Monday, August 8, 2011

Rift 1.4 crafted gear

It's been almost a week since the patch hit so I've had enough time to go over it all on live and see what is what. Today I'm going to give you the important info that you'll need to know about all of these new goodies that have been added in. I'll go on a profession by profession basis and list off anything unique about them outside of what applies to every one of them.

Foraging, mining, butchering.
All gathering professions can craft a new type of material which is on a 20 hour cool down. Each one requires two of the top end materials related to that profession such as steeled leather, shadethorn lumber along with two items sold by the associated vendor with cost 4.2 platinum each. This puts their base cost at approximately 9 platinum + fee for the cool down. If you have a toon with all three gathering profs on them they can do each of them when the CD is up so they do not have a "shared" cool down.

As with each of the gear crafting professions, there are a whole slew of new recipes. Each recipe for armor/weapons cost 5 plaques each to learn and require (on average) 8 items that are crafted by other professions with a 20 hour CD. Outfitter is unique in that it has a CD to use in addition to the new materials.

Rune crafting.
This profession does not have any new crafted recipes, but does have a CD to use for new materials.

Weapon/armor smith.
These professions do not have a CD but have the most sought after pieces of gear from the new recipes.

The big one here is the burning powerstone. It adds 200sp to your main hand or 2h weapon which includes both hammers and staffs. This is obviously the best weapon consumable in game for any caster, healer, or dps/support cleric so they are in very high demand. And you know what the best part is? They're cheap to make! To craft them it takes two refined gems and to get those they require your artificer to make any piece of gear that uses a brilliant or lights bane diamond and salvage it. Each salvage will produce on average 3 gem fragments and it takes 5 fragments to craft one refined gem.

The best items to craft are brilliant diamond bands (platinum bar and one gem) and lights bane diamond band which takes a lights bane diamond and a platinum bar. In total that costs maybe one platinum and I've been selling these things for as high as 15 a piece.

This profession does not have a CD to use.

There are also the new recipes that they can make which are rings and a staff. So far out of all the recipes added in, the most popular request that I've seen is the staff. And that's out of all the professions and not just this one.

Out of all the professions, this one got the most love. First is the new ability to salvage essences. Note that there is a bug and any lesser essences that are BoE cannot be salvaged. Trion has stated that they're looking into this. All of the materials gotten from this salvage are all used for crafting augments of different levels. Here's the low down on what you get from this.

Green essences turn into basic "powder" and it takes 5 of them to make one inert thingy. The inerts are what are used in crafting augments and the type inert is tied to the item level that you salvaged. This is true of both blue and green essences. In addition to this powder, you will also get anywhere from 1-3 planar dust of the associated level which is enduring, endless, or eternal.

Now we come to the epic essences. Any epics that you buy from a vendor (that I've seen at least) cannot be salvaged, it's the BoE ones that you're after. The epic lessers can be any level from 10 to 50 and produce the same results. They will give you Prism fragments which turn into the mats needed for epic augments and 1-3 eternal dust. So depending on how you value eternal dust this can be some easy money for very little effort. Also of note is that the inert prisms sell for as high as 30 platinum each and the lowbie lessers sell as low as 5, heh you do the math.

Then are the epic augment recipes, each one takes 3 plaques to learn and requires one of the CD materials, two eternal dust, and an inert prism. After those are the pure augments which need a mighty vial of a related stat and inert crystals which come only from salvaging high level blue essences. To learn these recipes they take 212 artisan's marks each. The lower quality augments take much fewer marks and require level appropriate inert salvages.

To make these you'll need to salvage green essences that are BoP (until this is fixed) and rare greater essences. But since you can still get augments from planarite this isn't too much of a concern as they'll remain in the throw away category.

Leaving off on a potentially huge money making tip right now. You know all of those rune king seals that you probably have a million of? Trade in 75 of them for an epic lesser essence and salvage it for a few eternal dust and prism shards. They're suddenly not totally worthless! And the same thing goes for the new epic lessers gotten with dragon tears with the current world event so get going on those daily quests! And the best part is that both the tokens and the essences themselves are all boa so that means that you can do the quests on every toon and mail them all off to your apothecary. Pretty neat-o huh?

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