Monday, July 18, 2011

Where to start: Rift AH survival tips

Just as Rome wasn't built in a day neither is an auction house empire. Like you've heard hundreds of times "it takes money to make money" is forever true no matter where you go so you need to do something to get your start up capital. Today I wanted to give a few extra pointers and stepping stones for the lowbies that need to save for their epic mount at 50 or those without maxed professions. Believe it or not there are still ways to make money without tirelessly grinding away for hours on end.

Granted you won't be making a ton of cash, but it's more than you will spending an hour to farm up 10 platinum worth of ore. As per the theme of this blog, farming as your primary source of income is an absolute no-no which is why I write entries for both the big AH goblins and those that need money just to train their skills and everyone in between. Take what you read today and try and work it into your daily play time as I can promise it won't take up much time, even for those that only play two hours in a given day.

Know your dailys.
The daily quest for every profession is 90% predictable. You don't know what ones you'll have to do tomorrow but you will know what ones you can get which is any pair of 4 different quests (based on profession). As such you will know what daily quests that everyone else might be doing as well. For example, right now my outfitter daily can be to make silk shoes, composite shoes, exotic leather boots, or thick leather boots.

Each of those nifty pieces of footwear takes 2 of the associated material to craft and needs 6 total to be crafted for the lower ones and 7 for the higher. Where am I going with all of these random numbers? To more numbers obviously, but the ones you're looking for this time.

If it takes 14 exotic leather to do a profession daily, what stack sizes should you be AH'ing them at? that's right, 14. I've seen several stacks of leather up for 3g/each while I watch my stacks of 14 leather sell out for 20g/each. The same goes for every crafting profession out there so look into what kind of boots they need to craft and what not for the daily and start selling and/or flipping those mats in the desired stack sizes.Cloth however is the exception to this because anybody can pick it up and that lowers the price on it dramatically.

Again with the material conversions!
I know I'm sorta beating a dead horse here, but trading down RC mats is just too good to not mention all the time. The same thing goes for leather and cloth actually. The leather I can understand because you need butchery in order to turn hides into leather with can be used by an outfitter. The cloth however needs an outfitter to create and only they need it in any large amount.

The only guess I can make is somebody leveled their profession up so high that they can't get the materials they need for the daily where they're questing at. And while that's a good reason to buy something that you can craft by default, it's also the only reason. I've been making a nice profit by AFK crafting bolts of silk and thick leather lately and has helped fund my first alt's training and mounts. Definitely look into it.

Well it looks like it's good...
The average player is not sure of what's good or not stat wise so its all guess work to them. In fact the only real clue that's given to you in game is the stats on your armor class. If you're a warrior you'll see strength and dext on plate everywhere so you'll figure out (hopefully) that you get a use out of both while not knowing exactly how much of one is worth in the other. Because of this split stat items are the best to sell. People will naturally want to match their runes to their gear which has both on them and some AP at higher levels.

The Pokémon Imperative.
Artifacts, people just love to collect them all! Aside from an epic mount at 100 finished full sets, there is no reason ever to buy these. And yet people sell up fist fulls of plat for the blue level ones and even pay as much as 2 plat for common ones. I'm sure that if you do a little google work, you can find out where they all spawn at and can check those locations from time to time.

In case you're unaware, artifacts come from picking up the teeny tiny glowy objects that you see scattered all over the place in every zone. In addition to that, there is another out in scarwood that you can do 3 times in a day for one of 16ish different ones. To complete that set you need to have every last one so these can fetch a pretty penny.

Everybody has a use for something.
Outside of the first two zones anything that is at least common quality has a price tag on it for a player. It could be animal parts from butchery or common artifacts you've seen a dozen times. Some may only sell for a few gold each, but that's a few more than you had before. That pays for your skill training if you sell all of it when you can instead of vendoring it all without trying. Once you get to the mid 40s range you can spend as much as 1.5 plat just on skills which totals up very fast.

Now mind you the price of mats in the first two zones will go up eventually, but right now it's best to either use them or vendor them. The main reason being that the deposit cost of a stack of burlap for example isn't too far off from the vendor price and the average prices are maybe 50g over the vendor. When you have to count your copper watch what you decide to auction carefully.

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  1. As far as artefacts go, people buy these to save time. This is really why most people buy most things. It is true as you say that, "I'm sure that if you do a little google work, you can find out where they all spawn at and can check those locations from time to time" but in the hours spent doing this, which is all dead time waiting, you could be making fistfuls of plat doing the other things you write about. My toons all have more than enough $ simply from selling artefacts alone. Many sell for 8, 12 or more plat.

    Another good tip is selling costume items such as the Sandcovered set pieces from Shimmersand. These look like white trash to many newbies but the robe's sold for 75 plat (Faeblight) and the muffler and hood sell for heaps too. Easilt enough to fun a toon right up to 50, or a big chunk of a mount!