Monday, June 6, 2011

Everyone is a newbie

Right now Rift has been out of beta and officially released for...3 months. If that. In other words 90% of the players are still trying to figure shit out, including yours truly. This also means that the prices on everything are all over the place. Absolutely everything taught by a trainer is selling SIGNIFICANTLY under material costs. This is because of the obvious, everybody and their brother are crafting these with stuff they farmed or got from leveling and are trying to make their money back on it all. So any item enhancements are not going to sell for much if ever and gear is going to be very low as well.

A good goblin would notice this and invest in materials and any rare profession recipes. Just like me. Right now my professions are skinning, tailoring and enchanting in wow terms which are Outfitter, Butchering, and Runecrafting. RC lets you rune break (DE) almost anything that's green. So I buy any gear that's at a certain price range, break it, and sell the mats now that my prof is maxed. I use the mats for the daily quests and try hard to have a little extra for tomorrow.

Going from 2 million gold, rich enough to buy a max level guild and STILL be swimming in cash all the way down to not being able to afford training skills because I bought a mount is a bit of a shock. But I remember doing my From the Ground Up project and I don't feel so bad.

The big issue is that there are a ton of markets that will exist in the future that aren't viable right now. That's because there isn't enough money in game period. Things like vanity items, small items that help you clear rifts easier and the like. They are all good things and in demand, but people just can't afford it when they still don't have a max level mount yet.

The only perk to this situation is that you can take advantage of this game wide ignorance sometimes. For example if I asked you what a "Radiant rage runeshard" was worth what would your answer be? Exactly. And that's my answer as well, "fuck I don't know!" And that's the same thing you'll get from anybody short of being quoted the AH price for that exact minute. So when there isn't any X Widget's on the AH you can set not only their price, but their "assumed value" as well. So for the next 20 minutes that is what your widget is worth to anybody and everybody because they have no idea that it will eventually be worth pocket change.

The flip side to that is the prices on materials. Once you get higher level than the starter zone is when things take a turn. Leather that you get at level 40 might be worth the same as what you get at level 1 on that day. If you aren't rich enough to stokpile, these fluctuations in supply can really ruin your day. Although it does present a very high risk flipping change. The problem is, again, you have no idea what their average market value is and no way TO know short of watching them very closely every single day.

Since I spent all of my money at level 40 for a mount I cannot take such risks by any means since I literally can't afford to try. So What am I doing to make money in Rift? Check in tomorrow.

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  1. I know this comment is a bit off-topic, but I managed to grab a Crusader Formula off the AH.

    I'm just wondering, what's the price I'm looking for? Or should I use it myself, and make gold by selling crusader enchants?

  2. Use it yourself and crank out your own enchants. Your long time profits will far outweigh what you could sell it for, even on the high end.

    As it is, I sell Crusader enchants between 300 - 400g and can sell upwards of 6 a day. The formula only goes for 2k on my server so you can see, in no more than a few days, it's pure profit.

  3. Okey, thanks a lot, crusader enchants can actully go up to 900g on my server :D As mats costs 250-400g

  4. @ Anon
    I'd definitely learn the recipe if I were you, they get a great profit even with scare mats. I could sell them for as high as 300g and never less than 200 which were great profit margins.