Monday, August 1, 2011

Casual George = AH guru

Today I have yet another entry written up that it posted at Today I talk about the best and most informed person in game in regards to acceptable prices: the casual player. One question that everyone asks themselves when they go to sell an item they have never listed before is how much they should sell it for. What is XYZ worth? Check out the article and find out why Casual George is the best one to ask. Here's the first part of it all.

"I will admit first that it is true that a casual gamer doesn’t typically play the AH in the sense that a goblin or an otherwise AH focused player does. They do however play the game in many more ways that your typical raider or AH baron does. That means that they fit perfectly into the category of who you sell everything to. Does the expression “know your customers” ring a bell? It should because that’s exactly where I’m going with this.

This is not because they’re stupid or lazy, they are just the same as I was before I started to build my empire: uninformed. They just don’t know and if they do, then they either don’t have the time for it or would rather be just plain getting by. That’s the definition of a casual pretty much, limited play time, enjoys everything they do on game and are somewhat competent players at the very least. Suffice to say, casuals are my kind of people, probably because I’m a casual player as well."

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