Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun farming!?

I know I know. Don't farm fools, donate your bodies to science! ...and all that stuff. But one thing that I just love doing in rift is, well, rifts. Every one you close you get non gold currency to buy stuff from vendors. All of it is useful and all of it sells to somebody. In addition to that you get rare materials which are needed to craft some pretty sweet epic lewts.

This includes things that you need for a daily quest which gives a chance at a rare prof token and a rare artifact (random collectible that sells). While still leveling up, me and my gf would clear any rift that we came across and managed to skip a full zone and a half by the time we hit 50. In other words not only are they highly profitable, they give great exp.

The main thing to look for from closing a rift is eternal and endless planar dust. This goes into either epics, high end blues (t1 equivalents) or sells often and for a good price. Also to top that off, you need several eternals for a weekly quest which gives you a plaque for a given profession which gets you the really profitable recipes. In other words you get so much form them that is so versatile in it's use there is no reason not to clear them.

Yes it's farming, but since when do you not have to grind for gear? In wow you run normal and so called "heroic" dungeons that you need fuck all from just to get rep for upgrades to get ready for raids. You farm or save up cash to buy rare boe gear or the mats to craft them. Even when you have a fortune at your disposal, you still have to do SOME form of grinding to have as many upgrades as you can outside of raids.

In total there are 6 different types of rifts that can spawn, each with 4 (I think) different versions and goals. Each one has the same general loot table as the others, just replace fire themed items with water themed ones and the like. And for some bizarre reason, I cannot stop doing these things. I can't help but find it incredibly fun, especially the ones that are more than killing mobs. The major rifts contain only elite mobs (mostly) so you can't clear them and get the bonus boss with only a plate dps and a support healer. If you go solo you can clear a normal rift minus the bonus stage usually, but if you have some kind of self healing you can clear every section in the time limit of a max level rift.

But for max level major rifts a full group of 5 or 2 dps, support healer, and tank-like-person could do it just fine I imagine. The expert level rifts will require a full standard group of tank, healer, support, 2dps though. But the higher the difficulty, you guessed it, the better the rewards.

Once we hit 50 we went on a rifting spree and cleared every max level zone of rifts until something more interesting comes along, which would be something like a full guild dungeon run. I mean come on, great money, great fun, guild exp. quests, great gear, silly acheesements? What's not to like?

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