahead of schedule.

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  1. Hey congratulations on reaching 100 plat. I am not even level 30 yet so I still have a lot of work to do. I am running foraging, mining and weaponcrafting so let's see how that turns out. Are you 50 now or do you still have further to go? Also still curious what shard you ended up on.

  2. @ Skill
    Not only am I 50 I already have a 50 alt hehe. Leveling is super easy and is actually fun. Also you took a good combo of professions, not just to support crafting but to make money on the unused mats as well. Once you get to runebirch wood rejoice! And I'll be giving my full details on the what and where later on. I believe that I mentioned before that me and the guild I rejoined (from old wow days) may transfer now that free xfers are coming up soon.

  3. I would be very much interested in joining you guys if you wouldn't mind having me, none of my RL or old wow mates have made the shift with me at this point. Are you playing as Defiant or Guardian?