Thursday, August 11, 2011

The AH never changes

Entry is posted in it's entirety over at today. It's on the subject of why all of you wow players will still find valuable insight in the AH from reading my blog and why all of you rift players would do well to read a few of the wow gold blogs that are out there. Here's the first part

"And why does it not change? How does it stay the same no matter what game your playing? Because at it's core what drive the AH to function are people and we never change. The lazy people on wow are going to be lazy on Rift, the morons will stay morons, and the goblins will stay goblins. This means that everything I have learned from the AH game on wow will apply to rift and vice versa. The only changes are how you shuffle around names and numbers. Every situation I found myself in wow I'll find once again in rift and the same methods will need to be applied to work with it.

Hell I've even ran off my first camper."

Click here to read the whole thing.

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