Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Rift Patch 1.4 recipes

As the title says there are a lot of new recipes being added in the upcoming patch along with a few current ones being changed drastically. First here's a quick copy/paste from the patch notes that are in progress.

"* New Artificer recipe: Blazing Powerstone, purchasable from trainers at 285 Artificer skill. Usable on main-hand weapons and adds 200 Spell Power for 4 hours.

* New recipes are available on the Armorsmith, Outfitter, Weaponsmith, and Artificer artisan store merchants. These are new Epic crafted items with set bonuses. Each set includes 2 pieces of armor, 1 weapon, and 1 ring to complete the set. Recipes can be purchased for Plaques.

* Recipes for new materials are available from the various profession trainers for 20 platinum - Enchanted Shadethorn Lumber, Tempered Orichalcum Bar, Steel-Stitched Leather, Bolt of Radiant Witchweave, and Infinite Essence. Each recipe has a 24 hour cooldown and are used in new production recipes.

* Crafting trainers now sell new reagents needed for the new recipes: Ethereal Flux, Magical Oil, Enchanted Lacquer, and Endless Dust. Foraging trainers now sell reagents.

* New Weaponsmith recipe: Exquisite Oilstone, purchasable from trainers at 285 Weaponsmith skill. Usable on 2-handed weapons and adds 10 melee weapon DPS for 4 hours."

That's not that many notes, but if you have a keen eye for profit then that is a whole lot to take in all at once. So before I get into the details, here's the short version of it all.

- Stokpile brilliant diamonds
- Apothecary might suddenly become extremely profitable
- Stop spending your plaques right now
- Pick up the apothecary recipes for the heroic vials (needed as materials for new augments)
- Eternal dust will go up in price
- Minor catalysts will go up in price

So that's the short version of it all, but there is so much more to it. The new recipes will be raid quality gear and when combined with an epic augment (which have all gotten a big boost) will be around t2 raid level gear. The down side? They cost a few hundred platinum in vendor sold materials alone. So there won't be a huge market for them, but that also means very low competition. As you will read in my upcoming article on, any time new things are added in there is potential for massive profits to come. The what and how you sell them is a huge factor as much as the demand is.

For those of you that can't afford this large of an investment, which even I'm not comfortable doing, there are still a bunch of things you can do to make a killing. First is to stokpile eternal dust and catalysts. They will all go up in price and the cats can be broken down my apoth's into essences which are needed for a number of recipes as well. There is also a new temporary weapon buff for +200 SP which requires refined bones to make.

To get those you need hollow bones and bloody fangs to craft a sacred fetish with artificer. The recipe for the fetish only costs about 50 normal tokens which is a single day of dailys. You craft a ton of them and salvage them to get bone pieces and so forth. This will not only be the best option for those that use 1h/totem but also for cleric tanks as well. These items will become in extremely high demand and the mats to make them are super cheap so start to stokpile 'dem bones yesterday.

And lastly are the recipes that will be added in with a 24 hour cool down. Since these are in a very limited supply and will likely be moderately pricey to make you can expect these to fetch a hefty profit as well. All of these CD mats are needed in all of the new crafted gear so if you don't want to go the route of selling the gear itself, just sell the mats to make it. But if you really want to capitalize on it all, do both!

So what is it that the great Stokpile, the well dressed and lover of all things shiny, is going to do? I'm banking on the mass wave of sales for the flawless +stats augments being the big money maker. For one, these already have a great rate of sales on live. The only problem is that they're rare as all get out. And with the newness of these recipes a lot of people won't even know that they can be crafted now and if they do the complexity of the mats will certainly put them off for a while.

I say complexity because you have to buy stuff fro ma vendor, learn a new recipe (two if you can't break down cats yet), use new vendor mats and crafted mats to craft. That and they're rather expensive to start crafting for almost anybody at 10ish platinum a piece. However they sell all of the time for 15 and up. I'm hoping to capitalize on this asap. Aside form that I'll definitely be selling the mats that are on a day long CD as there will be a solid demand for anybody that wants the gear made.

I'll pick up a recipe for each gear type to work for a large fee and only craft one or two pieces. And the gear that I will make I'll only make what I can use, so cleric gear it is. The last thing that I'll be doing is selling the 17 platinum vendor mats on the AH for a nice mark up on the AH to the people that are too lazy/stupid to bother reading patch notes. You'd be surprised how often people buy stuff that's sold from a vendor 20 steps away...

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