Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fill in the gaps

Aloha all, today I have another entry posted at warcraft econ. The subject today is things you should pay attention to while leveling that will make you a profit. More specifically, it's about what you should look for to identify what leveling items you should focus on selling first. Here's the first part.

"When you’re busy leveling your toon, there’s a lot more to pay attention to than just questing. I’ve already written at length about how everything sells and to try and AH everything that isn’t grey so I won’t be covering that today. Instead I wanted to cover something that’s mentioned every now and then but never in depth. I refer to the concept of niche markets which we’re all aware of to some degree.

A niche market is just what you would expect, a small specialized market. More often than not it is used in reference to a certain type of customer base, primarily collectors and vanity items. However there is another niche market that I have only seen talked about in great detail by the epic penny pouch, great wow blog found over yonder, and that is specific level ranges. In every mmo there are different items that are more easily acquired at certain level ranges such as rings or necklaces."

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  1. Good read, especially as it is generic to all games and I plan to be a sw:tor goblin :)