Monday, February 14, 2011

Report: 2-15

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Previous week gold total: 708,000
Total sales: 434,000
Weekly profit: 146,000
Stokpiling costs: 281,500g (I shit you not)
Current gold total: 854,000

Profits from MySales:

Gems, LW, & misc:

Tailoring & vendor pets:

Enchanting & smithing:

Glyphs & inscription:

Engineering & mining:

My sales addOns screens are a little bit off this week. The patch "broke" them and even though I hit load out of date addOns I didn't catch that it missed that one. But luckily I am still doing it manually as a back up so the screens are missing the first two days of mega sales but I got the rest of the week in there. This week I spent another 20k+ on things that won't exactly make me a profit. I bought two of the 26 spot bags and three of the new recipes so that puts another damper in my total profits, but I should see that back somewhat soon.

And here's another silly picture of people buying silly things.

Detailed Recap:
The patch was definitely good to me on opening day. For one I wasn't suspended! Yes that's not something that everybody has to worry about, but it happened to me last time there was a big patch that made people uber rich. Anyway, I sold off 4 stacks of volt life in the first 90 minutes at triple what I paid for them and they're still going. I haven't seen any of the recipes for the new gem cuts or bracer enchants as of this writing but I'm still very hopeful. Unfortunately they're not common drops as I spent about 40 minutes farming assorted mobs and got nothing.

24 hours after the patch and I've seen one person with the agility meta and one with the intellect cut, no strength versions yet. I also haven't seen anybody advertising the new enchants either so I'll definitely pick up the first recipe I see and hope that I can get some cheap-ish crystals. They're hovering in the 3300g range right now.

I must say though, holy crap meta gems! Even though I haven't gotten a new cut ye, I was wise to stokpile a few stacks as I sold all 3 stacks in a days time in one form or another. Chaotics were going for 300g and raw gems were selling at 450g!

I'm also experimenting with the sapphire jeweler's monocle recipe. Vanity items are always a niche market with little to no competitors so I figured I'll give it a shot. I typically can find volt water pretty cheap in the 10-15g range before it spikes back up to 20ish and there's nobody else selling them that I know of so it seems like a safe experiment for the time being.

On the LW front I've bee steadily selling 1-2 epic leg armors a day at around 1k gold, which is about 250g profit along with any spare hides that I have. I've also taken to crafting heavy savage armor kits and they've been doing well so far just like in wrath. Here's how well!

I just snagged the intellect to bracers enchant recipe for 15k. I crafted a pair of scrolls and am hoping to sell them for 7200g. By the end of the first day I hadn't sold any so I'm getting a bit worried that I just lost 40k. If nothing else my girl will have quite the shiny blue pair of bracers hehe.

Good news, fast forward the next morning and I had sold both of the scrolls I had up for 7200g each! That makes about 1400g off of my initial investment. At that rate only another 19 more sales for that price and I'll break even. With each sale I'm going to be increasing the price rather quickly while I can get a good profit on them. If you happen to have one of the new recipes or have access to decently priced crystals, here's a tip for you.

Wait for the price of crystals to go up on the AH and then list your scrolls "under material costs" then. I use quotes because you're only selling under the current material price, not what you paid for them. That way people that want the enchant done can get it for a good (and legit) bargain right then. I would also help greatly to advertise in trade chat that you're selling X scroll for Y gold which is Z less than material cost.

Personally, I've been crafting the epic plate tank belt to DE as I don't value the chaos orbs at anything as I'm not going to sell them in trade chat. With the price of truegold going down every day it costs me about 2800g to "craft" a maelstrom crystal. And right now they're 4500 on the AH so it's a good bargain for me so long as I keep winning chaos orbs in my daily heroic.

On Friday just before I went to bed I checked the AH one last time for a new design and managed to pick up the strength meta gem cut for 13.5k gold. I'm pretty damned late to this party as they're down to 550ish from the 1k they started at. Regardless the demand will hang around for a while so I expect to make my money back on this rather soon. I'm still wanting to pick up the other two, but I'm going to lower the amount that I'm willing to pay for them to a 12k offer instead of 15.

And at the end of the week I am once again completely out of NR enchanting mats. Normally this is expected so I don't get too upset over it, but I'm very annoyed this time because I'm also out of a ton of scrolls. And trust me, I mean a ton but more specifically massacre and staff greater SP. I still have a single berserking scroll left which is good because they're always selling at my max price of 400g.

