Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The plan

Today I'm going to detail out my long term plan for making some extra bank in rift as the title would suggest. Mind you I am still poor and most everything I can sell is listed under material costs. The name of the game right now is exclusivity. The more rare something is the more likely it will fetch a profit as everything taught by trainers is being sold at dumping prices. By dumping prices, I mean 10g for something that costs 2 plat to craft. If I wasn't trying to save up I'd get into flipping this crap, no joke.

Step one is to slowly build up a stokpile of RC mats. I'll be using most of these for the profession dailys and the rest will be sold as is. On the rare occasion I sell a rune for a profit I'll replenish my supply of them and list a few more, but they sell so slowly right now that it's not a real consideration unless I get a new recipe. Since every prof daily gives you generic tokens, all of the ones I get from outfitter quests will go into new rune recipes since I can get mats for runes far easier than I can get leather or cloth. Plus they're still semi profitable and once prices go up I'll already have the worthwhile runes to sell. Again, this is long term based on the fact that prices WILL go up at some point.

After hitting 50, I'll be able to do max level rifts which will give me a fairly good chance at getting the mats needed for the prof weekly quest that gives a plaque. I'll turn that in for the most profitable rune I can find and craft 3 of those. 2 get put on the AH and the third sits in my bags for ease of searching. This will take about a week to complete with any degree of success as closing a max level rift is NOT easy solo and doesn't guarantee any eternal planar dust. Essentially, the main goal I have is to do whatever I can to get more rare recipes.

But when me and my gf can get together and go on a rift hunt it won't be a big deal as we can aoe most of the stages just fine. As a paragon, extreme aoe is my specialty. It has huge range, hits a ton of targets, and I can spam it with massive +damage bonuses to the ones on a 6 second CD. So as long as the healer can keep me up, the mobs will be totally melted in no time. If we can put together a guild group once a week, then we'll be able to do the harder ones for both gear and mats. Like I mentioned before, the rewards are so varied that any chance you get to clear a major rift plus bonus you should jump on.

Once I've gotten a dozen or so rare recipes, prices for a lot of things will have evened out and selling raw RC mats won't be as profitable as it was when I started. But even at this point, I'll still be hunting for cheap greens to break down to keep myself supplied for quests and runes.

After I've gotten the key rune recipes for normal tokens, I'll then start working on leather gear. There aren't 3x more cloth wearing classes than leather ones like in wow, so choosing one or the other is based on competition and supply of materials. Since I'll be getting a good amount of leather in my normal day to day play time this seems to be the right way to go. Sure I can sell the leather just like I can sell the cloth, but when I pick it up by default more often that means the supply is far more steady.

I'll be focusing primarily on the mid 30s and early 40s level ranges. This is when spending a bit extra on gear begins to become a legitimate consideration. The blues you get then will ,last you through level 50 and serve you well still in entry level dungeons until the dice start to favor you. But if I can snag a profitable level 50 blue piece I'm definitely not going to pass it up.

So the short version is as follows:

1. Build up a stokpile of RC mats.
2. Continue to RB cheap greens for prof dailys and profit on selling mats.
3. Focus on rare rune recipes.
4. Clear a ton of max level rifts for planar dust.
5. Save up enough plat so that I can safely invest in flipping runes.
6. Patiently wait for normal trainer runes to be profitable then revisit them.
7. Start spending tokens on leather gear after important runes.
8. Try and acquire at least 1 high end leather recipe to craft.
9. Stop selling mats and work runes just like I worked enchanting in wow.
10. Drop butchering in favor of another crafting profession, most likely armor smith.

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