Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How I make money

Ah my first official entry on making the rift money. Today I'll be giving a fairly detailed once over on what I'm actively doing to turn a profit in rift. Not what I'm planning to do or what I expect to do, but what I'm doing right now that is supporting my normal playing costs and profession leveling. To any wow player this is an oldie but a goodie that still makes great profit even today: DE'ing cheap greens.

This is something that I haven't done in wow for ages, but is necessary to fund RC in rift. I scan the AH in sections by armor type and then weapons. I sort them out by price and start scrolling down the pages. Since almost no green gear gets sold under the level cap I can safely bid on anything to same some cash by waiting a day. Before I go on I have to explain a few things about RC. This is good info for both rift players that don't have an RC and for wow players to understand wtf I'm talking about.

First there are only a few types of mats for RC in game and you can get any of them from any level green. In wow you have a different tier of materials for each level range and anything more than 10 levels below the current cap are worthless. Not in rift, every tier of materials is made by combining X of the lower tier ones just like lesser and greater essences in wow. Here's the different materials and their tiers.

Kinetic arc x5 > Kinetic charge x3 > Kinetic burst
Perpetual blur x5 > Perpetual glow x3 > Perpetual flare
Sentient spark x5 > Sentient surge x3 > Sentient blast

Flickering dust x3> Flickering shard x3 > Flickering crystal
Sparkling dust x3> Sparkling shard x3 > Sparkling crystal
Shimmering dust x3> Shimmering shard x3 > Shimmering crystal

Keep in mind that you cannot downgrade any materials unless they are at the max tier. So when you turn 5 kinetic arc into a kinetic charge, you cannot do the reverse. You can however turn a perpetual flare into 15 perpetual blur so you won't lose anything in the technical sense, but it is extremely annoying when you actively use a mix of all tiers when skilling up.

When you RB a green what you get is going to be one of those materials aside from the last two. What level the green is effects your chances of getting higher tier materials as opposed to what materials you get. This was an important bit of info for me to figure out early on or I'd have spent tons of plat and gotten crap from it all. Next of note is the level range vs. chance of high tier mats. None of this is for sure and is only my personal observations so I won't be giving any %'s just the general ballpark likeliness.

From level 1-29 it seems that you will only get bottom tier mats and maybe t2 shards. From level 30-39 you're very likely to get at least a t2 material from a single RB or t3 shard. From level 40-50 you're promised either a t3 mat or several max tier crystals. With all of that out of the way lets move on.

The next thing I have to look at is the assumed prices. With materials changing drastically each day I have to assign each of them MY price and what I value them at, not the AH. My assumed price for crystals is 10g and the other mats at 25g. This means that any high level green priced at 20g and below is going to get me a profit on average. So with that in mind it's just some simple division to decide what I should spend on anything level 39 or below.

But before I get to selling and buying and all that jazz, I check what the going rate of the t3 materials are selling for that day. If I can get at least a 20g profit I'll buy and RB them all. I'll list all but 10 of each so that I have enough left to do my prof dailys the next morning.

Fairly simple but still fairly effective none the less. As for the crafted runes themselves I only craft what's profitable for that specific day and nothing more. Prices just shift too much too often for if to be worth the time and effort of managing the inventory it needs.

Thanks for stopping by!

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