I gotta say though, all of this week I've had to do my AH cycle a few times a day of craft, cancel, and post much more often than usual. I am seriously selling gems that damned fast! Especially the red gems which I've taken to xmuting to stay stokpiled with them. I pay 30g for carnelians and 10g for the herbs so that makes 120g -10% ish (due to mastery) per gem. They're regularly selling for 180-250 and I've sold as many as 15 int gems in a single afternoon. I stopped bothering counting how many but damn it's a lot. The same goes for raw meta gems as the craze continues.

I've decided that I'm going to get out of the glyph business again. The profit is great and the g/hour is more than acceptable. My problem is that it takes just as much time to run as all of my other markets combined and I just don't have that kind of time. That and I'm just not giving it the attention that it deserves to get the most of the potential profit that the market can offer.

I mostly got back into it for a month so I could see what's what with it lately. And so I could give proper and up to date advice on it for all of you fine readers out there. From now on I'll mostly be just listing glyphs every other day and not bothering to craft more or cancel/post until then.

I managed to pick the agility meta at the end of the week for another 13k or so. I don't mind too much as the supply on them is low so there can't be many with it right now. Prices are still in the 500+ range which is a nudge over 300g profit per gem so I should be able to make back the investment rather quickly.

Oh and here's a screen shot of my first shout out in trade chat since I've been back! *sniffle* Makes my heart just melt!

Pfft, yeah for YOU!

Now to wrap up this massive week of sales and profits, and to explain why I price the way I do, here's a quote by thatguy from over at maintankadin that I follow every day when I work the AH and if you read my AH nirvana series you would too.

"Bears make money, bulls make money, pigs get slaughtered."

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. SOunds like you had a really great week, Congratz! I too have had made a nice profit from the new 4.0.6 patch additions and changes.

  2. Great to see you back in full force.
    I envy you for the prices on your server. ^^
    Even though the epic plate tank belt seems to be the exception. I've sold some for 6000g.
    If you use the smithing epics for disenchanting, shouldn't you rather craft the epic shields?

    Jwewelcrafting has seen a short spike on my server after the patch hit - but now it's back to normal, low levels.

    I totally understand your decision to cut back the glyph market time.
    I've also found it to be rather time consuming compared to other professions. Even more, if you're trying to maximize profit.

  3. 4.0.6 was awesome for anyone who planned for it. I was busy that day and couldn't get on until several hours after the patch went live and I was still able to double my investment on volatile life. I had about 60 uncut shadowspirit diamond that sold for anyone from 180-400g up from the 100g they were selling for the previous weekend.

    I've avoided buying the recipes for the new enchant and meta cuts. Still to this day the people that have them want 10k plus for them and each one has at least 3 people trying to sell it on the AH so they can't be too uncommon. I'll buy them when they drop below 1000g each and even then I doubt I will make a profit.

  4. So first just to drive you guys nuts. I got a str meta recipe for ....


    Yes I know you hate me.

    I started getting hate mail in game about my jc postings. The guy went from annoyed, to furious, to pleading. Apparently he felt the "stokpile effect" in action as he admitted in his last email that I was making his jc crafting barely worth it. Of course everyone here knows that is blood in the water and he's about to be out of the game. Anyway barely worth it for him is like 10k last week for me so I'm a pretty happy guy. The increased sockets in 4.0.6 has stimulated the jc market more than I could've imagined.

  5. @ Sarge
    I'm going to finish selling my current stokpile of glyphs and inks and just work in ink of the sea again. Small enough to be fast but big enough to be worth the effort.

    @ Mark
    Sadly they'll be priced like that fro a while I bet. I look at it as buying 3 days worth of jc dailys which is priceless to some. But to me it's about 7k now.

    @ Dale
    That's the way to do it. You have to defend your territory or you'll be out in a week. And grats on the great profits on the meta!

  6. Stokpile - Do Heavy Savage Armor kits really sell for you? I need to jump on that...

  7. @ Stede
    They do and, as you can tell from the screen, very well. They're great for tanks starting up normals to get some extra stamina when the gear is going to be replaced fast and don't warrant a 200g enchant. I used them a ton myself in wrath on my tankadin before I got free purples.

    It helps to give your customers options, like selling healing power and 30sp scrolls. If they want to save money, don't let them go to somebody else.

  8. Excellent job on the JC stuff. Been doing well myself even w/o any of the new recipes. Also doing very well with Wrath JC cuts. Cardinal Ruby cuts being the best and the old solid sky sapphire is still going strong.