Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rift best selling items

Today is going to be a short list style entry on what my best selling items are in rift. No real explanations as always, just a large listing of what the most profitable items are that I have found. I'll go profession by profession and in addition to listing everything that sells, I'll also give recommended prices for what I typically sell each item for.


Spellspun bag - 1.5 platinum
Shaleweave robe - 6 platinum
Steeled leather brigandine - 8 platinum
Witchweave bag - 9 platinum
Darkcloth leggings - 38 platinum

Rune crafter
Blazing dexterity rune shard - 4 platinum
Blazing indomitable rune - 4 platinum
Blazing intelligence runeshard - 2 platinum
Brilliant tough rune - 5 platinum
Blazing tough rune - 9 platinum
Incandescent indomitable rune - 10 platinum

Armor smith
Darkmetal tassets - 6 platinum
Orichilum gauntlets - 9 platinum
Faith-forged spaulders - 45 platinum

Weapon smith
Black iron hatchet - 30 platinum
Ebony hatchet - 6 platinum
Damascus saber - 4 platinum
Exquisite whetstone - 3 platinum
Steeltouched longsword - 4 platinum
Warden's dagger - 3 platinum

Nothing, sorry folks.

Fine platinum chain - 9 platinum
Band of crystallized mana - 30 platinum

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  1. I found that faction blue outfitter recipes work the best for me. Specifically, wayward leggins sell at 15p and cost ~5p to craft. This a very good deal as they are cheaper then hunter purple leggins but have better stats close to T2 leggings. Also, ceremonial head and shoulders (mathosian faction recipes) are steady source of income.

  2. Back when i was playing rift alot (first 3 months) I found that I always had to throw out a few threats first via crashing market. My favorite market to do this with was spellspun bags. I usually got a stack of spellspun silk for about 1.5ish plat and i'd easily sell and keep the price between 80g and 95g for weeks until I was the only one in the market and i'd buy up all the materials for this.