Thursday, June 23, 2011

How I'm doin' it wrong

Today I'm going to describe my step by step method of how I work the rift AH. But before that I'm going to start out with a disclaimer because I'm positive that I'm doin' it wrong, hence the title. Simply put, I'm almost certain that there is a better way of doing things that I just haven't discovered yet. Either there's some form of a macro, script, or esoteric addOn plug-in thing that I'm entirely unaware of. There just has to be something I'm missing. That being said, here's the process in it's entirety.

First I log into my banker: the man, the myth, the legend, the lover of all things shiny Stokpile. Ah it's been far too long since I got to do that. I collect any expired and sold auctions while making a note of what has been sold so far, just like I did with enchanting in wow. then I mosey over 5 steps to the auctioneer and open my bags. I'll right click on a rune to search for it and sort everything by lowest unit price. If I'm not the lowest on that one, I'll open the auctions tab, sort by name, and then cancel all of them that I have up.

Since canceling an auction causes the scroll bar to automatically tick back to the top I make sure to keep an eye on how far up or down it was so I don't have to spend so much time looking. I do this for each of the runes that I have in my bags and once I've gone through them all I collect whatever are in the mail. There's a bit of a long delay when canceling auctions so once I have what was there I'll log off and onto my RC. Since my RC is also my OF I'll do the same cycle here in a way. I'll collect the mail and make a note of what's sold. I'll go to the work bench and craft any runes that I need and then a few steps over to the loom and craft any extra bags.

Then I hop over to the AH and start searching fro RC mats, bags, and other things that I stokpile. I'll look for cloth, catalysts, and assorted planar dust and recipes. After that I'll list my wares and hop onto my smith. Same deal, collect mail, note what's sold, craft replacements. The difference here is that all of their items are augmented so I can't just right click to see what's currently being sold. So I'll type in the first 4 letters into the weapon or armor sections. That way I'll cut out just about everything that's up with those same letters in the name though for a few things I don't even need to specify which section. That's a very nice thing to remember as it can save a bunch of time and hassle.

Once that toon's auctions are handled I'll log back onto Stokpile and collect the rest of the canceled auctions along with anything I mailed over. Then I double check each of the runes that I have for sale by right clicking them in an extra step. Granted this isn't entirely necessary as no more than 10-15 minutes have passed, but it's a good precaution to take since I am human and tend to make mistakes from time to time. Once I finish canceling I'll list all of his wares and then call it done until later that evening.

I still haven't figured out a good time frame to aim for when posting auctions. It seems that around 8pm-ish is when people finish up with their chain dungeon runs and runes start to sell more than usual. At 3 or so is when it seems that gear typically sells the best, but these are all very light observations since I sell things on several different toons I don't really know EXACTLY when something sells, only that it has sold. So I try and poke my head in to check their mail throughout the day when I have a spare minute just to see what is selling and when. So far this is as much as I've been able to pin down.

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