Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making a few predictions

I've been following the development of the Rift economy very closely as you may imagine since I started playing. And as such I've noticed a few subtleties of trion that lead me to expect a few things in the not so distant future. I wanted to take today to share a few of my thoughts on this matter and have it officially in writing what I expect to see how close I am. Mind you that NONE OF THIS is official or hinted at by the developers, it is only my thoughts and expectations. So don't take any of this as gospel, just something to keep in the back of your mind.

Crafting plaques will be obtained easier.
With the dozens of new recipes that have been added in requiring 5 plaques a piece to learn these won't become common for a long, long time. They were added in to help people fill in gaps in their raid gear to help them progress faster through the raid content without nerfing the hell out of the raids. Because of this I expect there to be another way to gain plaques or a better chance of getting them. This may be done by increasing the drop rate from dailys and crafting rifts, or merely allow you to buy them with artisan's marks, or increase the weekly quest award up to 2-3 plaques instead of only one.

Crafting rifts.
I expect that these will soon include the new CD based materials as potential drops. For one to make these a bit more profitable for those that do them because right now no matter how lucky you are, you lose money compared to the lure cost. Lets face it, the minor cats are the only thing that's worth actual money from them as the common mats don't even make up 1/8 of the lure's cost to craft.

More vanity items.
This one is a given, the mathosian guard's armor is very popular and is the only costume set you can craft. People love this sort of thing and that was proven by how many people dove on it when it was made live. I expect outfitters to get the next full set and eventually artificers or RC's will get something that will add a little "woo-shiny!" to what you already have. By that I mean something like the random things you get from the event seals that add a little storm cloud over your head and the such or the apoth potions that let you turn somebody into a critter.

More augments.
With the release of patch 1.4 apothecaries can craft primary stat augments. While this is a great addition and much needed boost to a poor (see what I did there?) profession it is not nearly enough. Add to that the fact that the best and highest demand augments are mixed stat ones, I expect these to be eventually added in. More specifically I expect at least stat/power and endurance/block to be added if nothing else. While I would love to see some stat/crit ones put in I am not expecting this and I certainly hope that they don't add in the terrible stat/endurance ones. But regardless of which ones they do add, I am positive that there will be new ones put in.

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