Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Searching for a method

Time is money friend! And the one thing that addOns gave us goblins more than anything was more time. I don't have that luxury in rift and even said a while ago that I'd be out of the AH game if I didn't have any addOns. Unfortunately I don't have that option here in rift. There are very few ways to save time that are already built in, in fact the only good one that I know of is that if you right click on an item at the AH window it's search for that item for you.

So you don't have to type anything in when you want to see what the current price is. No matter what, working the AH in rift is going to take significantly more time than in wow. This is especially true with RC which requires a blanket approach and a dedicated banker like glyphs and enchants did in wow.

So how can I work the AH as well as I know I can without spending all day doing so? The name of the game is specialize. Pick a specific profession and/or market and put your effort into that and ignore the rest. Time to compromise.

I won't be working in every single facet of every profession I can find a viable market for at all like I was in wow. And even when I have an alt covering every profession I still wont. There just isn't enough hours in the day to do that without some form of automation. That and it'll get incredibly boring very fast and I don't want that to happen. So instead I'll be focusing on what sells consistently in any given profession for an acceptable price range. This is also going to take a lot of time to get down because I'll have to commit to memory a lot of things that AH
addOns used to do for me.

I know the general price ranges for the runes I sell, radiants are 50g, token bought ones are 2p, and anything else is around 20g. There's a lot that are different so those I have to double check on a case by case basis, but I get reminded easily. What I do after collecting the mail is write down in notepad what I've sold (just like I used to do with enchanting) and craft more of them. Then I go through my bags and right click on each rune to see what the current price is.

Anything that's priced at 1p or higher I double check my price guide for. Everything else fits in neatly for what I stated earlier. When I find something I have to undercut I'll sort my current auctions by name and cancel them and relist what's in my bags. I always make sure to have 1 rune more than the 2 I normally list so that I can easily search. Then I log onto my main and craft whatever needs crafting, mail it off and list.

With so few regular sellers there's no need for a second cancel/post cycle but I'm sure that's not far off once things settle down and aren't all under material costs. Hopefully this will be soon because just selling raw materials seems a little silly considering the massive crafting empire I left behind in wow.

I'm still trying to iron out how to go about my AH playing with so little to go on in the way of time saving. I'm sure in a month or two either I'll have things down to a point that it's as fast as possible or things will be added/fixed with the game so that I won't have to think so hard about quickening the process.

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