Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rift status report

Since I haven't made many official "reports" on my business in rift I figured I should write one about where I stand now. First, my platinum total is 720. I've spent a good number on stokpiling mats that I use regularly and a few epic RC recipes. Next are the professions and right now I have all of them maxed out, but still a number of recipes to get. Here's the score on that front.

Rune crafter: Down to "only" 10 plaques needed, going to take a while if I don't get lucky. You're guaranteed at least one plaque per week from a quest for a crafting lure. But the 15 shell daily, the crafting rift itself and the master level prof daily all have a chance at a plaque. It is probably something like a 5% chance because I've gotten maybe 4 plaques so far for assorted toons by doing all of these dailys. So it could take me 10 weeks or it could take a few days.

Outfitter: Two more plaques and then it is complete. The only recipes that are missing aside form the one are currently below material costs which includes both blues and purples.

Armor smith: Four more recipes and four plaques to go and this one is done for now. So far dark metal plate is pretty popular along with dark metal weapons for assorted classes.

Apothacary: Maxed skill. Buying different token recipes will be the VERY LAST thing that I do, and there's only 3 that might be profitable. Even the high demand ones such as black or white dyes are very questionable on their profit margins. For this profession I'll wait to get them all last unless something major changes.

Artificer: Three more epics to go which takes another 6 plaques. After that I'll have 3 more blue recipes left, each of which will take several days to buy.

Weapon smith: I'm missing two blue recipes which take 212 tokens each to buy and have no competition with. I may end up buying another two for bows after I get the armor recipes. Other than that the only recipes that I'm missing are currently below material costs.

Reputation recipes: This part is going to take a long, long, long time. The obvious reason of needing so much of it isn't the biggest issue. More than the rep needed (honored and above for everything) is the fact that every toon needs it that high. All of the recipes are scattered and diverse as one might expect so I don't actually need every single rep nearly maxed for every toon. But the fact remains that I need at least half of them for access to the goodies that they each offer.

To top that off, the real kick in the nuts is the super long que times for dps (which are all of my toons) so I'm going to have to give support a try and possibly tank. Shudder. Other than that the only real downsides is that there are no RC recipes to be had from rep and none of my toons has a pair of crafting profs that have recipes from the same rep. Ah well, Rome wasn't built in a day after all.

Naturally I intend to keep doing the prof dailys even after I have all of the profitable recipes. Simply put you never know when a large shift will come around so it's good to be prepared. It costs me maybe 20 or so platinum each day to do all the quests but half that for only the max level quests which is pretty damned significant of an investment. But once I have all of the essential recipes for each profession I can cut back to only doing the master level ones because they have a chance at a plaque each time so I'll keep up with that until I have all of those.

After another week or two I'll have all of the normal recipes taken care of completely it seems and, depending on luck, I'll have the epic ones done soon after. It seems that the influx of certain materials is becoming much more steady which allows me to buy them as I need them. I can't afford to stokpile anything that costs 10 plat but everything else I can start to stash away. But I'm still going to wait on the big stokpile craze as I'm getting the notion that prices are going to start to steadily fall. I'm not usually wrong about these things.

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  1. My impression is that compared to WoW AH activity in Rift is not high enough to warrant mass stockpiling. Not for solely for crafting purposes at least. In my experience it does help to lower production costs and get some profitable sales even on trainable recipes. But I end up reselling up to 70-80% of the stockpiled mats for profit and this is the main source of income at the moment. My profit is roughly 30-40p per day but overall the Rift economy feels quite sluggish and not well developed.