Saturday, June 25, 2011

Free server transfers

NOTE: In addition to free xfers, many shards were turned into trial only ones which has caused an exceptional amount of people shifting around. So while this was intended to be Monday's entry I felt it was too important to wait because it's happening right now.

Trion just recently put in character transfers which are free and only to select realms. This is one of those big things that will have a massive impact on your local auction house. Since it's free and only have a one week "cool down" on it, this means that people are going to be shuffling around quite a bit. For example, my server WAS a low pop server and is now high and to my knowledge is also locked from other players transferring to it. That was all over the span of a single weekend, which isn't over yet as I'm writing this on Saturday.

What does this mean to you?

Well a lot actually. This means that of all of the possibilities, at least 20 of them are going to happen with you over the next week. Competitors will be leaving, new ones will be joining. A lot of prospective buyers will be coming and going as well. Low pop servers will become medium or high ones so be prepared. I'm going to cover a few important things that you have to look for immediately because you stand to either lose a ton of money or have a chance to triple what you already have.

Check your stokpiles.
With potentially hundreds of people joining your server in a 48 hour period that means there's potentially hundreds of raw materials flying up onto the AH. For me the main thing to be hit were minor catalysts. Before they would rarely go down to 8 platinum and now that is the standard price of them.

On the flip side (mild pun) eternal planar dust has gone up by a platinum and spikes at 8 when it was steady at 4-5 each. So depending on how thing go you may be out a little on your investments or have a chance to make a killing by flipping what you already bought for super cheap compared to the new prices.

Markets: New and old
The main reference to this is my situation with rune crafting. Before xfers came around it was essentially a dead market. Not many sales for not much of a profit. That's entirely different now to the point that I've have to literally triple the amount of mats that I keep stokpiled just to keep up with the new demand. Meanwhile the bag market has been so flooded everything is under material costs again and the prices have even gone up on the mats.

So anything that requires a consistent amount of small sales to be worth it is either going to be amazing now or totally destroyed. In this respect you can think of the flood of xfers going in and out as cleaning the pipes for a breath of fresh air into the auction house. Look over all of your professions and see if anything has opened up.

Price changes.
Yes this one is obvious, but not in the way that I'm thinking. Most people that are trying to work the AH in any degree have likely been playing the game for a while now. And as such they have a good idea of what the normal accepted value or things are, on their old server. Now they're coming over to yours and are trying to sell stuff that will be either much above or below what you may normally expect.

In either case you stand to profit by playing your cards right and taking advantage of people selling at their prices and flipping their stuff. For those who want to sell way above the prices you can undercut them by a lot and seem like a very good deal on your wares while still far above your normal price. Either way, your local prices on just about everything is going to change significantly.

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