Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random rift thoughts 2

Aloha all! I'm here with another collection of random thoughts to help you make money in rift. As always just a few quick tips that only need a little explanation on what I'm talking about. I try to do more than just provide you with original content each day after all. I do my best to make sure that it is not only quality content, but also that there is a lot of it.


1. Soulbind/Exotic leather belts.
This is a vendor bought recipe that takes 40ish tokens to get. To craft them it only takes 1 soulbind leather (2-5g on my shard) and an item sold form the OF vendor. This is noteworthy because if you're like me and RB tons of gear to get materials for insanely cheap this is the route to take. Before I discovered this I was crafting the boot which takes two pieces of leather to craft and this just increased my profit margins by 50% on it's own.

However for those of you who don't have OF on your rune crafter this is going to be a problem. I'd recommend making an alt just to be your RB workhorse in all honesty. Get their RC skill up to the 250s range and their OF up to the same just so that you can craft tons of greens and RB them on the spot. With only 6 items fitting in a mail to yourself this will save a ton on postage and loads of time shuffling junk around.

2. Tell the other faction you're doing crafting rifts.
Now I haven't tried this personally, but I have a feeling it will pay off well. Roll an alt on the opposite faction's side and walk them to their main town. When you or another group are starting to do crafting rifts log onto them and spam that they're going on for a few minutes to get more people to join in from there. You just might get a few extra lures popped out of it. The other reason that I'm thinking this is a good idea is that you just might get the same treatment in turn.

An MMO is a social game filled with oodles of social and/or casual people and this is the sort of thing that they get into. Friendly people helping other friendly people. So by doing this you can get your own returned favor of announcements when there's about to be 30+ crafting rifts going off which can be nice if you don't have the time or don't want to bother leaving an alt in the middle of nowhere to check.

3. Stokpile catalysts and eternal dust on Wednesday
As you know, all weekly resets happen on Wednesday and this includes crafting weekly quests. These are the quests that reward you with the crafting rift lures and it's very common to see several full raids doing these several times on your average Wednesday. This means that all of a sudden tons of minor catalysts, eternal planar dust, and assorted max level crafting materials have been introduced into the system. And there will be a ton of them.

When any large floods of supply come in the prices of them will always drop down by a noticeable amount. Because of that each week when the crafting lures are reset the prices of all of those will drop down and makes for a great opportunity for you to stokpile them all. The same is also true of other materials like carmintium and soul leather. When people get a small hand full of random materials that they're not going to use they tend to put it up on AH for a serious undercut. So in addition to getting a shot at great deals on rare mats you can do the same with the more common ones as well.

Thanks for stopping by!