Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Report: 2-1

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Previous week gold total: 582,000
Weekly sales: 247,000
Weekly profit: 60,000
Stokpiling costs: 141,000
Current gold total: 642,000
Profession skill ups: leather working - 525

Profits from MySales:

Gems, LW, & misc:

Tailoring & vendor pets:

Enchanting & smithing:

Glyphs & inscription:

Engineering & mining:

Enchanting income is rather low because I dropped 25k on a Soul Blade for my red headed lovely another 17k on a DMC for my special someone. I'm just sick of looking at the terrible skins on the heroic axes and swords and will gladly buy a second one.

Silly people doing silly things:

The spellthreads here are a difference of 10g while the difference in stats is far, far greater than a measly 10g. If you can afford 210g you can afford 220.

Detailed Recap:
On the JC front I picked up another meta gem cut as I have so so many piling up and the patch hasn't come yet. I got the healing meta (intellect and 2% mana) and it has been selling for 80g profit constantly. So now I have that one and the stamina/armor tanking meta which has been extremely up and down. Austere meta gems have gone from 10g profit to 150g profit every other day. I haven't taken the time to look at the other tanking meta and see if it's swinging just as rapidly or not. Regardless I still have 4 stacks of raw meta gems hanging around so if the patch comes today I'll be set.

I'm also highly considering increasing my gem stock to 6 of each and listing 3 at a time, up from 4 in stock and 2 up. I'm constantly selling every pair of gems that I have up. Probably because a lot of gear has two sockets? I don't know to be honest, it's either that or I just don't have a lot of competition. I'll give it a shot this week and see how it goes. I'm going to leave meta gems at 4 still as I don't think that people can be getting that many new helms.

So far it seems that glinting purple gems are my best seller and most profitable. I'm going to pick up the cut for accuracy next as hit is still very important to agility classes, especially enhance shamans. My heart goes out to anybody that needs to be spell hit and expertise capped. I mean damn all of my gear is reforged to hit and expertise. Enhance is amazingly fun to play but sheesh Blizz, cut me some slack and throw me a bit more hit and expertise gear.


On the topic of meta gems, I've completely sold out of earthsiege gems and am almost out of skyflares. It costs me about 25g to make them at the most and I sell them for 100g everyday as there is no competition. If you're a JC try this out, it's making me too much money for you to not at least look at. Sadly though, somebody is flipping eternal fires and has a stranglehold on the supply it seems. They regularly spike up from 20g to 50 and hang there for a few days. The worst part is that effects my tailoring market as well with sapphire spellthreads requiring 4 of them.

A strange thing happened in the greater celestial market this week. The price of raw carnelian gems almost doubled in price up to 35g each while the price of greater celestials dropped by 15g down to 50. Strange because almost everyone uses other colored gems to skill up and carnelian gems generally match the price of celestials. I'm not going to complain too too much over it because 50g is my "assumed" price of celestials for my enchanting racket. I've managed to move a ton of the raw gems from my prospecting frenzy last week with 3 stacks of each waiting to turn into meta gems once I get more carnelians.

Anybody that reads this blog knows that I'm just shite with % averages. So if anybody can tell me the value of what one greater celestial essence is if you pay 60g for carnelian spikes to DE and how much I'll gain or lose in value when I get dust that would be spectacular. I'll be sure to have it in the top note of my next entry.

I completely sold out of my LW profession bags and ran out of leather so I had to up my buying price by more than twice as much. And I'm still selling them for my max price of 150g each. The price of volts are leveling off so the leg armors are now viable again along with spellthreads. Most commonly I'm selling scorched leg armors and ghostly threads. That's pretty nice because they need different volatiles so I don't have to worry about a single material spiking in price.

I sold another pair of yetis this week for far more profit than usual because I managed to find somebody dumping ele earths at 1g each. Woohoo! I noticed an interesting fact about selling mini fel reaver pets that is consistent with all of the vanity items. It's another sales tactic of playing off the way that the human mind works. I recently increased my sale price to 1,000g when it was in the 900 range before. As soon as I did I didn't get a single sale for the whole week. I dropped it down back to 950 and sold a pair over the next few days.

Why is that? Coincidence? Possible but not probable.

The fact is that the human mind is shit with interpreting numbers. I don't mean that we're limited in our understanding of 13 x 9 or the sort. It's the things that we attach these numbers to that gives us issues that we don't even realize. For example, when you are at the Apple store and are drooling over the brand new 1/4 inch thinner Apple iPride and notice that the price tag says $399.99 your brain will interpret that as "somewhere in the $300 range." You know logically that it's only a penny less than being in the $400 range when it's pointed out to you, but when you see something shiny and compare it to your vacuum of a bank account your brain forgets that little detail.

That's why you always see TV salesmen pricing they're wares at $29.99 and not just saying hey dude it's 30 bucks. So when somebody sees a shiny new mini pet that they want they'll think hmm, 1k is a bit too much for a pet so I'll pass. It's because it crossed that middle ground that I spoke of before, but when it's below that middle ground they're interested, even though it's only by 50g.

On the glyph front I've been constantly selling out of glyphs that need IotS and lion's ink. I simply cannot find enough herbs to mill for them, but aside from that they've been doing very well. I have an overflow of midnight, jade fire, and shimmering inks because there just aren't a lot of glyphs that use them. Meanwhile IotS and ethereal inks have a ton of associated glyphs and they're all in demand. Bleh!

