Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For those who farm

Although I'm against farming I still feel it's wise to mention it from time to time. Today I'm going to give a few pointers on farming spots, how to do them, what to expect, and when it's a good idea. That's right, a good idea to farm. However seeing as how I'm not the most adept or experienced farmer out there there could easily be better spots than the ones I've mentioned.

The farming locations that I'll cover are the ones that I've found merely by questing and wound up spending more time gathering than killing. In other words all of the farm spots tend to have a lot of nodes in a tight area. Here's my recommendations based on material type along with any note worthy points on it.

Most people will tell you to go to the level 50 zones if you want to farm this and of course that's not a good idea. When it comes to farming you never EVER go to where "everybody" says to go unless that's your only option. That's because obviously there's a lot of competition for spawn points. The best place that I've found is the south east portion of the drought lands. Not many people quest in there and the dominate node for the zone is cobalt. However in this higher level section you'll find oodles and oodles of titanium spawn points. Bear in mind though that there are a handful that spawn underground and aren't worth going for usually.

Fun note on this though. If you port to phoenix rise there can be a node spawn directly behind you and if you go to fortune's shore there can be one next to the neutral gang mobs in town as well just a short run to the west.

The easiest route to farm this that I've found is along side the road between exile's den and white fall tavern. Just run your circle starting at exile's on the left side of the road until you get to white fall and then go back on the other side. There is also a cave that has 3-5 spawn points but is also loaded up with mobs.

If you don't see a node right outside that usually means that there won't be any inside either. But if you have great aoe and won't get killed it might be worth your while to look. There is a large number of spawns in stillmoor in the fields around the citadel, but you'll have to dodge countless mobs with a few elites mixed in so this is definitely not a good place to farm effectively.

Spellspun silk.
This is something that you'll only want to really farm if you can solo aoe it all. It seems that the only really viable option for this is the undead town at the very southern end of stillmoor. Be mindful of the few elites that sit by the walls though or you could be in trouble.

Right in the middle of the northern portion of drought lands is the prime spot for this. Everywhere that has a little centaur camp is likely to have either this or gold hidden away. Anywhere that you see a few stone mountain pillar things is where you're going to find a node. Basically just look for big rocks sticking up and you'll get what you're after.

This route is almost the same as the one for carmintium, just in a different zone. You start out in perspice and follow the left side of the road north. Follow it all the way up to the last Guardian camp and then turn around. In each of the little pits with the scaffolding or tree stumps is where you're going to find the nodes you want.

Exotic hide.
There are two different spots that I've found for this. One is right outside of exile's den to the east. You'll find a bunch of tigers that hang around the sides of the road that you usually pass by entirely. They're spread out enough that it's easy to go one at a time and close enough together that you can aoe them if you can. The other spot is a little east of whitefall with the same situation, lots of tigers packed together nicely.

There is actually only one route that I know of that won't take an hour to get 10 ore together. The only down side to it is that if you aren't a defiant it's not practical for you at all. You leave right out the front gates of meridian and make a right. Follow the mountains along the coast until you're think you're going to enter the desert. Right in the corner are a few elites and some wrecked boats which is where three nodes can spawn.

The elites can be solo'd by any pet class or tank and for everyone else they are very easy to avoid. After you check those spots head out into the lake and you'll find a buried treasure chest if you haven't already along with several other spawn points and elites to avoid. Aside from this spot your only other options are dungeons and the citadel in stillmoor with a ton of mobs and elites that cannot be avoided.

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