I finally got around to maxing out my LW and leveling them up to 85. Surprising because my pally used to be my main and has been replaced by the DK since I burnt out on tanking. I got the recipes for epic leg armors just last night so no comments on their sales other than they look to be quite profitable but with large investment costs. They cost about 700g to craft and see them sell fairly often with only a few others posting for 1-2 thousand gold. I have high hopes for this market.

I gotta say though, I'm a bit leery about how long it's going to take to make back my investment in maxing out LW. The sheer amount of leather you need is just absurd. That and the very few good farming places for it means the prices are going to be high for a while. I know there's a nice place in TB and uldum, but that's it. It cost me several thousand gold just to get my last 25 points and only a few hundred to get all of the rest. Yikes!

On a whim I decided to craft a few imbued netherweave bags. I stopped working with these before due to lack of sales. But since cata all bags have gone up in demand along with a few other odd things here and there so I figured why not. And damn was this a good idea! I sold all 4 that I crafted the next day for 70g profit on each. Far better use for netherweave cloth than the normal bags for sure. The materials for them may a bit annoying to sort through so here's another material break down for you all. If you haven't sold these yet give it a shot, you might be as surprised as I was.

2 Netherweb spider silk
1 Greater planar essence
4 Bolts of imbued netherweave (8 arcane dust, 3 bolt of netherweave - 15 cloth)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Regarding the carnelian spikes: The price of Hypnotic Dust would also be interesting, but without calculations I can tell you that 60g for Carnelian Spikes when greater celestials go for 50g is a great price.
    About 70% of the time I got an average of 2 Celestials from disenchanting.

    LW leg armors seem to be quite lucrative on your server. Over here there's about 50g profit margin, which drove me away.
    And I have to agree: Leveling that profession was pretty painful - but I've already made my investment back selling the pvp gear ( a lot of people use it to get into heroic lfg) and some epics.

    Regarding your problems getting eternal fire at decent prices: Over here the frozen orbs trade for around 5-8g a piece. And those can be traded into eternal anythings in Dalaran.

  2. I have actually been picking up frozen orbs on my vendor scan (although not vendoring them) So I would assume your server would have prices low on them as well like Sarge mentions.

  3. @ Sarge
    I'll look into the pvp gear again and see if prices have changed much lately. As for the orbs I trade them in now and then but there isn't much of a supply for them as there isn't much of a reason to run NR heroics.

    The leg armors are only profitable now and then when somebody isn't dumping. Then I buy them if they're down to 100g and patiently wait.

  4. Unfortunately I'd forget trying to make any profit from shuffling ore any time soon :/ mmo-champion have front page posted a mod which does what the standard spreadsheets do, but in game, and so every man and his dog will be trying to use the JC/DE till they get bored of it, so give it a few weeks...

  5. Take a look at the enchanting scroll market if dust and essence prices are low. The JC/DE shuffle has already crashed the dust market on my server, so scrolls have yielded much better profit margins than dusts and essences.

    The PVP plate gear market seems quite healthy on my server too, although profit margin spikes and valleys with price of volatile fire.

  6. Much easier with excel but...

    The cost to craft one weapon is 3 carnelians (C) and 3 settings (S):


    Next part is to find out what they DE into. You can get that they DE into either 2-5 dust(D) or 2-3 essence (E) from blizzard armory.
    I dont know the dropchances in cata... But the old formula was 70% dust, 20% essence and 5% shards for armor and 72% essence, 25% dust and 3% shards for weapons.

    Lets assume the 3% chance from shards were converted to chance to be dust...

    The value of one spike is now:


    0.72*0.5*(2+3) is the average number of (E) that you get for each DE and E(value) is the value of one (E). Same logic for the dust of course.

    So to conclude, the profitability (is this a word :P) formula for spikes is now:

    3(S)+3(S)= 0.72*0.5(2+3)*E(value)+0.28*0.5*(2+5)*D(value)

    If you are interested in how much you would lose if a spike DE into dust, just set the dropchance of essence to 0.

    Profit/loss if dust drops:

    3(S)+3(S)= 0.28*0.5*(2+5)*D(value)

    Profit/loss if essence drops:

    3(S)+3(S)= 0.72*0.5(2+3)*E(value)

    Now just take excel and put raw material costs in column 1, cost of crafted goods in column 2, average value of the DE:ed item in column 3. Profit (Row 3-2) in row 4 etc and you suddenly will have an amazing overview of what to DE for profit.

  7. @ Der
    On my server it's a loss to DE any rings or such right now. The cost to make them is just under 20g from the 18g vendor price of common gems and unless you get 2 lesser essences you're losing money. Dust is about 9g each and small shards are 15g while lesser celestials are 16.5g each.

    @ Esilence
    Shuffling is rarely profitable on my server unless I find somebody dumping ore in which case I wind up using a lot of it for bars simply because hard ele bars need so many of them. That and buckles.

    @ Anon with the mega math
    You sir/ma'am are simply awesome! I'll be sure to drop that into my enchanting spread sheet for all of my prices on that as almost all of my celeatials come from DE'ing.